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It was definitely a good birthday so far. Ricky came by and bought him for the whole day so he wasn't passed from man to man all day. The sex was even better than ever, joking that it felt more like they were making love instead of having sex. He did like Richard Jackson…a lot. But with his job, he couldn't get attached to one man because then he wouldn't be able to perform for other men as well.

Still, Ricky liked to spoil him with expensive clothes and jewelry and other such things. The man was a billionaire and claimed the amounts he paid for all the presents Leon received from him were a small price. But he also claimed to have a special surprise for Leon today.

"What is it?" Leon asked, straddling the man's stomach.

Ricky chuckled lightly, running a hand through the teen's hair. His other hand traced the scars on Leon's body. Leon's powers slipped up one day and his scars were exposed to the man. He couldn't find it in himself to get upset about Ricky asking how he got them and told him how. He even admitted that Ricky spent 1,500 pounds for someone who wasn't even a virgin. Ricky didn't get angry about it, only pressed a gentle kiss the Leon's forehead and comforted him while the teen cried.

When he was told the truth about Leon's scars, he had been searching for the best people to have the scars removed, without Leon knowing it. He did find the best and when told how much it would be, he decided to pay for each appointment, but save it for Leon's birthday since it wasn't that far off when he found the doctors.

"Well," he sighed gently. "I have found some doctors that can have your scars removed, though it will take some time."

"It's probably more expensive than I can afford," Leon sighed, laying his head on top of Ricky's chest.

"Which is why I will be paying for each appointment," the man commented.

Leon snapped his head up to look at Ricky with wide eyes. "But…it would be way too expensive, I can't let you do that!" he cried out.

"It doesn't matter," Ricky chuckled. "I want to help you move on from your past. This is a small price to pay to help you do that."

Leon started to tear up a little bit. "You would do this?" he asked. "For me?"

"And much more," he replied.

Leon grinned brightly, hugging the man under him as tightly as he could before his phone started to ring. With a groan and a pout, Leon reached over and picked it up. "This is Leon," he said, one arm still around Ricky while he snuggled into the older man's chest. Ricky seemed to find it amusing. "What's up, Damien?" His head suddenly stopped rubbing Ricky's chest, which made the man looked down at the teen with concern. "Alright, I'll be there in a minute." He hung up the phone and climbed off of Ricky, picking his clothes up from the floor and slipping them on.

"What's wrong?" he asked.

"Damien said some people want to talk to me," Leon replied, buttoning his pants. "Wants me to come to his study. Don't understand why."

"Hmm," Ricky hummed, sitting up. "Well I guess I should get dressed then. As soon as you get back, we'll go to your first appointment. I scheduled it for today."

Leon smiled at him. "Thank you," he said. "You spoil me."


"Look," Damien sighed. "I don't know what the hell you think you are trying to pull, but I'm gonna point something out here. And don't hold it against me because it is the truth, no matter how much you deny it. You two abandoned Leon when he was an infant. He spent seven years being beaten, starved, and eventually raped by his uncle then left for dead in an alleyway where I found him."

"We didn't abandon him and his name is Harry!" the red-haired woman, Lily Potter, yelled back at him. "And how dare you come up with such lies about his upbringing! My sister said he just ran off one day."

The man chuckled sarcastically, dropping a packet in front of her on the desk. "She lied to you. And you did abandon him and his name is Leon now. Leon Raven Baye. And if you wanna talk to him, read at least those first four rules concerning him before he gets here."

"Why do we need to know rules when it comes to our own son?" the black-haired man, James Potter, asked in annoyance as he tossed the packet aside. "He's our son!"

"Yet you left him!" Damien shouted. "You tossed him aside for that brat next to you! I'm fucking surprised you still call Leon your son!"

"He is our son!" Lily shouted at him.

"Read the fucking rules!" Damien ordered. "They are there for a reason! Or do I need to tell them to you? Rule one, don't call him 'Harry' because he fucking hates it. Rule two, don't call him 'boy', which I'm sure old man right there might break since he called me 'boy'."

"How dare you disrespect Albus!" James exclaimed.

"I'll disrespect those who earned no respect of mine," the man growled at the Potter patriarch. "Rule three, and pay attention. Don't mention his parents. He fucking hates his parents for leaving him in a shit hole to be abused! For choosing his brother over him! If you really are his parents, then I'll be blunt. HE HATES YOU! If he has a chance, he'd probably kill you himself!"

