The Forsaken

He still wasn't entirely sure just how the old man had convinced him that this was a good idea. Sure the ability to defend himself had merit and learning how to use chakra even more so. But the idea of having to spend a good portion of his day stuck in the academy was a serous bother, he shuddered to think just how much his own study's were going to suffer because of it. But there was always the chance he might find some one to be friends with and in truth that was probably the only reason he had agreed to anything in the first place.

It had been almost a month since he had had that conversation and now it was the first day of the new school year. And so he found himself walking along the streets of Konoha, something he had been doing less and less the past few years. Unfortunately it seemed that the villagers feelings towards him had not changed in his absence as he could still feel the cold looks they shot him.

But he could admit they no longer hurt as much, mostly do to the fact that as the years had gone by and he had cloistered himself away from the rest of the village the need for their acceptance had lessened and the drive he had once put into getting their attention redirected. But he was honest enough, if only with himself, to admit that he was lonely.

However his thoughts soon came to a halt as he approached the front of the large academy building. The reason he stopped however had nothing to do with the building its self but with the large group of people standing outside of it. Now Naruto could proudly proclaim that he was no fool, after all he was currently in the process of rediscovering scientific theorems forgotten for kami only knows how long, so he was sure that making his appearance here and now would probably not be for the best.

Noting that the large group of people didn't seem to be going anywhere any time soon he decided to look of a side door. Luckily with a building this large there were a number of door and it had not taken him long to find one.

It after a few minuets of fruitless searching he was finally able to locate the school registry and find what room he was suppose to go to.

It was the first day of the new semester and Iruka was probably just as nevus as his new students. This was going to be his first year as the lead instructor instead of just a teacher assistant, not to mention that he had more then a few clan heirs in his class, But he at least thought he was a good teacher and was determined to prove that he was a more than capable of the job.

And it was with that thought in mind that he began preparing his new classroom for the flood of young people that were about to descend upon it.

He had just finished going through some of the lesson plans he had been working on for the past few weeks when the sound of the door opening caught his attention. Now he knew that class would start in only a few minuet but it was still very rare for some one to be early on their first day of school. But far be it from him to discourage one of his students from arriving early, so he plastered his patented teacher smiles on his face and turned to great his firs new student. However he was forced to stop dead at the sight of the young boy standing in the doorway.

It wasn't what he was waring, though even in a shinobi village it was rather odd to see a new academy student wearing what looked like a modified lab coat with an anbu style shirt and paint combination underneath. Nor was it the boys far to pail complexion. No what had stopped him from even noticing these things was the fact the the container of the Kyuubi no Kitsune had just walked into his classroom. And well he had gotten over most of his anger over the incident all those years ago it was a completely different thing to see the personification of a natural disaster walk into his class.

But he quickly put a stop to that train of though. He was a teacher and as such prided himself on being smart enough to not let his emotions get the best of him. Well the boy was the jinchuuriki of the nine tailed fox that didn't necessary make them the same person. And so, with a bit of effort, he regained his composure and addressed his student.

"Hello, my name's Umino Iruka but in class you'll call me Iruka-sensei or just sensei." he said congratulating himself on keeping his cool.

"Uh, hi. I'm Naruto, Uzumaki Naruto. I guess I'm a little early." The small blond said a bit more sheepishly then most kids his age but Iruka was sure that would change once he felt more comfortable with him.

"Well then Naruto seeing as your the first here I guess you get first choice of seats." Said Iruka as he waved his hand over to the side of the class where the students would sit.

The blond just gave him a curious look before looking over the rest of the class. "Thanks? Anyway it was nice to meet you Iruka-sensei." The blond said a bit unsurely before making his way over to one of the desks at the back of the class.

Iruka could only give his new student a momentary glance before the sound of a number of feet in the hall indicated that the rest of the students would be arriving soon.

It had not taken long for the rest of his classmates to file in. And well he was no expert in reading people, even less so on how strong they were, he could already tell that, well he might be smarter then most people in the class, there were a lot of people here that could kick his ass with out much trouble.

'Well that's what happens when you devote ninety percent of your time trying to figuring out the mystery's of a lost science' he thought to himself.

But still it was far to early to start making any kind of judgments about them, other then the fact that most of them were far to loud for his tastes. Though after only five minuets he was fairly sure he could at least point out the ones that were at least taking this somewhat seriously.

First there was the other boy that had taken a seat close to him in the back. He wasn't sure what his name was but he was plenty easy to spot, the fact that he was waring sunglasses inside made sure of that. Also the fact that he was probably the only other person in the room that wasn't chartering inanely also won him huge marks in his book.

There was also another boy sitting in the front row. He may not of had a vary good view of him but at least he was talking at a much more reasonable level than most of the other kids.

Unfortunately those two were the only two examples he could find of what, he at least though, student learning to be assassins and thief's should be like. Then again he had been basically living in a cave for the past two years and up until a few months ago had never even though about becoming a shinobi so what did he know.

