The Forsaken

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it was night in Konohagakure and for the most part the village had settled in for the night, well except for the shinobi that were on night watch any way. However off in in one one of the more run down parts of the village a single light still flickered from the bed room of one Uzumaki Naruto.

It had been almost a week since his forth birthday, and although it had passed like most others this one had be slightly different. And it was for this reason that light still shone from his window. Simply put for the first time in his life he had actually gotten a present, a book to be specific. And what a book it was, full of stories of brave knight and wizards from long ago, of elves and orc's and all sorts of other creatures. And although he had only recently learned to read he found that he simply could not put it down.

It was also this night that he would come across a story that would not just change his life but the lives of everyone throughout world. It was the last one in the book and told the tail of an evil knight that had tried to destroy the world with his army of the undead. Of how all the races of the world had bandied together to stop him and finally about the epic battle that took place at the top of the world where the evil knight was finally defeated.

He was almost sad that he had finished reading all the stories in the book, they had all been so fascinating. But of all the stories and characters in the book one had caught his imagination more than all the others. The banshee queen Sylvanas. Even though the she had only appeared a few times he could not help but feel some kind of attachment to her and her forsaken. That some how he knew what it might feel like to one like them. The feeling of isolation, the looks, he could only imagine that these forsaken would be subject to much the same treatment as he.

However it was getting late and he had was planing of seeing the Sandaime tomorrow to show that he had finished the book he had given him. So with a parting glance at the thing that had enthralled him for the past week he quickly turned off the light and slipped in to a deep sleep.

Naruto woke up early the next day hurrying through him morning rituals so he could get to the hokage tower as soon as he possibly could. The reason he was rushing as fast as his four year old legs could carry him was because of a promise the old man had made. When he had first given him the book for his birthday he also promised to take him out for ramen when he had read the whole thing, and if there was one thing that could motivate Naruto it was the promise of free ramen.

In any case half an hour latter Naruto quickly exited the apartment complex he lived in before making his way to the hokage tower in the middle of the village. Thank fully it was still early and there weren't to many people out yet, unfortunately this just made him stand out all the more.

It had been bugging him for some time now, no mater where he went in the village he always got the same stairs and it was relay starting to get to him. Sure if it was just a few people he would of just shrugged and kept on walking but for the entire village short of two or three people to look at him in such a cold manner it was just weird and he relay wished he knew the reason why. However it was unlikely he was going to get an answer just standing off to one side of the road, actually it was rather unlikely he was going to get any kind of an answer no mater what he did anyway so he decided to push that though out of his mind and continued on his way to the tower and the promise of free ramen.

Sarutobi had only just sat down to his first cup of tea when the sound of a scuffel reached his ears from outside his office door. This however was not exactly something new though he was wondering what the boy was doing here so early. It was only a few minuets latter the the double doors to his office burst open followed quickly by a flash of bright blond hair.

He had to struggle to hold back his smile at the small bundle of energy. "well now don't you think its a bit early to be braking in to my office Naruto?" he asked allowing a bit of the amusement he felt to creep into his voice.

Naruto just rubbed the back of his head and laughed at his own impatience. However remembering the promise of free ramen he quickly plastered on the most serous face he could muster. "It's never to early for ramen old man especially when its free ramen."he said with a nod of his head.

"Oh? And just where is this free ramen coming from?" asked the aged hokage eying the boy skeptically, this was hardly the first time the boy had tried to get free ramen out of him and if he indulged the boy every time he felt like ramen there he'd be bankrupt in a week.

"From you of course." replied Naruto as if it was the simplest thing in the world. "you promised remember? You said that when I finished the book you gave me you would buy me as much ramen as I could eat." A bit of a white lie on his part, in truth he had only promised him two bowls but he was hoping that the old man had forgotten that little detail.

"Oh, did I?" he seemingly asked himself. "that really doesn't sound like me, are you sure you didn't just imagine that?" the look of horror that had appeared on the young blonds face was priceless and it took all of his many years of shinobi training to keep a strait face.

