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So here's the hunt that leads to Sam being changed plus his change.

Chapter 11 – Sam's Change

Sam leant against Dean as his brother drove, Dean's arm around his shoulders. It had taken Sam a bit to get used to hunting without so much of an advantage as he used to have with his powers. He didn't mind the lack of visions and the migraines they caused but the telekinesis had been very handy. Sam felt Dean's hand shift to his hair and sighed, letting his eyes drift shut and Dean sooth him to sleep.

He woke to Dean still driving and a phone ringing so he fumbled to pull it out of his pocket. "Lo?"

"Sam? That you son?"

"Dad?" Sam asked, suddenly more alert. "What's wrong? Are you okay?" He sat up, feeling Dean's concerned glances.

"I'm fine boys." John answered, knowing Dean could hear him as well. "Just wanted to know if you're busy?"

"What's the job?" Sam asked.

"A family killed in Medford Wisconsin. Something killed the parents but left the little girl alive and it's not the first of its kind. Think you can swing by that way?"

Sam looked at Dean who nodded. "Sure Dad. We'll head there now. See you at Bobby's in a few days?"

"Yeah I'll be there." He promised and they hung up, Sam digging out his laptop to start researching the case.

"I hate clowns." Sam muttered and Dean smiled, hugging him from behind as Sam dumped his bag.

"Hey, after this we'll go on a nice easy salt and burn, okay?" Dean offered and Sam nodded, leaning into Dean's embrace. Dean nuzzled at his neck and Sam laughed, tilting his head to give Dean better access, still able to feel when Dean was hungry. Dean's control had improved a lot; to the point that if it wouldn't leave Sam weakened he would always feed from him. Dean sighed as he felt Dean's teeth pierce his skin even as Dean began to swallow and Sam moaned in pleasure, no longer feeling any pain when Dean bit him. Dean only took a few mouthfuls before pulling back and Sam turned in his arms, kissing him needily. Dean eagerly met his kiss, moving them over to the bed. They stripped each other and fell to the bed in a tangle of limbs as they kissed and touched, needing the time to relax before continuing the hunt the next day.


"Hey, man." Sam greeted, sounding a little off.

"What's the matter? You sound like you just saw a clown." Dean teased, knowing Sam would hear the concern in his voice.

"Very funny. Skeleton, actually."

"Like a real human skeleton?" Dean asked, ducking his head away from the bright sun as he talked, he hated daytime hunts!

"In the funhouse. Listen, I was thinking. What if the spirit isn't attached to a cursed object, what if it's attached to its own remains?"

"Did the bones give off EMF?"

"Well, no, but..."

"We should check it out anyway. I'm heading to you." Dean assured him, hanging up only to be grabbed by the blind man.

"What are you doing here, kid?"

"I'm... I was just sweeping." Dean answered.

"Bull. And what were you talking about? Skeletons? What's EMF?" He demanded and Dean fought down a growl, how the hell had this guy snuck up on him anyway?

"Dude, your blind man hearing is out of control."

"We're a tight-knit group, we don't like outsiders, we take care of our own problems."

"We got a problem?"

"You tell me, you're the one talking about human bones."

"Do you believe in ghosts?" Dean asked curiously.


"My brother and me... we're writing a book about them." Dean told him before heading for Sam.

"Thanks." Sam hung up and glanced at his miserable brother, wishing it was a cloudier day for Dean's sake. "Rakshasas."

"What's that?"

"Dad's best guess. It's a race of ancient Hindu creatures, they appear in human form, they feed on human flesh, they can make themselves invisible, and they cannot enter a home without first being invited."

"So they dress up like clowns, and the children invite them in."


"Why don't they just munch on the kids?"

"No idea. Not enough meat on the bones, maybe?"

"What else'd you find out?"

"Well, apparently, Rakshasas live in squalor. They sleep on a bed of dead insects."

"Nice." Dean shuddered in revulsion.

"Yeah, and they have to feed a few times every twenty or thirty years. Slow metabolism, I guess."

"Well, that makes sense. I mean, the Carnival today, the Bunker Brothers' in '81."

"Right. Probably more before that."

"Hey Sam, who do we know that worked both shows?"


"Cooper." Dean agreed.

"You know, that picture of his father, that looked just like him." Sam pointed out as they walked.

"You think maybe it was him?"

"Well, who knows how old he is?"

"Dad say how to kill him?" Dean asked.

"Legend goes, a dagger made of pure brass."

"I think I know where to get one of those." Dean grinned and Sam rolled his eyes.

"Well, before we go stabbing things into Cooper, we're going to want to make damn sure it's him."

"Oh, you're such a stickler for details, Sammy. All right, I'll round up the blade; you go check if Cooper's got bedbugs." Dean shuddered again and Sam nodded, not looking forward to it either. Bugs, yuk!

