Title: That's all I asked (One shot)

I had grown old- my time had come. It won't be long before my winter ended and never would I be able to see the next spring again. Keeping guard at the door were my children and my grandchildren. My wife, Hinata was sleeping on the chair while watching over me.

I couldn't feel the need to move on. The road would soon end and all those times I had been with my friends and the society would be a history. All of my life story would be rumours for the next generation, rumours that once upon a time, there was a great man who had brought the world together to unison.

All those sad stories, no one would be able to retell. Those were personal and not journalized; nobody would know that the personal history lead to the changes that had been carried out to the world because no one gives a shit.

Yep, no one gives a damn. Naruto Uzumaki was just a hero after all.

My hair was all white; aging was such bliss. My son, Tengu, had been the one to fill the seat of the great Konoha leader. Everything was looking dandy but my heart was a raging fire. Who would've thought that Naruto had died a long time ago and what was left of me was only his empty figure? I had, all of those years, lived in lies and corruption of my lifetime.

Lie that my heart had never been there to begin with.

Lie that when I found Sasuke's body, I had killed myself internally.

Lie that I had never loved Hinata Hyuuga to begin with.

Those lie; could I bring them to death together with me? How guilty can I be?

It wasn't long; the clock was making its full turn and my time was up when Sasuke appeared at the door of my room. He was wearing a white shirt and pants, his hands tucked in the pockets on both sides.

"Had you been waiting all of those years, dobe?" he asked with a smirk.

"You left me alone and you, do you think you are an angel?"

"Angel? I'm merely a soul inviting you to your new life. Here is reality, those are just stories", he said, shrugging his shoulders as he made his way to me. He extended his hands and I grabbed him, only to tug him closer.

"I have missed you", I whispered, adoring the strange peaceful light on his face.

"You look younger than your body does", he replied, pulling me out from my body. Poor it; it was going to be buried soon but hey, I wasn't in it so it didn't matter.

"And you might have become a skeleton already", I joked, lightening the atmosphere with a chuckle of my own. Sasuke smirked and if he hadn't, I would find a way to make his lips curled in the way I love. That part of him was the only part that kept my eyes on him and had planted seedlings of affection inside of me.

"Purposely seeking what's not there, Uzumaki?" he asked. My chuckle shifted to laughter. He knew every nook and cranny of my intentions. His gaze softened and he pressed his lips again mine to give me a simple peck.

"I love you", he murmured.

"That's supposed to be my line but hey, you said it first", I said softly, taking his hands in mine. We walked side by side, our shoulders touching. I traded my life with caring friends and family with my death to accompany this man, Sasuke Uchiha, whom I've always promised to bring back because here, even death would not be able to split us apart.

"That must hurt to not be able to bring me back", he said.

"You died first", I reminded him.

"But you are here now. That's enough and that's all I asked of you".

I nodded because that was all I asked from him too.

The end