I know that this is a WTF pairing…but that's EXACTLY why I'm writing it! :D I wanted something insane! And it is 3:05 in the morning! I often wonder why everyone writes their fanfictions in the early hours of the morning… I in no way support this pairing. I'm mainly writing it to freak out Tina. It's MEANT to suck, I usually write a LOT better than this…heck, even this author's note sucks.

The first time Shippo had seen Naraku, his heart almost stopped beating. He was so, so handsome…Shippo couldn't believe it. The second he saw Naraku, all he could think was "I want that man to be MINE."

Inuyasha, Kagome, Sango, Miroku, and Kirara were sleeping, and Shippo snuck away and found Naraku. Without him knowing it, Kirara, curious, followed the young fox boy.

"Naraku!" Shippo shouted as he approached the lair.

"…that fox boy just passed through the miasma…" Naraku mused.

The poison got too much for Shippo and he passed out. Naraku realized he for some reason had some feelings for the brave fox boy and he picked him up. Kirara crept closer.

Shippo woke up in Naraku's arms (a/n: wow, I feel awkward just WRITING this…plus the grammar is embarrassing x-x). Tears filled Shippo's eyes. "You…you saved me, Naraku. I just wanted you to know…I love you…"

Naraku looked at the young fox boy. "You know…I think I might be falling for you, too."

Shippo looked at the man in awe, his mouth gaping. Naraku might feel the same way about him!

"I am guessing you are good in bed?" Naraku asked Shippo.

"Hell yeah," Shippo replied.

Poor Kirara heard certain…noises…coming from inside naraku's lair that night…

That was the worst ever story I have ever written in my entire life, including my first grade stories. ^ ^ I don't care about flames, but honestly for this story they are unnecessary because I am already aware lol. XD