"We did not leave him!" Lily started to cry.

"No, you did," Damien chuckled. "You left him with people that beat him. Starved him. Worked him like a fucking slave. Now I kind of wonder, you seem to have enough money to take care of both boys, yet why did you leave him. Did you not want him? Was he not special enough for you? Makes me wonder if circumstances were different, would you leave that little brat there and keep Leon?"

"His name is Harry," James growled at the man.

"His name is Leon," Damien corrected calmly before there was a knock on the door. "Leon?"

"Who else?" a voice replied through the door.

"Come on in, then," he said, going over to behind his desk and sitting down in the chair.

The door opened to reveal a teen none of the wizarding adults or the teen wizard, expected. He had tamed black hair that reached his shoulders, tattooed red ravens on both upper arms, and ruby earrings in his ears. His eyes were a green brighter than Lily's and his form was lean yet muscular. He wore a red fishnet shirt that only covered his chest and shoulders and tight, shiny, black leather pants that hugged his legs.

There were two rings on both of his hands. On his left index finger was a silver band with rubies embedded in it and on his left middle finger was a gold band with a large obsidian on top of it. On his right ring finger was a thin silver band with a small blue topaz and on his right pinky was another gold band with a dragon etched into it. Around his left wrist was a black bracelet and around his right wrist was a red, fingerless glove.

He glanced at them momentarily before going over to Damien and sitting on top of the desk, crossing his legs as he leaned back and supported himself on his right arm to look at the man. "Guess what Ricky did for my birthday," he challenged with a smirk.

"What did Ricky do?" Damien asked with a playful voice.

"He set up appointments to have my scars removed," Leon whispered to him. "And he said he will pay for all of them."

"That's good," Damien chuckled, clapping his hands with a grin. "That's very good!"

Leon laughed gently before taking another glance at the other people in the room. His smile fell into a frown. "I don't wanna be here," he said, making to get up before Damien grabbed his wrist and pulled him back down. "I don't wanna be here. I don't wanna see them!"

"Easy," Damien sighed, running a hand through Leon's hair. "They just wanna talk."

"There's nothing to talk about," Leon growled darkly.

"Harry," the woman he recognized to be his mother said.

"My name is LEON!" he yelled at her.

"No, your name is Harry," the woman said to him with a firm tone.

"I gave up that name," Leon growled at her. "My name is Leon Raven Baye!"

A wrinkled hand landed on the woman's shoulder. Leon followed the hand up the arm and to the face of a old man with long silver hair, a beard to match, twinkling blue eyes behind half-moon spectacles, and a crooked nose. He was recognizable. Leon remembered him, though only met him once.

"Harry, my boy," he said. "Perhaps we can all sit and discuss this calmly."

"Don't call me that," Leon said through heavy breaths. "I don't like being called that. Don't call me that."

Damien sighed heavily and slapped his forehead. These people were hopeless. He pulled the teen into his lap and wrapped his arms around Leon, holding him gently but firmly on his lap.

"Listen, Harry, you may not recognize us," James started to speak before the teen cut him off harshly.

"May not recognize you?" he laughed out. "Oh, I recognize you, James Potter, Lily Potter, Albus Dumbledore, and my own twin Alexander Potter. How's the life of lies, brother dearest?" He started to laugh slightly, rocking with Damien. "Oh, Alexander has the V scar on him, maybe he beat Voldemort! Meaning he must be the special one! Meaning we must ignore Harry and toss him aside! Meaning we shouldn't even hand him over to his godfather because little Harry isn't anything fucking special!"

He snapped his attention to Dumbledore. "And you," Leon growled. "Oh, I remember you, even though we only met once before this. You were the one who told them to toss me aside. You were the one who told them to put me with my aunt and uncle. You were the one who said not to give me to Uncle Sirius. Yes, I remember you quite well.

"And you!" he snapped towards Lily. "What the fucking kind of fucking mother are you? You're a fucking disgrace of a mother! Mothers should not have to choose between their children! Mothers should take care of all of their children! The only exceptions should be if she can't afford to take care of her children so sends them to a place where she knows her children can be taken care of. Did you? No, you knew your sister hated magic. You knew her husband hated abnormal-ness.

