ShinigamiQueen: Hey I came up with this story from several dreams and then Death's First Bite and me came up with a plot in the middle of the night :) We're writing buddies.

Death: Yay! See if you can guess what song we were listening to! ;) BTW, Tobi and Madara are DIFFERENT PEOPLE! We love Tobi too much. 3

ShinigamiQueen: We took a long time trying to think of a title, but Death suggested Over and Over, so we listened to the song, and decided it would work. :D

Third POV

"I hate you, Itachi, you suck!" screamed Sasuke, throwing a teapot at his older brother.

That's the fifth teapot this year, thought Itachi, ducking as it zoomed towards his head and smashed on the wall behind.

"Now, Sasuke, that's no way to treat your older brother," Madara warned, sitting in his chair, sipping his cup of tea.

"I don't care!"

"You only see him once a month,"

"I don't care! I shouldn't have to see him for one second!" Saskue howled, his face turning redder by the second.

Itachi sighed and picked up the pieces, before tossing them in the bin in the corner, he picked up the box of tissues and began to clean up the stain.

"I hate everything about you, why do I even visit you?" Saskue screamed, standing in the middle of the living room, pointing an accusing finger at Itachi. "Only when I stop to think about it.
I hate everything about you, why do I even visit you?
Only when I stop to think, about you, do you know that I know. You hate everything about me, why do you pretend to love me?
I hate you. You hate me. Stop pretending to love me."

Itachi sighed and continued to mop the floor. "I don't pretend, little brother," he whispered.

"Brother, only by name," Sasuke countered, slamming the door as he walked out of the house.

Itachi sat down, put his face in his hands. What had he done to earn his little brothers loathing? Ever since that night… He had been holding him so tightly… Sasuke had been crying and had pushed him away and gone into the shadows….

"Don't take it personally," Madara said, helping Itachi stand up. "First time a girl tried to kiss him, he broke her arm by pushing her away."

Itachi laughed humourlessly. "Her arm?"

"She leaned forward, and he grabbed her arm and twisted it. Needless to say, he's never let anyone in."

Itachi sighed and rubbed his face, before picking up his keys from the table and tossed them in the air, before catching them.

"I'm going to look for him. 'Bye," he called, as he walked out the door.

Madara stood there and his smile slipped off his face. He had succeed in his plan, it only need a little more time…

The door slammed open. Madara hastily sat back down with his teapot as Kisame came in. He smiled up at him.

Kisame looked around. "Sasuke visit again?"

Madara nodded and sipped his tea.

Kisame laughed. "That dude's going to ruin everything in his life," then he picked up a biscuit and went into his room.

XxXItachi could see Sasuke walking quickly away, down the stairs. Itachi then ran down, holding onto the banister, launched himself over it and landed on the balls of his feet. His own face was inches away from Sasuke's un-amused one. Sasuke pulled away.

"Hey," Itachi said.

Sasuke responded with his fingers, then curled them into a fist and drove them into Itachi's stomach. Itachi winced, but the blow didn't even cause him to curl over. Sasuke's eyes danced with fury.

"You were never really good at doing that," Itachi said, musing his brother's hair. Sasuke ducked around his arm.

"It's all your fault," He sneered, starting to run away again.

"What is?" Said Itachi matching his pace easily.

"Like you don't know,"

"No, actually I don't"

"Oh, just piss off."

"Not likely," Itachi took a hold of his arm. Sasuke tried to twist out of it, once his arm was straight; Itachi laid the side of his hand calmly on his elbow, stopping Sasuke from moving.

"If you do anything stupid, I'll break your arm," he warned, quietly.

"Yeah, right," Sasuke scoffed.

Itachi applied a little bit of pressure on to the joint. Sasuke cried out before he could stop himself.

"Yeah, that's right. Let's go back, shall we?"

Itachi turned them both around and they started up the stairs.

"Your gonna pay for this," Sasuke warned, walking stiffly.

"I'm sure I will," Itachi smiled and pushed his little brother slightly, to make him go faster.

XxX Next Morning XxX

Kisame walked into the living room, to see each window had been locked and covered with a piece of wood. The table was upturned and a pile of stuff was pressed against the door, including the TV and sofa. Itachi lay in middle of the floor, fast asleep. Kisame picked up the cold pot of tea and poured it over Itachi's head. Itachi immediately began to cough and splutter.

"What? What? You-" He sat up and punched Kisame's stomach. Kisame raised an eyebrow. Itachi glared at him.

"ffffffffff!" Itachi breathed, as he shook his injured hand.

"Wuss," teased Kisame, helping his up.

"Dude, your stomach is Really. Hard." Itachi said, wincing as he stood.

"Hey, what's up with the whole 'lets cover up our windows, block off the door and sleep on the floor' message?"


"Yeah, I guessed. But, you know, I kind of want to go outside today. Not that being stuck inside with you is that bad," he teased. "'Cos it's be very cool, but I want to go outside."

"Sure," Itachi smiled and went towards the kitchen.

"Err, the mess is in here, Itachi," called Kisame. Itachi turned and grinned.

"I know, but you the big guy round here," winking he went into the kitchen.

