Hey there, dear readers! After an apparently successful Gwen and Trent story, I'm going to write a little high school love story with the same couple. The idea belongs to Contagious Pickle and I'll try to turn it into a good story.

The story takes place after TDA, during Trent and Gwen's second high school year. The two are in different high schools, but that doesn't stop fate from bringing them together.

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Chapter 1-Life goes on, but I still remember

"Although it was criticized for being somewhat cruel, the reality show 'Total Drama Island' and its second season 'Total Drama Action' recorded massive audiences all over the world."

On a local news channel, a blonde anchorwoman was struggling to remember the news without reading from the pages in front of her. Unfortunately, in a certain Goth's opinion, she wasn't good enough.

Gwen was lounging on the couch, watching the morning news and realizing how much crap this woman had to say, just to get paid.

Somewhat cruel? Whoever said that was obviously blind and possibly stupid. Gwen thought. It was almost time for her to leave and start another 'lovely' day of high school. Oh, how she hated high school! The only thing that kept her from banging her head on the walls was the thought that she only had another month to endure before the summer holiday. And she was practically praying for time to pass faster.

And now Gwen was watching a short news bulletin about 'Total Drama Island', the reality show in which she had been humiliated, tortured, close to death and insanity, but somehow happy at times. Yes, in that camp of horrors, Gwen found love, in Trent. He was the reason Gwen was able to smile while being isolated from the rest of the world, forced to eat disgusting food and participate in the sadistic challenges of Chris McLean.

But after the second season, she and Trent separated and continued their own lives. And yet Gwen found herself wondering where Trent was and what he was doing. But more important, she wondered if she would ever see him again.

"The host of the show, Chris McLean affirmed that the show will not stop here. Will the producers surprise us with something new and possibly brilliant? We'll find out in time. In other news, Chris McLean reveals his plans for the future. These include starring in a blockbuster and dating Megan Fox…"

"Oh, give me a break!" Gwen muttered as she turned off the TV.

She looked at her watch and her eyes widened. It was 8:45, class was starting in fifteen minutes and Gwen wasn't even ready yet. She jumped off the couch, grabbed her schoolbag, an apple and rushed out of the apartment.

I am so going to be late! She thought, while running towards the high school.

As she predicted, Gwen arrived five minutes late to class. This could have been considered a record, since she was known for sometimes arriving a few minutes before the class ended. Gwen opened the door and saw almost thirty pairs of eyes just staring at her.

"I'm sorry I'm late, Mrs. Cauchy!" she said, trying to catch her breath.

Mrs. Cauchy was her Math teacher. For a chubby woman, who could have been easily mistaken for Santa Claus during the winter holidays, Mrs. Cauchy was rarely 'jolly'. Although she was patient, she never showed this quality towards Gwen. In fact, Gwen always considered that her Math teacher hated her.

"Late again, Miss Nelson!" Mrs. Cauchy said while crossing her arms "I believe this is the fourth time this month when you don't arrive on time. Am I right?"

"I'm sorry, but…"

"We've had this conversation before, Miss Nelson. You can't expect me to be understanding when you constantly arrive late to my class."

"I was only five minutes late this time!" Gwen defended herself.

"According to my watch, you were six minutes late." Mrs. Cauchy added, while checking her small red watch.

"Oh, please, Mrs. Cauchy! A minute doesn't make a difference! There are only 60 seconds and they don't really count!" Gwen said, obviously tired of the discussion.

"It does make a difference in my class." Mrs. Cauchy replied. "Detention, Gwen Nelson! Now!"

Gwen sighed and left the classroom, exchanging looks with her friend, Kay, who was having a 'Man-I-guess-that-woman-really-hates-you-but-don't-worry-it's-not-your-fault' look on her face. They both knew it wasn't worth arguing with Cauchy, because she would end up being right.

After shutting the door, Gwen slowly walked towards the Detention Room. And as she was 'admiring' the empty corridors, she began feeling rather lonely. Suddenly, a name popped into her head. And without noticing, the thought was materialized into a whisper: "Trent…"

"Talking to yourself again, Gwen?" A voice came from behind her.

When Gwen turned around, she saw Kay approaching her, holding a book in her left hand and smiling. Kay had been Gwen's friend, since Jim Hemming threw a party at the beginning of the 9th grade. Back then, Gwen wasn't interested in making any new friends, but still, Kay caught her attention by putting detergent in the pool just for a few laughs. In fact, Gwen admired Kay from that moment on for not caring what others thought and for living her life the way she wanted to. After Total Drama Island ended, the two became best friends.

"Did you escape?" Gwen laughed.

"Neah, Cauchy needed someone to take this book back to the library. And I offered to help."

Kay smiled and put an arm over Gwen's shoulder.

"Besides, I couldn't let my best friend wander around these creepy corridors all by herself. A horrible monster might come and steal you away." Kay continued.

"Too many horror movies affect you, dear Kay." Gwen affirmed.