"You fucking knew!" The four vases in the room suddenly exploded, but Damien behaved as though it was normal. The others jumped and Remus had to side-step to avoid the exploding vase next to him. "I was shoved into that fucking cupboard under the stairs as soon as they brought me inside. I was fed only once every three days and changed only when the smell was too unbearable.

"Then I turned four and was forced to do all the chores in the house. Guess what? I didn't finish, I was fucking beat! Black and blue all over! New fucking whip-marks all over my back! Sent to my cupboard without anything to eat from the dinner I had to make! I had the word FREAK carved into my back when I was eight! I was raped when I was eight! I was beaten nearly to death when I was eight!

"And guess what? It's all your fucking fault!"

Lily was trying to hold back tears as James tried to hold onto both her and Alex, who was shaking by the force of power swirling around in the room. Dumbledore was awed by the power. He had made a mistake and was now paying the price. Sirius and Remus stayed near the wall, letting the teen shout at them.

"I don't see any scars on you," Dumbledore stupidly commented.

Damien froze, as did Leon before angered green eyes went over to the old man. He jumped out of Damien's lap and menacingly made his way over to Dumbledore. "Oh, I've been able to hide those for a while now," he said lowly, yet dangerously, as he ripped off his fishnet skin to reveal bare skin. As soon as the shirt came off, Leon focused on his scars being showed. They revealed themselves all over his arms, chest, stomach, and back.

Lily gasped loudly at the crisscrossed scars all over her Harry's back and felt a new wave of tears leave her eyes when she saw the FREAK scar. What kind of mother was she? She couldn't help but mentally ask. She condemned her child to that torture without a second thought.

"You're fixing the vases you broke," Damien's calm voice sighed.

Leon looked towards Damien then waved his hand. The shards of vases that were on the ground flew into the air and started to piece themselves back together. As soon as all pieces of the four vases were together, the cracks melded closed until the vases appeared to have never been broken at all. "Better?" he asked.

"Very," Damien answered with a smirk. "Now come back here, sit down, and calm down." The teen nodded slowly, seeming to suddenly calm from his rage as he made his way back to Damien. He was pulled into the man's lap, his legs straddling Damien's hips with arms around the man's neck and his head on his chest. Damien felt Leon taking shaky breaths. He sighed and placed his chin on top of Leon's head. "Easy," he whispered.

"They left me," Leon said, but his voice cracked a bit. The others heard easily. "They left me. They left me! THEY LEFT ME!"

"Oh, fuck," Damien cursed as the screaming and crying Leon started to thrash around. He had to turn Leon around on his lap and restrain his arms, but couldn't do anything about the feet banging against his desk. The two Potters moved to help, but Damien glared at them. "It's your fault he's like this, so sit your asses down and stay down!"

"He's our son!" Lily exclaimed.

"I'll be blunt here again," Damien grunted out as Leon's thrashing became more erratic, forcing him to slide out of the chair and onto the floor before Leon's kicks to the desk did serious harm to his feet and legs. "He hates you! He isn't your Harry Potter anymore! That kid died years ago when he was abandoned! His name is Leon Raven Baye now, so fuck off!"

He turned his attention back to the still teen in his lap, still crying. "Not even my own parents wanted me," Leon cried out. "No one loves me. No one loves a freak! Who could ever love a freak! No one loves freaks! Freaks don't deserve love!"

Sirius and Remus, unable to stand seeing the teen this broken, made their way over and each placed a hand on Leon's legs. Damien nodded once to them. Leon didn't snap at them so either he didn't see them or they weren't responsible in any way for Leon's abandonment.

"Not true," Damien whispered to him. "You're not a freak. You are loved. Easy. Easy, easy, easy."

The door opened once again, but Damien didn't hear it close so he looked up to see Dustin and Justin staring with wide eyes at the crying Leon as well as the other adults in the room. "What happened?" Dustin asked.

"Why's Leon crying?" Justin added, eyes focused on the crying teen Damien held.

"Who are they?" Dustin exclaimed, looking towards the wizards and witch.

"Did they make him cry?" his twin yelled out, pointing towards the stunned Potter family and Dumbledore.

"Shall we make them leave, Damien?" Dustin asked, glaring towards the group.

