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"Please, grandfather! I'm already happy as it is!" Lan Fan cried out, slicing the air with her arm out of desperate persuasion.

"Don't bring me back there," she continued, forcing herself to tone down her voice. "I don't want to leave this place!" Tears fell from her eyes one by one but she didn't bother to wipe them away. "Just when I could finally see you, I'm being sent back?" she spat out, unaware of her sadness changing into anger.

"Lan Fan…Young Master still needs you," her grandfather, Fu, replied calmly, not wanting to raise his voice any longer than he did before.

"No, he doesn't!" she immediately shouted back, childishly rubbing her reddened, puffed up cheeks from her previous crying. "He's finally the Xingese King!" she exclaimed, trying her best not to stammer.

"What more does he want from me!" she ranted on frantically, wanting her grandfather to change his mind. "I've given him my loyalty, my strength," she continued to tell him. "Grandfather, I've already given him my life." she spat out angrily, clenching her hands into fists.

Nevertheless, Fu merely shook his head. "Lan Fan, Ling will never truly be king unless he learns how to give from his heart. That is and will be your assignment."

She stared at him as if he was crazy. "Grandfather, can't you remember? A Homunculus took over his body! One named Greed, at that! Greed!" she repeated that word to stress the basic meaning of it.

Lan Fan waited for no reply. She averted her eyes away, her nerves calming down. "That's what…that's what we wanted, right?" she bit out, blinking her eyes repeatedly to avoid any more tears.

"Lan Fan…" Fu whispered to her sadly. "We had no choice…it was the only way, Ling could be immortal," he explained to her as if she didn't know about that piece of information. "Please Lan Fan, I know you could you do it…nothing's impossible." he finished off, using his words of wisdom.

She shut her eyes tightly and took a deep breath. "Then…will you promise me, grandfather, that once this assignment is over," she clarified carefully, taking deep and slow breaths. "I could return here?"

Her grandfather smiled proudly at her daughter. He believed that even if she always complained about things she disliked doing, she still performed them with pleasing results. "As soon as possible, my dear…"

She smiled, poorly hiding her extreme reluctance.

Fu sighed.

Hopefully, he could say the same to this one.

End of Chapter 1

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