Title: The Unicorn Test

Series: The Failure Fairy Tales

Author: Enaty

Rating: K

Warning: None, really. Hints at slash-sex?

Disclaimer: Count D (either of them), PSoH. The unicorns?

Claimer: Everything else.

Author's Notes: I haven't uploaded anything for PSoH in so long I can hardly believe it. Just to be quite clear, this is also due to a sad lack of a beta. If you find errors in here, any of them, please tell me so.

The Unicorn Test

"So, do we have an agreement?"

T-chan looked at each of the conspirators, huddled together in a little cave. They all nodded and he set his chin. "Then start mission Protect the Count from Grandfather Count!"

Howling like wolves, Ten-chan, the dragon, Pon-chan and Chris took off towards Sofu D, striding to his grandson. D for his part looked like he was trying to find some excuse for not waiting for his grandfather.

He didn't seem to be very annoyed when the little group dragged Sofu away. He rather looked... somewhat relieved.

After a few days, Sofu had become rather suspicious. Not that he really thought his grandson had done such a terrible thing, but... one could never be sure. Not with that detective hanging around the shop, talking to the youngest Count all the time.

Still – he had learned that one was to make sure. Better safe than sorry. Sometimes even humans were right. And the behaviour the other inhabitants of the shop were exhibiting, including Christopher, well, it didn't do anything to diminish his fears.

If only he could somehow get his grandson to go to that special room with him... but he seemed very reluctant to even step close to that particular door...

Well, one could say that Sofu D was worried. Rather worried. And it seemed like he had every reason to.

He had known that his patience would finally pay out. Triumphantly Sofu led his grandson towards the little meadow where the beautiful white creatures were grazing peacefully. Although somewhat hesitant, his grandson followed without any signs of dislike – which already did a lot to calm Sofu's fears. Still, he had to double-check...

"Dear Grandson, would you be kind enough to take a look at Sapphire, she seemed a little off lately. I would like to hear your opinion," he said sweetly, pointing at one of the silvery unicorns, which was looking up at them right now. The younger Count smiled, a little forced.

"Of course, Grandfather, if you want me to..."

Sofu didn't even listen to what he was saying while he was carefully examining the unicorn, which, of course, wasn't sick at all. And had never been. He had only been in need of an excuse to force his grandson to actually touch one of the fairy creatures.

Because, as everybody who knew a little about fairy creatures could tell, unicorns were special even amongst the fairy creatures. They were picky with their company. And they would never permit anyone but a virgin to touch them...

But Sapphire was even softly snuffling at his grandson's face, blowing her warm breath at him and making his hair move. Sofu could have cried with joy! He had been right! Thank the gods, his grandson hadn't fallen for that detective!

Floating approximately five feet above the earth, he softly waved at the unicorns and his grandson before hovering away to take care of his other duties.

D let out a deep sigh as soon as his grandfather was out of sight and took a quick step away from Sapphire, bowing deeply to the unicorn. "Sapphire, my deepest and heartfelt thanks! I simply cannot express my gratitude for your willingness to help me out!"

The unicorn sneezed. About ten times. Sniffling, she answered. "Count, there is nothing you have to thank me for. As you know, I would do everything Christopher asks me for... Please, would you mind moving a little farther away? My allergy might not be as bad as the other's, but I do still have it, you know..."

"Certainly!" Quickly D stepped away, bowing again, his cheeks slightly suffused with colour. The unicorn neighed, sounding quite amused. "So, but tell me at least one thing, dear Count – was your Detective at least worth giving me an allergic reaction?"


Author's Notes: So, if anyone out there still remembers me from like an eternity ago, you're welcome to say so... and everybody else is welcome to say hello, too :-) I also apologise for strange-sounding English, I haven't written in English in a while now...