Shran smirked "Oh very clever Pink-skin, very clever indeed. In fact! Why didn't I think of this before?" Archer pursed his lips and tried to avoid turning and smacking the sarcastic Andorian in the face.

"Those sorts of comments aren't very helpful at the moment Shran." Said Archer as calmly as he could manage.

"Really?" said Shran, raising one arched white eyebrow as he twisted in his constraints, just round far enough so that he could give Archer a look "I do apologise maybe I should just keep my comments to myself?" Archer ground his jaw

"Maybe you should." They fell into silence, punctuated only by a huff from Shran as he twisted back round the right way. The Captain wriggled in his own bindings before realising that it wasn't helping.

He let out a frustrated sigh. Suddenly Shran began to wiggle in his seat again.

"Can you stop that?" said Archer quickly losing his thin veil of patience, (the Andorian always seemed to be able to make him lose his temper far faster than anyone else he had ever known) Shran twisted back round in his seat, a contemptuous expression pulled his mouth up at one corner and raised his eyebrows. His antennas were pulled back up almost completely against his head, broadcasting his displeasure.

"Have you got a plan yet?" countered the little blue man, Archer breathed in heavily

"Well no-"

"So shut up!" snapped Shran turning away

"Maybe if you'd sit still for a minute and let me concentrate I coul-" The Andorian broke off the Captain's rant with a snarl

"-Waste more of our precious time? They'll be back and you'll STILL be thinking of an escape plan!"Archer locked his jaw and took a few heavy breathes. He could hear the Commander doing the same behind him. Shouting at each other would get them know where. They were in this together.

"Fine," sighed Archer giving some ground "You do what you want I'll do what I want."

"Fine..." Breathed Shran exasperated. Archer gave his own quiet huff of irritation. After a pause the Andorian began to wriggle again, Archer breathed in deeply and tried to ignore him and focus on an escape plan instead.

"AH!" cried Archer as something sharp stabbed him in the lower back

"Sorry," grumbled Shran under his breath though to Archer it most certainly didn't sound sincere. There was another pause before Archer twisted round in his seat, his face pulled into his customary look of confusion

"What was that?"

"That," said Shran "was this." He held up a thin, shimmering blade just in front of Jonathan's face and twisted it round.

"You have a knife?" Shran gave him a flat look

"I always have a knife." Jonathan looked down and Shran followed his line of sight. They both stared for a few moments before slowly looked back up at each other.

"Your hands are free." Said Archer.

"Yes," said Shran "They are." And then he cut the rope on his other wrist and rose up out of his seat. They had neglected to tie his feet. He strode over to the doorway.

"Hey!" cried Archer, Shran turned back to him and enquiring look on his face, with a hint of amusement


"Untie me!" cried Archer rocking in his chair to add extra emphasis. Shran smirked

"I thought you were thinking of a plan?"

"Well I haven't got one!" cried Archer "Now untie me!" The Andorian turned back and cocked his hip, resting his weight on one leg; he looked his captive up and down once before letting out a loud melodramatic sigh

"I can't leave you there looking all pathetic." He said and strode back over slitting the rope with his knife. Archer rose and flexed his arms. Shran pushed into his personal space and reached up to his eye level so that he could poke Archer in the chest

"You owe me." He said. Archer rolled his eyes "Now let's get out of here." Ordered the bossy little Andorian turning and heading towards the door.