Kay smiled and her light brown eyes seemed to have a tiny light in them. Gwen ruffled her friend's short brown hair and Kay playfully slapped her hand.

"So, what where you mumbling about earlier?" Kay curiously asked.

"Oh, just a name that popped into my head."

"Really? Because I had the impression that you said…"

"…Said that we would have to rehearse more. As if we don't already know that." A blonde girl commented, before taking another sip out of a can of soda.

She put the can on a short coffee table and sighed. A brown haired boy looked at her and laughed.

"You're addicted to soda, did you know that?" He asked.

"No, I'm not! I'm not addicted to anything" She denied.

"This is the second can you've finished since we got here. And we arrived here half an hour ago."

"Oh, come on, Dean, don't I have the right to celebrate the fact that we were allowed to skip the last few classes?" The girl asked, still upset by being called an addict.

"I still don't understand, she's smart and responsible, but she still can't give up soda." Dean added, while looking at the other person in the room, a dark-haired teen, who was playing a few notes on his guitar. "Can you understand Katherine, Trent?"

Trent looked up and smiled, as if he could predict the girl's reaction. Katherine glared at Dean and threw a shoe, trying to hit him in the head. Dean quickly ducked and Trent burst into laughter.

"I told you not to call me 'Katherine'!" The angry blonde shouted. "You know I can't stand my whole first name. And besides, I don't need you to understand me, as long as you don't annoy me."

"Alright, Kat, I think you had enough soda for today." Trent said calmly, causing Kat to frown.

"Yeah, you almost hit me in the head with that shoe!" Dean complained.

"That was the intention, brainiac!" Kat replied.

Trent looked at his two friends arguing and couldn't help but smile. Kat and Dean weren't just his friends, they were his best friends. Their friendship started when they entered the same band: Ironic Triangle. At first, there weren't many interactions between them, but after the band founder left because of contrasting ideas, they became much closer. In Kat's opinion, that was an excellent move, not only because they started a lasting friendship, but because a band with four members called 'Ironic Triangle' was rather idiotic.

Trent believed that he and his two friends formed a perfect trio. Dean was the carefree, fun-loving guy. He was flirty and girls always developed a crush for him, thanks to his charming smile and lovely blue eyes. Dean was Trent's 'bro'; he always helped him and stood by his side. Kat was the responsible, yet temperamental female part of the trio. She was the type of person who enjoyed hanging out with boys, not with girly-girls. Her medium straight blonde hair sometimes made people believe she was dumb and her green eyes got her the 'watch out! she can't be trusted!' label. But Kat was actually very intelligent, loyal and trustworthy. She was the one who gave Trent advice and thanks to her, girls stopped circling around him because everyone thought the two were dating, even though it was nothing more than a rumor.

"Thanks for telling Principal Carter we needed some time to rehearse before the big dance, bro." Dean high-fived Trent.

"He was telling the truth, Dean." Kat commented. "We need some time to rehearse. We can't just go there and sing like a bunch of drunk geese."

"We won't sing like geese, we're far too good, honey." Dean replied.

"If you call me 'honey' one more time, I'll stick a drumstick into your…"

"Alright, Kat, I think we both get the picture. No need to give too many unpleasant details." Trent interrupted her. "Dean, she's right. We'll have to rehearse. The dance is going to be one of our most important gigs."

"Yeah, you might even get a girl, Trent. This way you won't be 'paired up' with Kat all the time."

Kat glared at Dean and threw the can of soda at him, this time hitting him in the head. "I didn't miss this time!" she laughed and Trent joined her, even though he tried to hold back his laughter for Dean's sake.

"Not funny, you guys!" Dean said irritated. "Don't get so stressed out because of this dance. We'll just get on stage, sing for a few minutes and then we'll go grab something to eat."

"Don't be such an ignorant, Dean! If the principal wants us to give the audience a good show, then we'll give them one!" Kat replied.

"I agree with Kat. We've got to do our best, even if that implies having to rehearse more than we usually do. Do you understand, man?" Trent asked, putting his hand on Dean's shoulder, who sighed and nodded.

"Fine, let's get to work then." Kat happily said, while standing up and straightening her favorite light green T-shirt. "Should we concentrate on love songs, Trent?"

Trent smiled and scratched the back of his head, then replied: "I think I could write a new one before the dance. That way, we would have something 'fresh'."

"Sure thing, bro, as long as you have inspiration." Dean added, before getting up from the chair he was sitting on.

Kat approached Trent and straightened his shirt. "Don't worry, I think he has his own muse hidden somewhere in his memories." She smiled friendly. "Am I right, Trent?"

"You always are." He replied, ruffling her hair, just like a brother would do to his little sister.

Kat was right. There was a certain Goth girl from Trent's past who was his muse and his love song inspiration. And he wanted to write a new song for her, different from the other ones, hoping that one day she would actually hear it.

That's the first chapter of my new story. I hope you enjoyed the beginning. I'll try to update soon, considering that I'll have more free time, now that the summer holiday is quickly approaching. Anyway, please review if you have time!