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"You don't know how disappointed I am Damar." Damar froze. He was only one step from the airlock, his ship waited on the other side. He paused for a minute and then turned. At the other end of the corridor stood a small pale, immaculately dressed man. Long wing ears curving out from his jaw, dark brown hair combed delicately over the tips. Weyoun's sorrowful lilac eyes met the Cardassians golden orbs and they held.

"This may come as a shock to you," said Weyoun with a slightly, nervous chuckle "But this really came as a surprise." Damar was silent as the Vorta paused to take in his reaction "I trusted you Damar." Weyoun paused again; when he spoke next his voice was a mere sotto voce

"I trusted you." Damar felt something strange curl and twist in his chest. He had expected many things of the Vorta- but never this. This... sadness. There was another pause in which both weighed up the other. Weyoun absorbed the Cardassian one last time committing him to memory.

"I'll be obliged to tell the Founder's o f this encounter."

"I could shoot you if it would help." Said Damar flatly, a pout pursing up his full lips. Weyoun chuckled

"I'm sure you would." He said, a natural and charming smile lighting his face. He raised his eyes once more to regard the Cardassian from under his long lashes. Suddenly he tipped his head back up and perked his ears. He turned his head to towards the passage behind him and froze. Somewhere in the distance he must have heard footsteps.

"You ought to be going." Said the Vorta turning back toward his enemy. Damar opened his mouth to speak but found there was nothing for him to say. So instead he nodded tightly and turned, giving Weyoun one last look before he stepped over the ledge and the door closed behind him.

The Vorta waited for a good few moments, until he heard the hiss of the ship leaving the docking bay and counted until he was sure of it being outside of tractor range. He paused for moment more before he slipped a Cardassian phaser dutifully from behind his back. He regarded it for a moment, smirking at the irony before he raised it and shot himself in the shoulder. With a shrill scream he collapsed into a heap on the floor. Within moments a troop of Jem'Hadar hurried around the corner.

"Damar and a group of rebels took a shuttle!" hissed the Vorta "Quickly take me to the Founder- she must be informed!"

"You say you did everything you could too stop them Weyoun," said the Founder turning to regard the injured Vorta who was clasping at his shoulder, his face an opaque mask of calm and serene. She could see he was in pain. She didn't care. "But you did not die. Were you not willing?" Weyoun's felt his empty chest throb at her callousness but he said nothing. She took this as his reply and turned her back to him. "Heal him." She said addressing the Jem'Hadar guards at the door "He is no use to me dead." The two goliaths nodded surely before turning and following the retreating Vorta from the room and into the corridor.

Through the pain Weyoun smiled.

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