Another super duper short, I thought the other update was too small so I wrote this one to give you a little more.. what was it.. 'bang for your buck' ;3 This ones short but sexy so enjoy!

(I was listening to Phil Collins- In the air tonight' so if you wanna listen to that whilst reading it might help set the mood)

disclaimer: I dont own, if you dont know this by now you must have a short term memory problems.

"Oh I know about you and your predecessor quite well! My previous downloaded all of his memories into me." A hand dragged up the front of his jacket, Weyoun eight's breath caught in his throat, jagged, a low rough voice rumbled in his ear, a warm front pressed to his back, he let his eyes flutter closed

"Not everything." Rumbled Damar huskily and Weyoun barely suppressed a whimper of desire "For example..." the Cardassian purred leaning in until his lips were brushing against the Vorta's delicate ear, Weyoun's breathe hissed out of his lips in ragged little gasps "You might not know..." the hand had been joined by another crawling up his chest to his lapels "I really do hate you."

Weyoun stood in an unhearing rapture for a few seconds as the hands tugged at his lapels. Damar smiled evilly against his cheek and pulled back disappearing out of the door.

Weyoun eight remained alone; suddenly cold, suddenly angry and aggravatingly lustful.

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