"Hey! Hey. So, Cooper thinks I'm a Peeping Tom, but it's not him." Sam babbled as Dean found him.

"Yeah, so I gathered. It's the blind guy, he's here somewhere." Dean answered, vampire teeth obvious.

"Well, did you get the –"

"The brass blades? No, it's been one of those days."

"I got an idea. Come on." Sam pulled him and Dean followed him into the funhouse only to have a door slam shut between them. They both fought to open it but it wouldn't budge.


"Dean! Dean, find the maze, okay?" Sam answered, heading deeper in until he reached a pipe organ. He hissed as he grabbed a pipe, yanking some cloth from his pocket to protect his hands and relaxing as Dean joined him.

"Hey." Dean greeted as he came up beside him, checking Sam was okay.

"Hey! Where is it?"

"I don't know, I mean, shouldn't we see its clothes walking around?" Dean asked only for a knife to fly past him. He spun as he heard a choked gasp to see the knife lodged in Sam's chest. "Sam!" he screamed in denial as Sam collapsed to the ground, pained hazel eyes staring up at Dean.

"De….get it." Sam choked out and Dean nodded.

Dean snarled in rage, pulling a brass pipe free of the organ easily. He closed his eyes, relying on his other senses and then he lunged, plunging the pipe through the creatures' heart. He saw it die before turning back to Sam who was fighting to stay conscious. "Stay with me Sammy." Dean pleaded as he gathered Sam up into his arms, feeling Sam's hand weakly clutch at his arm. "You're gonna be okay little brother." Dena whispered as he ran from the carnival. He got Sam back to their room and onto their bed, hand hovering over the blade. He held Sam down as he coughed, staring in horror at the blood that flecked Sam's lips after. Sam moaned in agony, hand weakly searching and Dean took it in his own. "Don't do this Sam, you're gonna be okay." Dean begged and Sam smiled slightly.

"Not…ca't…feel…." Sam managed to get out and Dean whimpered. "Lov…do….it." Sam coughed faintly, more blood appearing on his lips. Dean knew what Sam was telling him to do but he'd thought Sam would have a few more years of mortality left. It was too soon. But if he didn't want to lose Sam forever he had to do it.

"I love you Sammy, you hold onto that." Dean whispered and Sam nodded feebly, eyes struggling to stay open. "This is gonna hurt, it feels like a burning cold. I don't know Sam, the blade. I don't know enough. Do I take it out?"

"Bl…out…." Sam murmured and Dean nodded, he'd leave it in for now to keep as much blood in Sam's body as possible. Dean bit his wrist and let the blood seep into the wound before biting his tongue and then leaning in to kiss Sam who struggled to kiss him back. Once it was done Dean bundled Sam up in the quilt and carried him out to the car, going back to grab their things before driving as fast as he could for Bobby's, all senses locked on Sam as he struggled to keep breathing. Dean could smell his blood as it spread through Sam's body, beginning the changes.

"Just hold on Sam." He whispered, getting his phone out. "Dad tell me you're near Bobby's." He sobbed when the phone was answered.

"Dean? What happened?" John barked in alarm and Dean fought back another sob.

"Dad it…..it's Sam. Get as much blood as you can." Dean told him.

"Dean? Tell me what happened." John demanded.

"The Rakshasas…..blade in his chest. He was dying Dad I…."

"It's alright son, you get him home, we'll have everything ready.

"Bobby's panic room Dad, we don't know…..when he wakes up."

"Alright, you just focus on getting you both here without crashing." John told him gently.

"Dad I….the blade. It's still in him, I didn't know….."

"It's alright Dean, he knows you haven't left it in to hurt. Once he…..once he dies it should be safe enough to pull it out, okay?"

"Yeah." Dean whispered.

"We're here Dean; you bring you and your brother home." John whispered and Dean nodded.

"Be there soon."

John and Bobby waited for the familiar sound of the Impala. They'd done everything they could to get things ready for the boys, a small fridge with as much human blood as they could find was in the panic room and they had removed the cot, instead making a comfortable bed on the floor so that the boys could lie together. John was terrified at the idea of losing his youngest. What if it didn't work because of Sam's mixed blood even if the amount of demon blood was a lot less now? Or what if Sam was more like normal vampires than his brother and they were forced to….They ran for the door as the Impala pulled up, hovering as Dean pulled Sam's lifeless body out.

"Sammy." John choked out and Dean looked up at him with bloodshot eyes.

"I'm sorry Dad." Dean whispered and John moved closer to grip Dean's shoulder, staring down at Sam's slack, pale features. "Got to…..he should be waking up soon." Dean told him and John nodded, letting Dean move past him.

