Naruto of the Sharingan

Naruto woke up, sweating heavily. The last thing he remembered was a light flash, and then there was nothing. Nothing but darkness. His head was sore, and he had a headache, the sort that guaranteed no sport, as even medicine couldn't cure it. His vision looked different, compared to what he could remember. Now, everything was more defined, in a sharper tone, and Naruto was fascinated that he could see where the nurse was moving, before she moved. He looked around, and realised that he was in hospital. A rather nice hospital, and people did not seem to disrespect him anymore, if anything, the doctors had started calling him Naruto-sama. He was wondering about all the fuss, and wondered what on earth was going on. He swore that he was going to find gramps and ask him what was going on with him, and how he ended up in hospital. As far as he could remember, everyone called him a demon brat, and hated him. They overcharged him for everything, yet in the hospital, they said that it was all for free, and that he was welcome to visit whenever he wanted.

"It's an interesting view, huh?" a voice rang out from behind his bed. He twisted around, and found no one other than the snobbish Uchiha Sasuke. However, he looked as though he felt sorry for Naruto, and he wasn't sure why.

"Your eyes, they had been damaged by Itachi, who killed my family. I told the Hokage, who told me to bring Uncle Shishui's eyes to you, so that you could have them transplanted. They wanted to know whether it was ok. Originally I said no, but after realising that you were a victim of so much pain, I decided to let you be the second wielder of the Sharingan in both eyes in Konoha. Now, once you are better, come find me at the Uchiha compound. I have some things to show you that you may find very interesting."

The next day,

Naruto was released from the hospital, and he ran straight for the Uchiha compound. Sasuke was waiting patiently outside the walls for Naruto, and he stared impassively at him while Naruto was trying to catch his breath.

"Right, follow me. I will now show you a ninjutsu that all Uchiha members must know for them to be known as full-fledged Uchiha. This Ninjutsu is called "Katon: Goukakyou No Jutsu", now watch carefully.

Sasuke formed some hand seals, formed an O with his thumb and index finger, crying "Katon: Goukakyou No Jutsu", and a massive fireball flew from Sasuke's mouth, and started mowing down the forest.

"I hope you know some water ninjutsu, Naruto, because I had my father help me with this, and he had to use it all the time."

"Yeh, I know a couple of wind jutsu, water jutsu and lighting jutsu, but I've never seen such a huge fireball before. I know the Katon: Housenka No Jutsu, where you spit out small fireballs. Here, I'll show you one of my water jutsu in exchange for your fire jutsu, deal?"

"Ha, I love the way you think Naruto, this way, we both become stronger."

"Well, its called "Suiton: Daibakfuuha No Jutsu," and it creates a vortex of water that shoots at the enemy."

So they both used their Sharingan, copying off 5 different techniques from each other.

Suddenly, while practicing one of his earth ninjutsu, his head started pounding, and he collapsed onto the floor.

"Narut o a r e y o u o k a y?" cried Sasuke, as Naruto's view diminished even further.

Sasuke panicked, throwing Naruto over his shoulder and running to the hospital.

Meanwhile, in Naruto's mindscape

"So you little pesky human has finally decided to give in to the Great Kyuubi, huh? Excellent, just rip off this seal, and I will kill all your enemies."

"But I don't have any enemies"

"It's an expression you stupid boy,"

"I'm not stupid"

"This is completely beside the point. Besides, if you refuse, then I will train you myself. Everytime you go to bed, we will do training in your mind, and this trains you physically as well as mentally. After 1 year, you will soon find yourself as one of the strongest members of your age."

"Very well, though what I think I will do is rip off the seal, but I will control you using my Sharingan, and you know that you will have to obey. If you disobey me, then its back into the cage for you, deal?"

"Very well, you pesky little human, now get out of my sight before I change my mind."

"Teach me 3 jutsu first, to prove you know some at least."

" Fine, the ones I will show you and you can copy with your Sharingan is using the Metal Element, Earth Element and Blaze Element. The first is called "Metal Release: Metal Bullet", the second one is "Earth Release: Swamp of the Underground" and lastly, it is "Blaze Release: Blaze Armour (Enton No Yoroi)". Now go practice them and leave me be. I will contact you later to show you some more Jutsu. When I'm finished with you, I think that you maybe be stronger that Kakashi of the Sharingan."

"Thank you for the Jutsu and the praise, mighty Kyuubi. Thank you so much."

In the hospital,

"Never mind Sasuke, you are now my illegitimate brother, and I will show you many Jutsu that the Kyuubi has taught me, and help you in the revenge of your brother. In return, I ask of nothing but you to stay faithful to the village. After all, your brother and Orochimaru got strong here, after staying for a couple of years, so if you stay here longer then, you will become stronger than them. Here is also a great place to restore your clan. Your children can play in the Uchiha compound, and the whole place will become alive again, due to all kids playing and screaming."

"Very well, but show me some of your strongest techniques. I want proof that you truly are as strong as you say you are. After all, you are my age group, and I have been guiding you in some of the Fire techniques that my clan uses."