"No! No, I remember, you promised to buy me two cups of ramen if I finished the book you gave me. You cant just forget and leave me ramenless it'd be a crime against humanity I tell you, a crime!" the blond yelled out at the top of his lungs.

"well now that you mention it I do seem to recall something about promising two free bowls of ramen to someone, but I thought you said I promised you as much as you could eat?" replayed the kage with feigned confusion in his voice.

"ah well … you see … its just that … I meant to say two bowls but … I was so excited about finishing the book you gave me that I just said the first thing that came to mind." Naruto couldn't help but congratulate himself on that recovery.

Sarutobi couldn't help but smile at the boys recovery. The ability to lie for a shinobi was an important one and though sooner or later he was going to have to put the fear of god into the blond about lying to him for now it was good practice and even if it was only subconsciously he was getting better, directing the conversation away from his lie to another topic was not something you saw in most four year old's. "Oh, your finished already, well that is impressive, I can see why you would be so excited and make a small slip of the tongue."

Naruto let out a breath he hadn't realized he'd been holding. "yea, it was kinda difficult at first but the stories are sooo exciting that I just couldn't put it down." the blond said with an infectious smile on his face.

"well I'm glad you enjoyed it so much." replied Sarutobi with his own smile. He really was happy for the boy he saw as his own grandson. "but tell me what was your favorite part hmm?"

"uh ..." Naruto wasn't sure how to answer, his favorite part was when ever Sylvanas or one of the forsaken where talking but they weren't really in the book all that much. Finally he decided, "I liked the last story the best, the one with the evil knight." Naruto answer with some conviction in his voice.

"really? When I was little I always liked the one about the white knight that fought to protect his home." said Sarutobi honestly.

"You mean you read the same stories when you were younger?" asked a somewhat awed Naruto.

Sarutobi could only chuckle at the small boy standing in front of him. "yes, in fact that book I gave you use to belong to me when I was younger."

"Wow that's so awesome." said the little blond in wonder at the fact that the book that had quickly become his most cherished possession became even more so. However it was at that point that he realized that he had almost forgotten about the entire reason he had come. "wait a minuet, I know whats going on here! Your trying to distract me so I'll forget about the free ramen you promised!" yelled the blond pointing an accusing finger at the hokage.

"no no Naruto its nothing like that." lied the aged kage, after all if he was going to let the blond bundle of energy in front of him get away with lying then it would hardly be considered fair if he had to tell the truth.

Naruto looked at the old man suspiciously for a moment before replying quite happily. "Than that means we can go now right?"

sweat began to form on his brow as he tried desperately to come up with something that would placate the boy well also keeping his the majority of his money safely in his wallet. Oh he knew he had promised to only buy the blond two bowls of ramen but he hadn't lived this long as a ninja by being a fool. Two bowls would soon turn to four, four would become eight and before he knew it he have to sell his house just to pay Naruto's ramen tab. However it was in this moment of desperation that inspiration struck. Yes it was genius, he simply send one of the many chunin of to get two bowls of takeout then the little ramen vacuum wouldn't be able to order more and leave him with the tab, but it would take time he'd need to distract the boy long enough for said chunin to get the ramen. One quick glace at said bond told him he'd need to come up with something quick or his plan would be for not. Again inspiration struck, he was really on a role today. "That sounds like an excellent idea Naruto, however I still have a few things to do here firs," as expected the child was about to protest rather loudly. "however," he quickly exclaimed. "I think there might be another book of stories in my library just down the hall. I'm sure that by the time you find it that I'll be more then ready to buy you your TWO bowls of ramen, I'll even let you keep the new book as well seeing as how you finished the first one so fast."

the way the boys face lit up at the though of more stories like the others was truly a heart warming sight the some one who had seen far to much of the world like himself, he only wished that he had a chance to see it longer. After no more than a second tops the blond was quickly rout his office door.

it wasn't long before the blond was staring in awe at the room filled to the brim with books of all sizes. He had never been allowed to the public library so for him the sight of so many book was more then enough to take his breath away. However it wasn't long before a though crossed his mind. 'how am I ever going to find the book the old man was talking about.'

so tentatively he slowly approached the first stack of book he saw. 'lest see, advanced economics for dummies, I don't think so. 101 uses for sword polish, he didn't even own a sword let alone polish for one. Ichi ichi paradise, that title didn't even make sense.' this process continued on for some time until he had reached the far wall, and there hidden between two bookshelf's was something that had finial caught his eye.

