Bleached Shorts

High School Days

What if: Grimmjow became the Most Infamous Yankee in High School?

This question brought a picture to my mind, which then brought this short story. It's not very well written, but it offers very fun pictures to draw ^_^. Fangirls, feel free to drool at the thoughts I will put in your head. Ah…and I can see from here that it can develop into something more serious. Possibly a GrimmjowxTatsuki fanfic? . I haven't done a romance story in awhile. Alas, for now, enjoy the idiocy. I will post the pic I drew of Grimmjow (aka: Jack, the famous French exchange student/model) soon.

It all happened one peaceful day when Grimmjow, currently detained on earth, was offered a deal by Uruhara Kisuke.

"If you test out this gigai I made for Hollow, I might be able to convince the powers that be to let you return to Hueco Mundo," Kisuke coaxed.

Grimmjow had been forced to help rebuild the damaged parts of Karakura Town as punishment for serving Aizen, albeit unwillingly. To ensure that he'd cause as little trouble as possible, his powers had been limited much like a lieutenant or captain. This infuriated him more than the labor. He'd take any chance to get his strength back and fight Ichigo.

Kisuke could see that Grimmjow could be convinced. "Of course, it would be more than just trying it on. I'd need you to go to a school with a certain substitute shinigami to fully test it," the shady shopkeeper pressed as he hid his maniacal grin behind his fan.

"Fine! Give it to me," Grimmjow growled. He didn't like the idea of being as weak as a human, but if it was only for a short time…

After a few moments of struggle against the overpowering Tessai, Grimmjow was finally in the gigai specifically meant for arrancar. They also gave Grimmjow a manual on how to adapt to living like a human and a map to Ichigo's school. Finally, they dressed him in a unifrom tailored by Uryuu Ishida. Grimmjow struggled against the tie and tight shirt and shoes. Why did humans wear so many layers? The belt to the pants was also uncomfortable.

Kisuke snickered. No matter how they looked at it, Grimmjow looked like a yankee from the 80s. Uryuu had did a very nice job following his instructions. Little did Grimmjow know, Kisuke installed a camera into the gigai. He had already made a deal in Soul Society with the Women's Club.

They were running out of fresh ideas for fundraisers. The majority of the men in the Gotei 13 had already had picture books or calendars out. So, they decided to do a recording of Ichigo. At first, Rukia offered to do the recording, but they decided she wouldn't be able to get the best candid shots. Then, they thought of Renji, but he was a horrible actor. So, it fell on the one person who would hunt Ichigo to then end of the world. Poor Grimmjow. At least Uruhara would get a cut of all money raised.

This is going to be interesting, Kisuke laughed to himself as he, Tessai, Jinta, and Ururu followed with extra video cameras.

Between the stuffed train ride, the crowded streets, and the annoying man at the gates of the school, Grimmjow was thoroughly pissed. He had loosened his necktie a long time ago and it seemed this sweaty human didn't like his appearance.

"You a new student here? Well you're going to learn the rules real fast punk," Kagine, the phys-ed teacher shouted. "Tie that properly! Pull those pants up! Brush your hair back! What the hell is with that color anyway? You think you some kind of idol? Kids like you really piss me off you know that? I'll make you run 20—30 laps around the school if you look at me like that!"

Grimmjow glared at the man. He knew he was on some sort of probation but…what the hell. "Oi—shut the fuck up!" he snarled at the man and punched him square in the jaw.

Kagine was sent flying several yards before he landed, unconscious and with a broken jaw in a pathetic heap. Grimmjow spat on the man's body as he walked past. Just to spite the man, Grimmjow took off his jacket and draped it over his shoulders. Like he cared what stupid rules this human had?

Hunched over and possibly more pissed than he had been when usurped by Luppi, ok not that pissed, Grimmjow entered the school at a quarter to noon. Not far away, Kisuke was giddy with joy at the good shots he was getting already.

Grimmjow paused. Why the hell were their so many doors? He glanced at the map, but it only told him how to get to Ichigo's school, not which room he'd be in. He balled the thing up and tossed it aside. One girl was leaving a room marked 1-1 when she stopped and stared at Grimmjow's strange appearance.

"Hey woman. Tell me where the hell I can find Ichigo Kurosaki," he ordered.

Scared witless, the girl stammered for a moment. "I—I don't know…"

Grimmjow slammed her against a wall, "Don't fuck around with me woman! I know he's here somewhere. Spill it or I spill your guts."

