This Part of Heaven – Chapter 4

As soon as Ling's council meeting ended, he walked briskly down the long hall of his home and left through the castle doors, after he told May about his whereabouts. No one should have known what he was about to do. It would have been more difficult now that he was king.

He was going to talk to Greed the details of his plans. No one should be hearing it and talking about it in the castle requires great risk.

Ling wasn't going to take it.

"What should I do first, Greed?" he asked him, walking slowly away from the castle, looking around for people who are most likely looking for him now. He tightly held onto the mask Lan Fan used to wear wherever they traveled.

"Take the mask, Ling. This is the only object that could pose as a bridge back to her body." He remembered Greed's words. "…and a way to lure her soul…" He couldn't believe he's actually going to do it. He's really going to try the alchemy Greed claimed only he could do.

"W-why the mask?" he trembled, thinking this would be harder than he thought. He couldn't risk losing any more of the things that reminded him of Lan Fan. It was the small almost-transparent light of hope in his heart that kept him going. He wanted her back. He wanted her to see him become king. That was her purpose all her life, after all. He hated the fact that she could never see that dream happen if he didn't do this.

"This is the only thing that would bring her attention to anything in this world. If she sees this mask, she would eventually see her body." Greed tried to explain it patiently. "I might get you to communicate with her I can only give as much as five words. Choose them wisely. For this gives you a greater chance of getting her back."

"Five words…" he thought, unsure of what he could say. There was so much he wanted tosay to. How could he limit it to only five words? What if this doesn't work? What if he would end up like the Elric brothers and risk losing his life? What if this would take more than what he was going to give?

"I can sense your doubt, boy." Greed frowned, still feeling that Ling didn't trust him. His intentions, he can understand. He didn't care much about Lan Fan compared to him but he could always feel Ling's strong feelings about her. It disgusted him. Love was just as useless as everything else. That's why he was never satisfied. She was all Ling had, he could have guessed. He shrugged, he wouldn't care. This was just a chance for him to be set free and he knew it would work. He just knew it.

Was he hoping just now? He rolled his eyes. It was just as useless as love.

"Why shouldn't I? This is human alchemy," he scowled, never caring anymore how strange it was talking to himself. "Most of all, its Lan Fan we're talking about…" He quieted down, holding the mask tightly in his fingers.

"Thinking like a human, I suppose you're right," Greed complied, shrugging his shoulders. "But we're not turning our back on this."

"Why?" he brought a mocked tone in his voice, "You love Lan Fan, too?" His heart skipped a beat after that. Did he really just say that? His heart clenched tightly. Even he didn't know the measures of his own feelings.

Greed's eyes narrowed. "Should I?" he never understood anything about love, nor would he want to. He never had the time for it. It was definitely crazy. "I'm not capable of love, you know that. It isn't worth my time."

Ling would glare at him if he could. Greed was already part of him. It meant that they had to share their feelings. If he was selfish, he himself would be selfish. If he was angry, he himself would be angry…but if he himself was in love, would he feel love too?

Ling slapped his cheek painfully. He was fighting for Lan Fan's love with himself.

That was ridiculous.

Nor would anything happen if that were true… [Which he knew wasn't.] Greed was Greed, and he was Ling. They're two different people. "We're two different people…we just have to share my body…that's all…right?"

"…When do we have to do this?" he insisted on trying to change the subject. He didn't want to talk about his love for Lan Fan anymore. She didn't have to know that herself anyway.

"As soon as possible." he replied, growing excited once more.

"Alright, we'll start in t-two hours…after the whole council leaves…" he couldn't stop the shivering of his voice. He didn't know whether it was the cold or his own fear.

He was really going to do it.