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In the end they returned to their purpose in the ISDA, to explore and develop space for all of mankind. The Dragonauts, Lindworm unit with the addition of Habaragi Itsuki and Otohime were sent out to the far reaches of the solar system. Neptune was to be the first outer planet set to be colonized. Water Purification systems were carried in on shuttles and the backs of dragons. Soon the plant had its own orbital space station, codenamed TRIDENT.

The vacuum of space stared blankly in through the Plexiglas windows of TRIDENT. Toa sighed to herself as she watched the distant stars and nebula rotate by. Back in her quarters Jin slept beneath multiple covers, shielding him from the cold. She didn't know when they would finally fix the heating systems but she hoped it would be soon. If they weren't out flying parts down to a rocky outcropping on the surface they were under the covers, huddling together for heat. She flushed lightly at the thought. Grinning, she stood and walked back towards the room.

The domed walkway was lit on the floor by small lights at regular intervals. It provided an excellent view of the outside world, similar to the underwater walkways back on Earth. She paused as something caught her eye, off in the distance. It looped around and danced in the former place of Thanato's orbit. She let herself smile softly as memories of their time in the mountains of Japan returned to her. Her lips moved with whispered words.

"It was nice to see you again, Gio."

Then she turned and walked away, back to her life; Jin.

Author's Note: Just a quick something i thought up, it happens after the series obviously. I will probably attempt a chaptered D:TR fic soon enough; the same goes for Last Exile.