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He had known from the very beginning that he would never know peace. The moment he learned what he was, what he could become, he had known.

Even with the prophecy.

Even with his brother's successful attempt to bring the prophecy about during their time.

Even as the Alpha protecting their kind's hope.

He had always known. And he had accepted that fate.

The moment he looked into that little boy's eyes and saw the one he considered his son, saw the eyes of the woman he'd secretly loved, saw the eyes of his brother once good and pure, saw the desperation of his own soul and the suffering his kind endured, saw the hope this night had brought everyone, saw the victims who had died for this night - he saw his legacy.

Nobody would ever know. Nobody would ever know what he had sacrificed. It didn't matter.

He had always known, from the very beginning, he would never know freedom. But he knew peace the moment he let go to save the child his kind called hope and the boy he called son.