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Note: An earlier fic.

Morning Breaks

Night was swiftly dying. Dim sunlight chased it away, fading it to gray.

Still, the she-wolf ran through the trees. Her long, slender legs never faltering as she evaded him. Her body bare as light fur receded into her skin. She glanced at him over her shoulder, beckoning him, her eyes glowing with the chase, seeming to laugh at him as she continued to elude his grasp. The female skinwalker was snarling in what could only be amusement.

The male skinwalker simply grinned, his lips revealing sharp canines. He was more than eager to rise to the female's challenge, his own bare feet silent on the damp ground. His body was covered in a fine sheen of sweat, but like his quarry, he showed no signs of fatigue.

She glanced back at him again, laughing. The sound came out deep and rumbling like a growl.

He grinned wider and surged ahead, just a few feet behind her.

She leapt over a fallen tree trunk and hit the ground running, laughing more.

He lunged over the trunk and wrapped his arms around her, bringing her to the ground with him.

She let out a playful yelp, but it sounded more like a girlish scream.

He pinned her on her back. His grin was smug now; he had every right to gloat.

"Claim your prize," the she-wolf whispered. Her voice was still husky. This time it wasn't from the moon's sway but his own, filling him with more pride. The female laid there with fully human, half-lidded eyes, panting softly and damp with sweat and dew. She was his, and she laid there for him. Everything about her appearance though was like that of a huntress, content to lie there for her mate but only because she wished to; not because he had the right. That was probably how she felt.

It made the male want her all the more. "Gladly," he murmured. He leaned down to begin his claim, his lips brushing against hers. He groaned at her taste; she tasted like wilderness and freedom. His tongue slipped between her lips to taste her more, but his senses were dulling with the fading night. He felt her arms and legs wrap around him. The male hissed abruptly, as if in pain. He could feel the heat of the sun on his skin.

The night was gone.

Caleb woke with a groan. His eyes blinked, sunlight shining on his face. He could feel the familiar warmth of his wife's body heat, felt the weight of her beside him. His gaze finally focused, shifting to his wife's face, her features so similar and yet so different from those of the she-wolf in his dreams. Caleb turned his face away from her and stared out the window at the brightening dawn.

His other half was gone. But night would bring him back. Caleb couldn't make daylight last forever, and Varek was as absolute as the full moon.