Cat groaned when she saw the news. The government, having become concerned about the recent Autobot/Decepticon activity in Detroit, was sending in some of its best agents. The Center, here. And two years after she had, ahem, quit. And by quit, she meant stolen several thousand dollars worth of Cybertronian and other kinds of tech and run off, sending a virus to inform her of any activity that could lead them to her. This was not good. Grabbing her coat, she walked sown to the manufacturing plant to warn her friends.

"You guys have got to believe me, these agents are bad news." Cat grumbled as she sat in Jazz's passenger seat. The Autobots weren't convinced and decided to drag her with them to go meet the agents. She was not amused. And neither was Sentinel after she tried to scratch his optics out for the suggestion. It was going to be a long day…


"Wow. I'm surprised the Center can tell the difference between all the normal city-bots and the outer space ones…" Diana looked around the city while her brother took pictures. He glanced at her and smiled.

"The Cybertronian ones have either a red or purple faction symbol on them. These bots are just stuff some real genius made!" He practically squealed like a little girl. Diana shook her head and groaned. No caveman here to keep the peace between them, meaning they had to be on their "best" behavior. "Wonder when we get to meet the Autobot team here…"

"NO WAY IN HELL AM I GOING TO ACT CIVIL TO THAT BLOND MORON!" Martin and Diana turned and stared. Yelling at a white and black Autobot was Cat. Honest to goodness, or in her case wickedness, Cat. She hadn't changed much, her hair was maybe an inch shorter, and she was dressed in her usual scheme of red, black and purple. Wasn't too hard to figure out who she was talking about.

"Ahem." Martin cleared his throat and Ca turned her head, only to hiss and scramble up the now very surprised Autobot. "I take it you mean me?"

"KEEP THEM AWAY FROM ME! I AM NOT GOING TO END UP IN A HOLDING CELL AT THAT PLACE!"Cat was practically in hysterics, and Prowl sighed as he carefully pried her from Jazz's helm. She quickly went into her panther form and climbed onto Prowl's shoulders, threatening to dig her claws in if anyone tried removing her.

"Ah Cat, we aren't that…" Martin couldn't get another word out before Cat started yelling again.

"DON'T YOU START WITH THAT SLAG! I'M NOT GOING ANYWHERE NEAR YOU!" Cat jumped down on the other side of Prowl and quickly texted someone. A few seconds later, a tan SUV pulled up and Cat jumped in. "And I suggest you stay away from me, Mystery. Far away." She growled before the SUV drove off.

A few miles later, Swindle spoke up. "What's you're beef with him?"

"I used to work with him. The Center is very interested in… studying you all." Cat grimaced and pulled out her cell. "Luckily, I have a ton of blackmail on him, and we can always go tell Megsy about this." She started laughing and after abit Swindle joined in.