"Fine, I will show you a couple of them."

Naruto leaps out of the window, with Sasuke in toll. The Third, who was watching through the globe in his office, also decided to follow Naruto, to see these powerful techniques that he was talking about. When Naruto had reached training ground 7, he stopped and whirled around. Sasuke stood in front of him, waiting for some cool technique. Naruto then used his favourite Enton No Yoroi in front of Sasuke, and charged through the whole forest, killing anything that touched him. Then he showed Sasuke one of his wind jutsu. It was called "Fuuton: Kamikaze No Jutsu," which he showed on the forest. He created a wind that was so strong; the trees were ripped from the roots, and were sent flying away. Sasuke stared in awe; at the strong techniques that Naruto had shown him. And Naruto had said that he would teach him them. Sasuke knew that even Itachi did not have such a strong Jutsu. He was very thankful that he had agreed to Naruto's offer.

"That was so cool, Naruto. Perhaps you could teach me the armour thing, it's really cool and powerful."

"Sorry Sasuke, but I can't show you that. According to the Kyuubi, that's my trump card. However, I can show you my second strongest armour, which the Raiton No Yoroi, which is the same thing, but uses lighting instead. It gives you incredible reflexes, and you move at the speed of light, it rivals the Flying Thunder God Technique that the Fourth used."

So Sasuke agreed readily, and both of them went back to the Uchiha compound, where they got ready for the Academy the next day. Sasuke was well prepared to tell everyone that he wanted Naruto to have Sharingan eyes, and get his own fan club transferred to the Naruto fan club.

The Next Day, at the Academy.

"Alright, everybody listen up! We have 2 Jounins here to show you what it takes to be a Jounin. Here is Kurenai-san, and Anko-san. One is a former Anbu, so please show them some respect."

"Huh, these punks couldn't beat us even if it was all of them against us." Said Anko to Kurenai.

"Fine, Naruto and I challenge you two to a two on two battle. Do you accept, or are you too chicken?" said Sasuke, smirking at the faces everyone made at him, especially the chunnin.

"Fine brat, bring it on. Lets say no limitations, ok?"

"Bring it."

So the 2 Jounin went to training ground 34, and stood opposite Naruto and Sasuke. Iruka told them to start whenever they wanted to.

"Sasuke, cover me," cried Naruto, as he backed away, flashing through some handseals.

"On it, Katon: Goukakyou No Jutsu," shouted Sasuke, breathing a massive fireball. All people present except for Naruto were shocked that a Genin could use a C-rank Jutsu without much breath. The two Jounins cried, Suiton: Suijin Heki No Jutsu, as a water barrier leapt from the river to in front of the two Jounin, protecting them from the fire.

"Fuuton: Fuiryuudan No Jutsu," Naruto cried, creating a devasting wind dragon that shot towards the unsuspecting Jounin.

"Katon: Karyuu Endan No Jutsu" shouted Sasuke, create a massive blazing dragon that smashed through the water barrier, and hit the two Jounin square on the chest.

Both of them got up, but they had second-degree burns all over them.

"You brats, lets make this more interesting. If you win, both of us will go out with you, and we will remain your girlfriends for life. If we win, then you have to be our slaves for life, doing whatever we want to do, ok?"

"Huh, done deal, lets do this Naruto, after all, we could get 2 hot chicks after this." Said Sasuke to Naruto.

"Why you little brat," said Anko as she shot forward towards the two.

"Bad mistake," said both of them together.

"Enton No Yoroi," cried Naruto

"Raiton No Yoroi," cried Sasuke.

Both of them became engulfed in lightning and fire respectively, and as soon as Anko touched Sasuke, she became paralyzed, as thousands of watts ran through her body. She dropped down onto the ground, at Sasuke's feet. She was unable to move. She could only count on Kurenai to beat these two.

Kurenai was scared. She saw what the two were able to do, and saw how they were able to dispatch Anko so quickly.

She flashed through some hand seals, but both Naruto and Sasuke activated their mature Sharingan, seeing straight through the illusion.

"Ninpou: Kokuangyou No Jutsu," cried Naruto, as the surroundings around Kurenai turned pitch black. By the time she was able to dispel the Genjutsu, she was stuck to the ground due to Naruto's Doton: Yomi Numa no Jutsu, and two blades held against her neck and heart. She quickly surrendered, but cursed Anko for making such a stupid bet.

"Right, now that we won, I believe that Anko is my girlfriend for life, and Kurenai is yours Naruto," said Sasuke, smirking.

"Excellent Kurenai-hime, would you like to go grab some lunch now? Say at 12?"

"Alright, I might as well get to know my boyfriend for life."

However, many of the students were staring at Kurenai in envy, as well as Anko, as they had both picked up the 2 hottest students.

"Lucky boy, Naruto, I have to take Anko-chan here to the hospital, she got shocked quite badly, I think," laughed Sasuke.

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