Kisame started up his usual rant about 'when-I-get-out-of-here-I'm-gonna-'

Itachi smiled as he got their only not-smashed plate out of the cupboard. Last night…

XxXFlashbackXxX"WHAT THE FUCK? GET YOUR HAND OFF ME!" Sasuke screamed as Itachi dragged him from the door. Itachi's neighbour's daughter, Sakura came over to the door.

"Hey, Sasuke," She said, sweetly, bring her linked hands up and under her chin.

"Meeh," said Saskue from under Itachi's headlock.

"Hi, Sakura," said Itachi, warmly, ignoring his brother's feeble attempts of escaping.


Sakura's mother came up behind her, and hit her over the head. "Sakura! What have I said about using words like that?"

"Not to,"

"And about being rude to Itachi, our neighbour?"

"Not to,"

"AND mentioning Sasuke?"

"Not to,"

"Good," Her mother smiled at Itachi. "I'm so sorry, Itachi,"

Itachi waved his free hand. "It's alright, Mrs. Haruno." She glared at Sasuke. "AND YOU, IF YOU WANT TO GET OUT ALIVE, YOU WILL STOP MAKING MY DAUGHTER OBSESSED WITH YOU! YOU MISERABLE BASTARD!"

"But, mum, that's not fair! How come, when I swear, you can tell me off, but when you swear, I'm not?"

They both turned to the left, to get the other's opinion, but found themselves facing a closed door.


"Madara, take Sasuke," Itachi threw his brother at Madara, who held him in the same headlock, and began to drag him out to the car.

"Not again!" Sasuke complained.

Itachi began to lock all the windows and bar them up with the floor panelling that he ripped up. He then shoved everything up against the door.

He then collapsed in the middle of the floor, shut his eyes and fell asleep.

XxXEnd FlashbackXxX

Smiling, Itachi returned to the now-normal living room and set the breakfast on the coffee table. Kisame was lying on the sofa.

"Why do I always have to clean this place up?" he said, sitting up and grabbing a bowl of cereal and a spoon, before beginning to eat.

"You barely do it," itachi disagreed, starting his own bowl. "How times a year do you do it?"

"Twelve. And each time your little brother comes, we have to buy new teapots. Dude, why does he always go for the teapot?"

"It's got boiling hot liquid in it, why do you think?"

"Dude, why don't you just ask him not to visit anymore, and just ignore him?"

Itachi swallowed and mused. He couldn't do that; he HAD to make Sasuke hear the truth, even if the truth was going to kill him.

"I don't know," Itachi sighed, putting his uneaten food down.

"Seriously, he's gonna kill you someday,"

"Thanks for the warning," Itachi smiled, humourlessly and stood, stretching.

Itachi crossed the room and went into the bathroom, where he showered and washed his hair. He climbed out and changed into jeans and a new white t-shirt.

Kisame was washing the dishes when he went back in to the kitchen.

"What's on the agenda today?" he asked, leaning against the doorframe.

"Well," Kisame said, turning to face him. "How 'bout we go see Deidara's art show?"


"I'm so excited, Senpai! Your OWN ART SHOW!" Tobi enthused, clapping.

"Shut up," Sasori said, plainly.

"OOH! A BIG POSTER OF SENPAI'S FACE!" He exclaimed, gesturing up to the poster of Deidara's face, which stretched the length of the museum. "IT'S SO PRETTY!"

"Shut up, un " Deidara said, annoyed.


"Helped knock things over, you mean," Sasori muttered.


"SHUT UP!" Sasori and Deidara yelled.

Tobi froze in his 'I'm-a-cute-begging-puppy' pose on the floor.

"Un," added Deidara.

Tobi stood and began to laugh.

"Ohh.." moaned Sasori. "Now, you've done it"


"Me? I didn't do anything! Un," Deidara protested.


"You did!"


"Did not! Un,"


"Did to!"


"Did not! Un,"


"Okay! Let's just GET INSIDE!" Sasori said, slapping a hand over where Tobi's mouth would be and grabbed Deidara's hand.

"Ooh," Deidara laughed.

Sasori felt something licking his hand. He pulled away from the embrace and wiped his hand on his sleeve screaming.

"Never grab Senpai's hand," Tobi said, spookily. "Mwahaha,"

Sasori took a deep breath. "Let's just go inside."

Death: We were gonna have Itachi going out in sweatpants and an oversized t-shirt, but we changed it ;)

Play list:


It's all over (Itachi)

If you get out alive (Sasuke)

Now or never (Itachi)

Home (Sasuke + Itachi)

Pain (Itachi)

Take me under (Itachi + Kisame)

Burn (Itachi)

Animal I Have Become (Sasuke)

Lost In You (Sakura)

Last To Know (Sasuke)

On My Own (Itachi)

Over And Over (Itachi and Sasuke)

Riot! (Sasuke)

World So Cold (Itachi)

Burn (Tobi)

Just Like You (Sasori)

Scared (Deidara)

Let You Down (Tobi + Deidara + Sasori)

Riot! (ShinigamiQueen + Death's First Bite)

(Still Death):Those are the songs we listened to when writing and we found that they strangely matched the scenes and characters we were writing about. We've written which characters relate to which song.

ShinigamiQueen: Have a good day!


ShinigamiQueen: I think some people would like that.

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