"We got a small fridge down there, should have enough blood." Bobby told him and Dean nodded as he walked past and into the house. Dean walked down to the panic room and set Sam down on the makeshift bed.

"Lock us in to be safe." He said and Bobby nodded, slowly closing and locking the door before opening the grate.

"So we can hear if you need us." Bobby told him and Dean nodded, moving to curl around Sam's inert body.

After a while though he shifted to hover over Sam's still body, praying for it to have gone right. He relaxed a little when Sam began to move a low, hungry growl coming from his throat so Dean held a blood bag to his lips, letting Sam drink. Sam's eyes fluttered open and Dean held his breath until Sam smiled up at him, the smile pure Sammy. Dean leant in and kissed him, ignoring Sam's sharp teeth. Sam pulled him closer, happy that they no longer had to break apart for him to breath.

"Sammy." Dean whispered and Sam laughed.

"Dean. Forever." Sam stated and Dean grinned.

"Forever Sammy." He agreed. They ignored the sounds of Bobby and John in the house above them. They needed these first few hours of Sam's new existence to themselves and for Sam to start adjusting. Dean moved to cradle Sam close and Sam cuddled in, nuzzling at him. "Thought I'd lost you." Dean whispered and Sam kissed his throat.

"Never, never leaving you Dean." Sam promised softly and Dean shifted his grip on Sam so he could look into his eyes.

"How….how do you feel?" Dean asked and Sam thought about it.

"Kind of hungry I think? Everything's so….so loud, it's hard."

"I know, you'll get used to it, learn to filter it out." Dean assured him as he grabbed Sam some more blood, watching his brother down it eagerly. Sam paused and cocked his head to listen before looking up, frowning. "Sam?"

"Is….Dad and Bobby?" He asked hesitantly and Dean nodded. "Are….are they mad?" Sam asked and Dean shook his head, pulling Sam into his arms and Sam leant back against him, sucking slowly at his meal now.

"No Sammy, they're not mad. They were scared for you and they set this up for us." Dean assured him and Sam looked around, finally taking in where they were, whimpering softly and Dean nuzzled him. Sam instantly relaxed, curling into him more and to Dean it was amazing, would he have been like this with the bitch that'd infected him if he hadn't killed her? "Shh, it's okay; we're not stuck in here. It's hard to control the bloodlust when you first wake up Sam, I didn't want you to have to live with trying to attack Dad or Bobby." Dean explained softly and Sam nodded. "See the grate's open so we can call out to them. You want me to call them?" Dean offered and Sam nodded, nervously chewing his lip with his new teeth. "Hey, don't do that, you'll chew through. Just concentrate Sam, will them away." Dean explained and Sam concentrated, his new teeth slowly receding. Dean nodded and then yelled out. "DAD!"

Seconds later John ran down the stairs. "Dean what's wrong? Is Sam alright?" He demanded as he moved to the grate, relaxing a bit as he saw Sam reclined in Dean's arms, eyes open and alert. "Sammy?" John asked and Sam got up, Dean following him to the door. Sam reached his hand threw the grate and John grasped it, feeling the coolness to Sam's skin and the lack of pulse. "Hey kiddo, how're you doing?"

"Okay." Sam answered, in a bit of shock over hearing his Dad's heart so loudly and how hot the mans skin felt. Sam smiled at his Dad, happy when he smiled back. The heartbeat and sound of rushing blood were very hard to ignore but this was his Dad, he would not try to hurt him.

"We were so scared Sam. When Dean called…..we nearly lost you." John whispered, knowing Sam would be hyper sensitive to sound having only just woken up.

"I'm sorry Dad, I messed up." Sam told him but John shook his head.

"No Sam, it's not your fault. You did your best." John assured him and Sam nodded hesitantly, absently licking his lips. John didn't react when Sam's teeth descended; he'd seen it happen with Dean enough times after all. "Go eat something Sammy, Bobby and I aren't going anywhere." John told him and Sam looked away as he realised his teeth were showing. "Sam don't, its okay son." John squeezed his hand and Sam squeezed back really gently, not sure of his strength yet.

Several days later Dean slowly led Sam upstairs, his little brother flinching away form the sunlight, half asleep but Dean just guided him over to the couch where Sam curled sleepily into Dean's lap. They'd decided to let Sam out for the first time during the day when his body would be telling him to sleep so if he was overcome by bloodlust he'd be a little slower and easier to restrain. Once they were settled John walked over slowly and Sam watched him lazily but didn't move from Dean's lap except to reach out to John with one hand. John gripped his hand and Sam smiled before dozing off. They all relaxed at that and Sam began spending all his time upstairs, learning from Dean how to use his vampiric abilities in the hunt and how to resist blood. With John and Bobby it was pretty easy, they were family. It was everyone else he was worried about.

The End.