Burn For Me

Written by Relic-Angel

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"Oh god, Rue... please."

"Please what?"

"Touch me."


"Will you pleease touch me down there!"

"That's better. Is this the spot?"

"Ah! Yes! That's it! More! Don't stop! Don't ever stop!"

"For you, darling, I never will."

"Ooooh [expletive]!"

"Mint, please keep your voice down. If you keep yelling like that you'll wake the-"

"Nyaah! Nyaah!"


The two figures in the room groaned. One was a pale, slightly muscular man with flowing silver hair, a bit tussled and tangled in places from their romp, but he didn't let that bother him. His companion was a young woman with pale red hair that was usually kept up in a pair of loose pigtails held by two blue bands, which was left unfastened and scattered across her pillow, her skin stained a light vermillion from their heavenly lovemaking. Both of them were naked, the plush bedsheets only as far up to their waists, their body warmth and the cool night breeze from the window daring them to expose their nudity for the sake of extra cuddle time.

Mint sat up in the huge bed covered by silk sheets and pulled on her blue dressing robe, tying the belt at the front.

"Hold on, Rumi-chan! Mama's on her way~!" she called out as she headed for the bedroom door. As she exited the room, she made sure to add a little more swagger in her step, making her beautiful butt look even more appealing to Rue.

Rue just sighed and said, "You'll never change."

"I know." His better half replied with a smirk.

"But I love you nonetheless."

The joys of motherhood... Mint thought as she travelled down the hallway and entered the nursery. A fine-looking wooden crib stood next to the window, among other pieces of furniture that included an exquisitely-carved oak rocking chair and a foldable change table. Shelves filled with stuffed animals and baby toys lined the nursery walls.

Inside the crib, her baby girl was wailing to be fed.

"Hello little princess. You ready for some milk?" she cooed, when she heard the soft cries. She picked up the child and gave her a cuddle. "I think you are~!"

She walked up to the rocking chair and sat down on it, cradling the baby's neck in the crook of her elbow. With blind fingers, she pulled open the folds in her robe with practiced ease, exposing one of her breasts. She held the infant to her offering, and the little mouth began to suckle. It was a strange sensation but she soon grew accustomed to it.

Threading slender fingers through her child's locks, Mint was amazed that this new existence was once growing inside of her. She was happy too, because the tiny infant was something that she and her unselfish, dutiful husband had made themselves. Rumi was the splitting image of Mint, with her fiery red hair and skin of cream, except for the russet eyes she had inherited from Rue. Her most unique feature was on her forehead; a diamond-shaped jewel that was the colour of pale pink.

The young woman could still remember that magical night she spent with Rue at the inn nine months ago. Those adoring, lusty expressions he showed to her alone... The feel of his quiet fingers teasing her womanhood... so hot it felt like she was melting. The sweet, sweet warmth of his kisses... The way his hands diligently massaged her handful-sized breasts... and when he moved caringly inside of her...

There was nothing else she wanted... Only the sight of that cute blush above his nose, those innocent brown eyes, and the attractive, snow-white hair taken out from its ponytail...

Rumi had stopped feeding and was looking up at her mother, wondering if something was wrong.

Mint pulled out of her reverie and gave a light giggle.

"You're all finished?" she could have sworn she saw her baby smile at her. Mint put Rumi over her shoulder, softly rubbing the tiny back until she heard a loud, satisfactory burp.

"Sounds like someone enjoyed her fill." a new voice with an English accent drifted in from the doorway. Rue was standing outside the nursery in his thin cotton undershirt and boxer shorts, quietly observing the scene with a warm gaze.

"Yeah. She sure loves her mommy's milk." Mint responded, wrinkling her nose at Rumi, who squealed in amusement.

Rue paced up to the rocking chair and laced his gentle arms around Mint loosely from behind. He peered fondly at their small girl in his wife's embrace.

"She's as cheerful and energetic as the woman who carried her." He said in a hushed voice.

"You played a part in that too, Rue." The woman with the red hair replied cockily, before giving her daughter full access to the other milk-filled mound.

"And who said their body was all mine to keep as a wedding gift?"

The redhead looked away, as not to let Rue see the hot blush on her cheeks. "Sh-shut up. That flimsy chiffon getup was Fancy Mel's idea."

"I didn't mean it that way. The vision of you in that outfit... just caught me by surprise, that's all."

"Not what you were expecting, huh?" Mint winked. A second later, she heard Rumi start to fuss, so she rolled the baby onto her side to burp her. Then she set the peaceful infant against the exposed part of her chest.

A smirk graced Rue's lips.

"I sure didn't expect that. When you told me to wait outside our hotel room on our wedding night, I never thought you were changing in there."

"And then you got a very good view after I called you in~!"

"I certainly did. In fact," He pressed a kiss against Mint's lovely red hair, breathing in her spicy scent. "I thought that underwear made you look even more beautiful."

"Mmm-hm." A pleasant sound emitted from Mint's throat. "Do you remember what it looked like?"

"Let's see... You were in a blue, brown and white coat; a blue skirt that parted at the front; a white lace strapless bra with matching panties; and a brown belt. All of them suited your soft skin and bare curves so well."

Mint felt her jaw drop open in shock. "Holy..."

"What?" Rue's voice came out in a whisper.

"You remembered..." she trailed off at mid-sentence.

"Everything." He nuzzled his lips against her ear. "Mint, I'll never forget that sight for the rest of my life."

She smiled, blushed and turned her head slightly so she was able to kiss Rue. In that simple exchange of love, she wasn't only thanking him for marrying her but for caring too.

Rumi wrinkled her nose and made a grunt of protest. How could they ignore her like this!

Her father giggled. "I haven't forgotten you, pumpkin." He lightly touched the area where Rumi's jewel was. His daughter blinked sleepily, and when he lifted his hand, he saw Rumi reach up to touch the jewel too. It lit up a gentle pink, then darkened again. The baby yawned and her eyes drooped shut. Seconds later, both parents were greeted by a welcome sight; their successor fast asleep. Rue leaned his head against Mint's and the room grew quiet.

Mint sat still for a few moments before finally shifting her weight on the chair. She turned her bright burgundy eyes to the man at her side.

"I think it's time we get out of here."

Rue gave a nod in answer and reached for Rumi to pick her up. He oh-so-carefully slipped his arms around their bundle of cute and held her close, whispering soft reassurances each time he heard the newborn utter a distressed sound in her sleep.

He carried Rumi to her bassinet and lay her down in it, pulling the blanket up to her chin, then arranged the "Rue" and "Mint" plush dolls to sit around her. Reaching up, Rue flicked the small button on the mobile that hung above the crib itself.

A soft, sweet melody wafted around the room and the stars on the mobile began to turn slowly, glowing a pale yellow light that emitted from the small crystal decorations. The light flickered around the room, causing the starry patterns on the ceiling to glow softly in the darkness. The sight was enchanting in the couple's eyes as they watched the stars glitter their eerie lights above them.

Taking one last look at their treasured offspring safe in her crib, both the red-haired sorceress and the white-haired Aeon crept out of the nursery and returned to their love nest, leaving Rumi to her dreams full of rainbows and sunshine...

"Hey... Rue?"


"I can think of a couple of things we didn't try."

"What did you have in mind? I might be interested."

"You'll find out. All right, lay down..."


"I didn't mean it like that, silly. Here, I'll help you."

"What are you... Ohh. Now I understand."

"You know, me up here and you down there?"

"Mmm. You think of everything."

"Don't I know it... Hehe..."

"Oh Mint..."