The girl burst into tears. Grimmjow could hear people rushing to see the commotion. Shit. If I get crowded by any more humans I'm gonna lose it.

He hurried up to a second flight of stairs. Here, all the rooms were marked with a two in front. He started catching on. If the girl on the first floor didn't know Ichigo, then perhaps someone on the second floor would know him.

He started with the first door. He threw it open and looked inside. The teacher, a little old man, stopped his lecture and gawked along with the rest of his classmates. Grimmjow didn't see Ichigo inside and turned away. He did the same thing for the next room. Still no Ichigo.

Grimmjow was never very patient. It was already almost noon. Grimmjow burst into the room marked 2-3. A brown haired woman looked up from her lecture and gaped much like the others had.

"Oi. Tell me where Ichigo is woman," Grimmjow said, his face the picture of irritation.

Several girls in the room, including the teacher, turned very red. The teacher pointed to an empty desk. "He said he's going to the bathroom. So he probably went home," Misato Ochi replied honestly.

No matter how she looked at this intruder, he couldn't possibly be a student. He looked too old to be a high schooler for one, and two, he didn't look like he could have passed the entrance exam to Karakura High. Man the Japanese school system must have really gone down hill.

Grimmjow's murderous light blue eyes scanned the room until they fell upon a familiar face. He jabbed his finger at Orihime, "You. Take me to him."

Orihime had been staring with disbelief the whole time. She stood and smiled to her teacher, "Teacher may I be excused?"

She didn't want Grimmjow to cause a commotion, which he surely would before simply taking her by force.

Shortly after they left, Ishida, Tatsuki, and Chad all stood at the same time and asked to be excused as well. Misato had long given up on her students and waved them away.

"Who the hell is that guy?" Tatsuki asked.

"A gangster Ichigo owes money to," Ishida lied easily. He and Chad knew Kisuke's plan, but he never suspected it'd get Orihime involved. Besides, Tatsuki would likely get her ass handed to her if she fought Grimmjow even in a gigai.

"Who do I owe money to?" Ichigo said from behind.

The group spun around in surprise. "Where were you?" Uryuu asked.

"Duuuh are you deaf? I went to the bathroom," Ichigo shot back. "Where are you guys going?"

Tatsuki landed a kick right to Ichigo's face. "Some yankee just took Orihime to search for you! This is your fault Ichigo so do something about it!"

"What?" Ichigo stared blankly at the girl while he held is sore face. "W-where did they go?"

"Your house," Chad replied simply.

"Fine I'll take care of it. You guys get back to class," Ichigo said and dashed down the hall. Tatsuki attempted to follow, but Uryuu held her back.

"It's alright now. We don't need to follow," he said as he adjusted his glasses. You don't want to be on video anyway trust me…

The lunch bell rang and, as it goes in high school, word spread like wild fire during. The first years were terrified and the second years intrigued. The third years came to hear from their friends about this new yankee student with blue hair that apparently punched out the gym teacher. Rumor said he was looking for Ichigo who some had saw race out of the school. While Grimmjow was making his way to Ichigo's house, he was gaining matchless notoriety.

It didn't take long to reach Ichigo's place. The people on the streets had stayed clear of them, or more accurately Grimmjow.

Orihime knocked on the door politely. Before anyone could answer, Grimmjow kicked the door in. It didn't seem like anyone was home. "Ichigo! Get your ass out here so I can kick it!"

"Damn you're dense. I'm right here stupid," Ichigo said from behind. He was out of breath from running to catch up.

"Had to chase you all the way from the school. Let Orihime go," Ichigo said.

Grimmjow pushed Orihime out of the way and charged to attack. The body was slow and much weaker, but Ichigo was also just a human right now. As much as he'd rather fight at full power, the limiter would have not only prevented him from doing so, but sent the full force of Soul Society on his neck.

"Let's finish what we started bastard," he shouted as he swung at Ichigo.

Ichigo blocked and avoided what he could, but Grimmjow found an opening and landed a solid punch to Ichigo's gut.

"Heh, even though I'm in human form, you're still slow," Grimmjow taunted.

"Even though I'm in human form, you're still weak," Ichigo shot back.

Orihime watched, reminiscing about the time those two tried to kill each other in Hueco Mundo. This fight seemed somewhat comical in comparison to that. At least they wouldn't be able to kill each other. They'd likely get tired before that happened. She went inside and prepared medicine and some refreshments. There was really no point in going back to class now, was there?

