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I know! I am sorry I haven't updated much...I really take a long time. When I want to start making chapter 2, I get Writer's block...well, it's the lack of inspiration. If I don't have that much then I would always feel like whatever I type isn't enough and result, erase. It goes on and I hate the feeling. Not only that but also college is hitting me hard. Our Prelims exam is drawing near and I have to study. It's actually easy to study since it's just few lessons tackled but that's just so wrong. I have to study hard.

The days and weeks after I posted the first chapter I received so many drawing requests! As in, so many! I didn't get to deal with time management here and I was stupid enough to not think of it. I just realized that now. Damn. Anyway, I am making a schedule of it. Hopefully, I'll follow it and the only excuse for not following it is only going to be studying, assignments/projects, occasions, and anything else related to that aside from distractions. I hate distractions and internet is one of them and also my other hobbies. This is the disadvantage for an author like me to have other hobbies.

I hope you guys understand. I am sorry I haven't been updating...I really love your reviews.


For the next few days, I'll try to update this story as soon as possible. I am not yet dead :P

Thansk guys and PLEASE HOLD ON TO THIS STORY! I am telling you and I promise you that this is one heck of a story I have ever imagined it to be! I just love the twist and all. Check out my profile at the very bottom of all the infos and you'll see the updates of my EVE you'll know if I am updating it or not or if I'm making the outline or whatever stuff related. You'll also get to know the other stories I am planning to make for AC! Teehee! Go on!

Thanks for the review guys! I'll update as soon as possible alright?


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