"personal journal of Master Apothecary Faranell" he read aloud. It had taken a moment for him to remember just why that name had sounded so familiar. One of the characters had made a passing reference to him in the last story of his book, well it had actually been about some one call master apothecary Fara but he chalked that up to someone making a mistake. Tentatively he grabbed the book noticing that it had a very thick covering of dust and flip to the first page to see if it really was the same person. It was, or at least he thought it was but either way right there on the first page was was Faranell's name and under that was neatly printed 'humble servant to the dark lady of the forsaken Sylvanas Windrunner'. He was ecstatic he had only hoped to find a book with a few more references to the forsaken and here he had found one all about them. Quickly securing his prize inside his jacket he quickly made his way back to the old mans office, the promise of free noodles ever present in his mind.

Naruto was in less then a good mood as he made his way into his small apartment, the old man had tricked him. He must of hid the book there just to keep him busy long enough for him to order out for his ramen. 'oh well at least the day wasn't a total bust' he thought to him self as he reached in to his jacket and pulled out the dusty tome. Deciding to shove the fact that he had had to limit himself to two bowls of ramen he quickly walked in to his room, made him self comfortable and started to read his new book.

'Personal journal of Master Apothecary Faranell humble servant to the dark lady of the forsaken Sylvanas Windrunner' he idly noted that that who ever had written this seemed to of put a lot of effort into making Sylvanas's name much more elegantly done then the rest of the words.

'I write this in the hopes that it need never be read, but even as I write this I can see the future our people slowly dieing off, dieing off, oh the irony of it, if I could still laugh I'm sure I would be doing so now. However now is not the time for whats left of my sense of humor to rear its ugly head. No time is short and there is much to be said. But perhaps I am being hasty, you, who every you are, though I do hope you are not a human, cursed creatures that they are, oh how I hate them, every thing about them, the mere thought of them … excuse me, once again I have let what feelings I have left get in the way of something far more important then my personal feelings. In any case what ever you may be you now hold in you possession what is likely one of the few remnants of our once great civilization. How ever, depending on how long this tome has be lost, misplace or locked away your knowledge of our great race may be severely lack and no doubt any record of myself would have been forgotten long before that. So allow me to introduce my self. My name if Faranell, don't bother to ask about my last, I honestly can't remember. In any case I was once, pained as I am to say it human, but beyond that I was once a wizard of Dallaran, do not worry if you have never heard of such a place its nothing more than a crater in the ground now anyway. In any case my life there is of no importance to our present discussion, my death however is. I have no intention of boring you with the pointless details of my death, suffice it to say it was rather quick and not altogether unpleasant. But that cursed monster Arthus had apparently decided that that was not to be. Before I continue I fell I must truly express the extent to which I hate that man which I find difficult as all the words I can think of pale in comparison to my utter loathing of him, however now in this moment of clarity I think I can finally put my utter hatred of the man in word, yes, I think I can safely say that I truly hate that monster even more then even humans, more then the entire human race put together. But enough of that, in any case my death was not to be and soon after I rose as one of the mindless scourge, for some one of my intellect this was truly a living hell. However eventual Arthus's control began to weaken and soon I was free of his control. However for obvious reasons my rebirth had left me … well lets just say my body had seen better days. It was shortly after this however that I meat my future queen, my dark lady … it was at that moment that I knew that I would gladly dedicate my un-lifes work to what ever she wished. And so I did up until the end I toiled tirelessly for her, but alas in the end it was for not, I was unable to fulfill her dreams and now I fear it is to late, that not even, dread as I am to even say the words, a miracle could save us now. It was all that traitor Putress's fault, may he find never ending torment in what ever lies beyond deaths door, with his betrayal came the eyes of the world baring down upon us and not even we could keep our secrets from them all. The horde have abandoned us, the alliance now march up the gates of our great undercity and I fear that not even the power of our … of my dear Sylvanas will be enough to see us through. So now, whoever you are, you now know of the fate that most likely befell us and knowing those ignorant humans as I do I have no doubt that what you hold is most likely the most complete set of records, research notes , biological samples (held in suspended animation in a heavily enchanted page at the end of the book) as well as my own notes and the notes and diagrams from all the other experiments the Royal Apothecary Society has been working on over the years. This information is far from complete but time is short and this is all we were able to gather. To you I grant all this. It is yours now to do as you wish with.

