My first REAL attempt at a Re-Animator fic. Ahh the subtext, bold enough to be read even by the poor sighted. I do love Re-Animator.


Herbie and Dan have an argument after Herbert ruins Dan's latest date with his latest girlfriend. Though poor Herbie doesn't seem to know what he's done wrong?

Discalimer!: Reanimator or any of the characters aren't mine! They belong to , Brian Yuzna and Stuart Gordon- I think...? Though Herbert really belongs to Jeff.

-Sorry Jeff!

"Oh my God!" cried Dan as he slammed the door behind him with his foot, Herbert spun to face him, a look of mild alarm on his face "You are so pathetic!" The little man frowned defensively, an adorable look of confusion creasing up his brow and tilting his head to one side. His huge dark eyes only amplified by the thick lenses of his too big glasses giving him a cute, child like appearance.

"What did I do now Dan?" the innocence of his appearance belying his nasty temperament and violent history. Dan growled, uncaring for all this.

"You don't think I noticed? Do you think I'm blind! Cathy will probably never want to come back here again thanks to you!"

"I repeat," intoned Herbert dangerously calm, "What. Did. I. Do?" Dan gave a bitter, harsh laugh

"You seriously don't know do you?" he snorted "Your constant interruption of our nice conversation with some sick anecdote about death, or surgery or disease. You're constantly directing dirty looks at her. Your outright hostile behaviour- almost threatening!" He roared, raising his fists in anger, Hebert jerked back reflectively suddenly looking meek and afraid in the face of Dan's obvious rage. The big man suddenly calmed. He let his fists drop to his sides before reaching out imploringly. Herbert eyed his hands with an air of paranoia "Why d'you have to do this Herbert?" he pleaded "Why do you have to destroy every good chance of a nice, stable relationship I get with your childish, selfish behaviour?" Herbert stared at him wildly, eyes wide and deep a look of loss and bemusement on his gaping face

"-I don'- Childish!" he suddenly growled, bristling. Hackles rising and the hairs on the back of his neck standing on end. "I am NOT childish! I am-"

"Then what do you call this Herbert!" cried Dan drowning out the angry little mans growing tirade. "This immature tantrum you're throwing! The same immature tantrum you through every time one of your experiments fails- every time I bring a woman I like into the house?"

"Well then!" snorted Herbert snidely "I must be constantly childish- there's not one day that you don't bring one of you hussies home to play!" a horrible sneer contorting his usually attractive face. He spread his legs wider and firmly apart on the ground and placed his hands on his hips preparing to make his stand. He sneered up into Dan's furious face like a Chihuahua facing off against a Great Dane. Dan just glowered back at him. The stared each other down for a few tense moment before Herbert pouted and turned his back dismissively

"I'm going to start work," he said strolling over to fiddle with something at one of the desks. He turned to give Dan a slight, dark look over his shoulder "Let yourself out." Dan just scoffed, shook his head, thumped up the stairs and slammed the door behind him.

The room fell silent as Herbert fumed. He could hear Dan's angry footsteps above him but pointedly ignored them as though by doing so Dan would magically know that he was getting the silent treatment.

"I am NOT childish!" snapped Herbert irritably to the lab clenching his fists against the wooden desk, his bottom lip sticking out and his brow furrowed beneath the rims of his dark glasses. He breathed heavily for a moment staring down at nothing before speaking again, this time his voice muted and dark, "And I'm not jealous."

Hope I got thier characters right!

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