Sing for Me?

Mint loved the sound of Rue's voice. It was kind, gentle, calming and full of warm love for her.

Delicate music reached her ears, accompanied by the faint melody of her husband's singing. It sounded like honey to her ears and made her heart want to burst out with happiness. The music was beautiful, just like him. She rolled over in bed... onto the three-inch pile of red velvet covering the simple wooden floor.

Swearing under her breath, the woman untangled herself from the sheets that covered her sleek, smooth and soft body. She was wearing nothing except a deep-green, button-down, long-sleeved shirt that left her handful-sized breasts and small rear barely visible.

That was Rue's green shirt.

But where was he...?

She remembered asking him to play one of his songs on his piano downstairs. She could hear it right now from their lounge room, which was on the first floor of their two-story green house with tinted windows, polished hardwood floors and a flower garden that adored the front yard. The melody was

faint but she could make out every chord and note. Mint was secretly grateful that he bought that piano.

Rue had found the piano hidden away in a junk shop at Carona's town square. White in colour, it was a beautiful instrument, and tuned perfectly to his liking. The shopkeeper told him he could take it free of charge. After Rue brought the piano home, Mint noticed his brown eyes held a brighter gleam in them the more he played around with the instrument; he fell in love with it in days.

As she listened to him play a music piece for the first time, she wondered what it would be like if he sang along to the tunes he produced.

Now with his sweet voice in her heart and his piano making it leap with joy she couldn't ask for anything more. A smile crept to her full pink lips as she picked herself up off the floor and got ready to greet the new day.

Thanks Rue...