"We'd be happy to!" Justin snarled, stepping towards them.

"Just get Richard and I'll explain later," Damien told the pair. "He should still be in Leon's room."

"I'll get him," Justin stated before looking at his brother.

"I'll help Leon, then," Dustin said with a nod as he made his way over to the teen and three adults trying to comfort him. Justin gave one more glare towards the other adults in the room and then sharply turned around to find Ricky. "You two move," he told Sirius and Remus. The two men stood and took a couple steps back. Dustin kissed Leon's forehead and gently rubbed his upper arms.

"You got him?" Damien asked.

"Yeah, I got him," Dustin replied, wrapped his arms around Leon before pulling the younger teen to him.

With a heavy sigh, Damien got up off the floor and stood up straight, running a hand through his hair as he glared at them. "You guys just had to come in here, didn't you?" he snarled at them. "Leon has gone this long without you. I finally got all the brainwashing out of his head a year and a half ago, then you three had to come in! You just had to come here and just had to talk to him. Now look at him!" He gestured to the crying Leon that was currently curled up into a ball on Dustin's lap, being rocked back and forth. "I want you four out."

"Who the bloody hell gave you the right to keep our son away from us?" James nearly shouted.

"Your son is dead!" Damien yelled. "There is no fucking Harry Potter! There is only Leon Baye! He is no longer your son and he is in my custody, meaning I am Leon's guardian! There is no fucking Harry Potter! Now get the hell out of here before you break his mind even more than you already have!"

"We're not leaving without our son!" Lily declared.

Damien grabbed Alex by the shoulder, making the boy yelp in surprise, before pushing the red-headed boy to Lily. "That is your son, your only son," he stated. "Now you have your son, so get the fuck out!"

"Everyone, calm down," Dumbledore said in his best grandfather voice. "Perhaps we can discuss this without anymore fighting."

"Sure we can," Damien snorted. "But without Leon."

"His name is-" Lily started, but Damien cut off.

"Does it fucking matter what you think his name is now?" he yelled. "You abandoned him, bitch. And because you bunch decided to pop in and try to take him back, he's like that now!"

"How dare you call my wife that!" James yelled at him.

"Fuck off, asshole!" Damien shot back. "In case you don't realize it now, you gave up custody over him when you left him! He was abandoned by his aunt and beaten nearly to death by his uncle! I have custody over him, not you!"

"What's going on?" someone asked. Once again, everyone looked to the door, seeing a man with Justin behind him. The man looked around the room, taking in the new faces, before his eyes landed on Leon. "Leon?" He made his way over quietly and not too slowly.

"Who is that?" James asked.

"Richard, do you mind taking him to my room so he can recover from this?" Damien asked the newcomer.

Richard nodded, lifting his hand and catching a key without looking and stuffing it in his pocket. "I got him now," he told Dustin, who nodded and gently passed Leon over to Richard's arms. The man stood and held the teen close to him as he made his way out of the office.

"Where is he going with my son?" James shouted out.

Richard paused. "Your son?" he asked over his shoulder.

"I'll take care of this, you take care of him," Damien assured, waving his hand towards the man. Richard nodded and continued on his way, the twins behind him and closing the door to the study. Damien sighed, running his hand through his hair as he dropped into his chair and placed his feet on top of his desk. "You two are fine as far as I know," he told Sirius and Remus. "The rest of you stay the hell away from Leon."

"You can't stop us from taking our son back," Lily challenged him. "We are his parents. We have parental custody."

"Did you not hear him?" Damien asked. "Let me tell you something else, and don't interrupt me.

"Every kid that works here from young to teenager has had a past. Some were homeless, some were abused, some ran away, some were orphaned, and the rest were abandoned. I am the only one who can control these kids. I could not let them go from foster home to foster home because it would screw with their minds. It isn't the greatest of ideas to move a kid from place to place. It makes them think they are forever unloved.

"That is what happened to Leon. Year one of life, happy family. No one favoring one over the other. Then for some reason, this brat here became more special and Leon was tossed aside. So easily, too. That fucks with a kid's mind.

"What they think about their parents abandoning them like that is that if their own parents didn't even love them, then no one will. Leon is no different to that thought, especially with his aunt and uncle's treatment of him.

