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When asked why he like to fly in those great blue skies Claus would always smile and say, "To know what happens up here."

That was on Prestor. After Exile took them to this new world filled with wheat and first water abound he would answer simply grinning all the while, "For my father."

They had always wanted to explore the sky, the grand stream, everything.

Lavie would reply in a similar manner, always with Claus on his peaceful decisions, like a good navigator.

They twirled through a cloud, sending a spiral of white behind them. They had done it, gone through the Grand Stream; flown in Exile to another world and surpassed their fathers.

Down below shrouded in a field of wheat a single cabin stood in a cleared section of land. Mullin and Dunya stood in the window, glancing up at the sky. She turned to him, "They really are something huh?" she asked.

He turned to her and nodded. "Yeah, They sure are."