"Bastard, I was having perfect attendance for the first time this year until you had to come along," Ichigo said, breathing heavily. His head bled from a wound and his vision was getting blurry. How long had they been fighting?

"Who cares about that damned place? You're gonna be absent permanently after I kill you."

Orihime came out finally, "Ehem. Ichigo your dad and sisters will probably be home soon. Is anyone hungry?"

The two guys collapsed, exhausted and quite famished. Neither had eaten all day. Grimmjow was unaccustomed to feeling hunger and feeling particularly weakened. "Tch, fine we'll finish this later," he said as his stomach let forth an angry growl.

Kisuke called up Yachiru. "Yes, I've gotten some good shots Ms. Kusajishi. Our friend is making quite the ruckus in the human world, and you'll get some rare photos of Ichigo for the new picture book. Ah the title of the movie? I'm thinking about changing the name from Shinigami Drama School to Yankee Dramatic. Oh yes I think your female viewers will love this. Alright Ms. Kusajishi I'll send some samples over right away. Take care."

The samples were already of an exhausted Ichigo, a shirtless Grimmjow, an Ichigo in a tattered uniform, and some pictures that could easily be manipulated for fanservice. Then there were pictures of Ichigo with rice on his face, Grimmjow wolfing down some sweets, and for the shoujo fans, a three shot of Orihime trying to keep Grimmjow and Ichigo from attacking each other over the table as they fought over the last sausage.

Finally, night set in. This was the moment, Yachiru had been waiting for and Kisuke knew it. Ichigo's family had returned and with Isshin already beating on his son, Grimmjow had missed his opportunity. He was feeling tired anyway, and challenged Ichigo for tomorrow. As Grimmjow was on his way out, Kisuke pulled him aside.

"What the hell are you doing here?"

"Oh I was just checking up on you. Say, how about you stay the night at this place? I need to do some remodeling."

"What? Hell no! I'd rather sleep outside," Grimmjow said and turned away.

"Well well…I guess there's no helping it. I'll have to tell them you're unfit to ever return to Hueco Mundo."

"What the fuck does that have to do with anything?" Grimmjow turned to face the trickster, but Uruhara turned away nonchalantly with a shrug.

"Ah but you can keep that body. They'll probably want you limited even further if you're unreasonable. You'll never be able to leave the gigai without help from a shinigami."

"Damn you…you planned this you bastard," Grimmjow fumed. Kisuke ignored him.

"Just one night?" Grimmjow asked.

"Only one."

"One condition. You guarantee I get out of this thing, limiter free, tomorrow."

"Ah ah, I'll see what I can do. Oh, and when you go to sleep, can be sure not to lay on your stomach?" Kisuke said suspiciously and disappeared.

Well after leaving the house, Grimmjow was certainly not going to walk back in with his tail between his legs. He circled around to Ichigo's room. He could hear that Isshin had finally left him alone. Grimmjow climbed up to the window and broke his way in.

"What the hell? What are you doing here?" Ichigo exclaimed, jumping into a fighting position. He was getting tired of this.

"I need to stay here tonight so shut up and deal," Grimmjow said as he brushed glass shards off onto Ichigo's bed nearby.

"Like hell you are! I'll be damned if I spend another waking moment around you," Ichigo pointed out the window. "And you owe me a new window!"

Grimmjow ignored Ichigo's protest. "Where's your shower?"

"Hey I'm going to take mine first," Ichigo said. He was not about to bathe in Grimmjow's funky bath water. Getting in after his dad was bad enough.

Ah yes, golden shots. Kisuke and the gang were sitting on the rooftop with several kinds of monitors. The storeowner could see the money rolling in now. Just because he was an outcast, didn't mean he had to live like one.

"Camera 2 ready?" he whispered and Ginta nodded.

Yachiru was more than pleased with the latest updates. The women's' club webpage had already made thousands of hits. Everyone was clamoring to see more and more of the life of Ichigo. But Grimmjow supporters were also rising at a surprising rate. The candid photos of shower scenes, followed by Ichigo and Grimmjow scuffling while stilll in towels were the biggest hit since she got a picture of Byakushi sneezing. Kisuke wasn't the only one picturing money. With this, the Women's Association would be the most powerful organization in the Gotei 13.