"For years in my custody, he continuously had panic attacks whenever someone broke the rules concerning him. His uncle brainwashed him into believing with all his heart that he was unlovable, that he deserved no love from anyone. That he was a worthless freak and nothing more than. It took me years to try and convince him that he doesn't have to do all the cleaning or cooking here. Years to try and get those…monsters words from his head.

"You heard him. He believes he's a freak. And who drilled that into his head? His aunt and uncle. Who cared the word into his back so he would carry the scar forever? His uncle. Who raped him when he was a child? His uncle. Who beat him even when there wasn't a real reason? His aunt and uncle.

"He was beaten nearly to death and abandoned for the second time in his life at age eight in an alleyway no one would even notice. I was lucky to have been on that road and see his uncle leave his bloody, broken body in the alley. The doctor I chose for my kids here even said he was surprised Leon was still alive." He opened a drawer and pulled out a file, dropping it on the desk. "His education records, as well as medical. Start from the top when he was first brought in by me."

James pulled the folder towards them and opened it up, scanning the papers inside. Alex looked like he was about to vomit by the pictures. Lily was about to cry. Dumbledore only shook his head but showed no other sign of discomfort. Sirius and Remus after looking over James's shoulder turned away, unable to look at the damage.

"I had to take those pictures on the way to the hospital that night," Damien continued. "I had the chief of police drive me there with one other kid I had with me at that time. I had to keep Leon alive. And I thought I lost him quite a few times.

"Broken bones. Every cut on his body needed ten or more stitches. Broken ribs, some needed to be reset because they were probably broken before and weren't set so didn't heal right. Damaged lung that needed stitching as well so it wouldn't collapse on him. He needed oxygen support to help him breath. Malnourished. Skin and bones. Severely underweight. And signs of rape.

"And to think, he would have been spared all this if you never left him in their care. He would not be covered with all those scars if you just did the right thing and kept him."

"We thought we were doing the right thing," Lily choked out.

"Don't," Damien growled. "Don't act like you're sorry about this. You have no right because you indirectly did this to him. You kept one child, even though you could easily afford keeping both, and sent him to a hellhole. So don't you fucking dare act like you're fucking sorry."

"We had no choice," James stated.

"What made you choose between your sons like that?" Damien chuckled with a mocking smirk. "What forced you to send Leon to a hellhole instead of his godfather? What made you think your other son didn't need you as much as this spoiled brat does?"

"I'm not a spoiled brat!" Alex stated.

"You look it," Damien commented, shrugging his shoulder. "Judging from his size, you could afford Leon clothes. You could afford to feed him. And I bet you could afford to house him. So again, why do you think you had no choice but to toss one aside and keep the other?"

"You wouldn't-" Dumbledore started, but was cut off.

"Don't tell me shit like that," Damien snarled at him. "Don't tell me I won't understand. I understand perfectly.

"I have a werewolf that comes in here every week. He told me what Leon is and he told me about Leon's former family. You three." He pointed towards the Potters. "He told me that one child was more special because he beat this Dark Lord everyone is so afraid of. And because this one child was more special, Leon was tossed aside. No one knew of his existence. Surprised the hell out of him when I told the guy Leon's old name!

"Said there couldn't be another Potter. Said the Potter Family was always in the spotlight, so if they had another son, he would be known. Seemed pretty damn surprised when I told him Leon was abandoned.

"'Guess he wasn't perfect enough for the perfect Potters,' he told me. Now I wanna know this. Your family is always in the spotlight. You are rich. So why the hell did you think you had to abandon Leon?"

"We didn't want him growing up hating and resenting his brother!" Lily shouted back at him, slamming her hands on Damien's desk. "We needed to help Alexander train so he would be ready to fight Voldemort!"

Damien threw back his head and laughed. "Did not want him hating and resenting his brother?" he repeated before laughing even more. "That backfired on you harder than you can imagine! It's not just his brother he hates, he hates all of you! He hates his brother for taking all his parents attention. He hates his father and mother because they abandoned him. He hates all of you because your actions fucked with his mind."

"According to prophecy, the one Voldemort marked as his equal would be the one to destroy him," Dumbledore pointed out. "We did not want young Harry feeling left out while Alex was trained."

"So you guys just decided to remove him from the picture completely?" Damien scoffed.