P.S. If you are human I hope you kill yourself along with your entire foul race with the knowledge this book contains.

All Naruto could do was stair down at the book in his hands, his four year old mind racing, trying to understand just what he had read. It had become obvious to him that this was not simply some fairy tail, that this Faranell was once a real person. He quickly flipped through the pages of the book only to find that it was filled it pictures and words he could barely pronounce let alone understand. His head was starting to spin it was just to much to take in at once. Finally after a few minuets of hyperventilating he was able to regain his senses. Looking down on the book he had accidentally dropped on the floor in his confusion he couldn't help but smile a bit. Sure he honestly had no idea what even a forth of the words in the book where but he was willing to learn them if it meant he could under stand more about this Faranell guy and besides he had always wanted a secret all his own and now he finally had something worth keeping to him self.

Quickly he grabbed the book and gently placed it on his night stand before rushing of to grabbed some paper and pencils. 'OK, so I got this really cool book but can't read it, how can I fix this?' he questioned himself.' before scribbling down all the ideas that popped in to his mind.

'well I could just show Hokage-ji but I want to keep this my secret so that's out.' he scratched his head trying to think of something else. 'well there's always that other book that's full of words and what they mean but I don't have one of those. Maybe I can get the old man to get me one, yea I can just tell him some of the words are too tough for me and ask for that other book.' So with a plan firmly in mind he quickly turned back to the journal.

"well I might not be able understand the words but I can at least look at the pictures." he said to him self as he slowly flip through the pages. At first he was shocked and more then a bit disgusted when he saw that most of them were pictures of dead things, however about half way through the book he found a picture of something that well decidedly undead was much better looking the the last few. It was of a tall woman standing in a dimly lit room, thought that only seemed to make for dark red eyes shine all the brighter (I'm not going to go into detail about whats shes wearing and the like, you should all know what sh looks like, if not just google it).he also noted that well all the other pictures in the book were no where near as well done. It was also then that he noted the caption under the picture, 'lady Sylvanas Windrunner.' 'so this is what she looked like.' he though to him self as he looked the picture over again.

This was how he spent the next few hours, flipping through the book looking at pictures and trying to make out some of the words. Soon however he noticed that it was getting dark out and he wanted to get up early the next morning. So with one last look at the ancient book he gently placed it on the table beside his bed and quickly drifted off to sleep never noticing the soft laughter that was resounding in his own mind.

The great fox had to consciously stifle its laughter lest it be discovered by the boy, but it was difficult. To think his container had been the one to make such a find, it was almost to good to be true. Just the thought of what the boy could do with this knowledge, he was almost glad he had been sealed inside the boy, well almost. But in any case he was sure that none of the other could ever hope for a potently more entertaining host then him. But that was the problem wasn't it, the situation held such promise of death and carnage but every thing hinged on the boy and what he did. He had contemplated calling the boy to him but rejected that, it was too risky the little hairless monkey could be frightened off and if he appeared to endorse the boys studding then he might stop just out of spite. Unfortunately there was not much more he could do from behind the bars of his cage. The best he could do was increase the amount of his chakra the leaked into the boys system. Regrettably the little flesh bag was still young and pumping too much in to him would likely result in both their deaths, no it would have to be a very small amount. Just enough to enhance the boys darker emotions. This plan was risky too, if the boy's emotions changed to fast people might become suspicious and and a quick look at the boys chakra would be all they would need to tell that he was up to something and he truly did not want to think about what would happen then. So with plan in place the great fox slowly closed his eyes and imagined all the death and suffering his host would bring to the world. Slowly a smile spreed across his face, this really was going to be amusing.