"We were going to take him back as soon as he came to Hogwarts, the school he was supposed to come to when he was eleven if he had any magic," James stated.

"What school?" Damien asked. "He never got an invite or anything. He's been waving his hands to clean all over the place or fix things that need fixing since he came here, and he never got his invitation to this Hogwarts place."

"If he stayed with the Dursleys, he would have received it," Dumbledore commented.

"If he stayed there, he would be dead!" Damien exclaimed.

"Now, now, I'm sure their treatment was not as bad as you say it was."

Damien grabbed the photos in the folder and threw them at Dumbledore's face. "You think this is exaggerating?" he shouted. "You think that I would exaggerate this? These are his medical records! These are pictures of the damage he got from these relatives of his!"

"Perhaps the man you saw was not his uncle and was someone who attacked him at night," Dumbledore stated.

"You know what? You just lost all rights of talking. Shut up. Don't say another word. You say one more word about me possibly lying or Leon lying, I will get so pissed off, I'll throw you out of the fucking window on the fifth floor and laugh as you become nothing more than a broken body on the sidewalk surrounded by your own blood. I'll do it. I fucking mean it. I will do it!"

Remus sighed, looking towards Sirius. "How long as he been here?" the werewolf asked.

"Leon's been here since he was eight, just started working for money about a year ago," Damien replied, looking out the window. "It was his choice to do this. I did not force him into it. All the kids that work here, I never forced into anything. They stayed here and they chose this lifestyle." He pointed towards a bookshelf where there were jars lined up on each shelf, each jar with a name on it and all of them had cash in them. The one that was the most full had Leon's name on it.

"The money they earn goes in those jars," Damien explained. "I save their money for things they need, medical or whatever. They give me a quarter of their earnings each so I can pay for bills and other necessities. But the rest of their money is saved so that they can go to a college or get an apartment of their own when they want to move out." He paused for a moment then looked at the two men. "By the way, who are you two?"

"I'm Remus Lupin and this is Sirius Black," Remus answered. "He is Harry's -sorry- Leon's godfather."

Damien stared at them for a moment before nodding once. "He has memories of you two," he told them. "Wouldn't shut up about you two when he first came here. Said his godfather always played with him and made him laugh. He said that you always read to him. Sometimes he even admitted he thought you two were more parent-like than his actual parents since you two did not abandon him, but tried to save him. I thank you for that, at least."

"We didn't do enough," Sirius mournfully said, making his way over to Dumbledore and taking the pictures.

"You did try," Damien pointed out. "In Leon's mind, that is what matters. Unlike these four, you two are kept in high regards for him." He looked towards the Potters for a moment. "This conversation is over. You are not getting Leon. He would be unstable around you. You do not know how to handle him when he has his panic attacks." He opened the door and stepped to the side. "All I have left to say to you is that you shouldn't have the decency of calling yourself the perfect parents. Now get out."

"This is not over," James warned him. "He is our son and we will take him back."


"Come on!" Leon chirped, dancing down the hallways. Ricky shook his head slightly. Leon was in his mourning panic attack for about thirty minutes after they reached Damien's room. Now he behaved like it never happened. To keep his mind safe, it was probably the best option. "We're gonna be late for the appointment!"

"We're not going to be that late," he chuckled, draping his jacket over his shoulder. "Did you talk to Damien about this?"

"He said it was great," Leon said when Ricky finally entered the elevator. The door closed and Leon pushed the button that would take them to the first floor. The elevator door opened once they reached the bottom floor. Ricky spotted the group of people that were there meeting with Leon go out the door. "How much are these appointments?"

"Small deduction from my wallet," he assured the teen.

"You always say that," Leon pointed out as they left the elevator. He didn't step further than outside its doors and looked at the ground. "What if they can't completely get rid of my scars? What if you wasted your money for nothing?"

Ricky sighed slightly and pushed Leon's head up gently with a finger on his chin. "I do not waste my money on you, and they will get rid of those scars," he told him. "They even said it would take months, probably years, but they can remove them."

Leon was silent for a moment. "But I don't want you to think that you're wasting your money for a lost cause," he admitted.

The man chuckled gently and pressed a gentle kiss to Leon's lips. "Let's go before we're late," he said, taking Leon's hand and leading him through the crowd.

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