However before he could go back to studying his classmates the teacher, Iruka if he remember right, he hadn't relay been paying attention to the man when he had introduced himself, seemed to of decided that the rest of the class had had plenty of time now to socialize and made a motion for the rest of the class to stop talking. However the rest of the class seemed to of simply ignored him as they continued to talk, only a few stopping their conversations.

It was then that Naruto would recall that he witnessed his first jutsu, genjutsu if his guess was right. "EVERYONE SIT DOWN AND STOP TALKING!" It was a moment that would stay with them all, the very first time they witnessed the 'Demon-head jutsu'.

After that it only took a few seconds for all the talking to stop and for everyone who hadn't already done so to find a seat. This had the unforeseen effect of providing Naruto with a neighbor to the seat to his right. Giving the person a quick glance he noticed that she had blond hair, though a much lighter shade than his own.

"Good. Now that were all in our seats I'd like to welcome you all to your first year at the Konoha shinobi academy. Now then before we start I think it would be a good idea for all of us to introduce our selves seeing as were going to be spending so much time together." This got a few groans from some of the student but for the most part everyone kept their thought to themselves, the image of the 'demon head jutsu' was still fresh in their mind. "Now seeing as how I'm going to be teaching you for the next four years I'll start. My name's Umino Iruka but in class you'll call me Iruka-sensei. I like going to Onsen and my goal is to make you all the best ninja you can be. Now why don't you start us off." He then pointed the person in the front left desk.

For the most part he zoned out through most of the introductions though there were a few that caught his attention, though some of those were more due to the decibel level than the actual content. But he had at least learned the names of some of the people he though he might be able to become friends with. Namely the boy he had spotted earlier siting in the front, a Sauske Uchiha. Though he sounded a bit arrogant, thou so did most of the other boy in the class.

He was also able to get the name of the boy with the sunglasses on, Shino Aburame. And although he probably only used five of six words to introduce himself he had certainly striked Naruto as someone he wouldn't mind spending some time with.

However due to his distraction from trying to analyze the other student introductions he had failed to notice that it was his turn. "hem!" Iruka loudly cleared his thought. "Naruto its your turn to introduce yourself now."

'Stupid brain always over thinking things' he cursed, 'now everyone's going to think I'm a moron.' "Ah, right. My names Uzumaki Naruto and I like learning new things. As for a goal … well I'm still working on that." He had been mostly truthful, he did like learning new things and as for a goal he couldn't really say that he wanted to surpass Faranell as an apothecary.

It was then however that a loud voice cut into his mental conversation. "Ha, ' I like learning new things' guess we found the new teachers pet!" yelled out the boy with the small white puppy on his head. This of course garnered it intended effect as most of the class started laughing out loud.

"philistine." Naruto muttered under his breath.

"what the hell did you call me!" Kiba yelled at the top of his lungs.

"I called you a philistine you philistine." He replied as calmly as he could but the loud idiot was making it rather hard to keep his temper in check.

"What the hell kind of insult is that! Its not even a word!" he shouted back with a bit of smugness in his voice. "I guess that makes you the idiot now doesn't it having to make up words you really are a moron!"

Now that had most certainly been the last straw, no one insulted his intelligence. "It is a word you 'moron'." he bit back scathingly. "Though I should apologize for using such a big word, it was obviously presumptuous of me to of assumed that your obviously underdeveloped brain could handle something as complex as basic language." That had shut him up, though it was probably more out of confusion than anything else.

It was then that he noticed that the eyes of all the other people in the room were staring straight at him. 'well fuck, so much for first impressions.'

"Alright you two that's more than enough! Kiba don't call your classmates morons and Naruto I don't care what someone calls you yous shouldn't call them a philistine." Iruka used the lull in the argument to put a more permanent stop to it. "Now then, seeing as we've now all been introduced I think it would be good to go over just what you all can expect to learn over the coarse of the year. First we'll be working on you basic skills, reading writing and the like until your all up to par. After that we'll move on to history, the shinobi code as well as some of the theories that will help you to master the jutsu that you'll be learning next year also you will be introduced to some of the basics taijutsu and weapons use."

It was all Naruto could do to keep from groaning. Honestly if this was all they were going to learn then there was vary little point to coming at all, except for maybe the taijutsu. Well he wasn't sure just where his skills were compared to other kids his age he could confidently say that as far as reading writing and the other basics were considerably higher then anyone else in the room, well maybe not the Iruka's but even then he would bet that they were close.

"So then, just so I can get a sense of just what level your all on, I'm going to be handing out a small quiz and don't worry it doesn't count toward your grade it just to help me decide what I should teach first." Iruka quickly added as he could see that most of his students were about to voice their opinion about having to take a test on their first day.

It only took a few minuets for the sheets of paper to circulate around the room. Unfortunately one look at was more than enough for Naruto. Honestly this was just sad, the entire thing consisted of the most basic questions he had ever seen. 'really now '3 + 4 + 8' is that really the level we're suppose to be at at our age? 'For the love of good this is completely useless, hell it wouldn't of even been hard to turn this into an algebraic expression just throw an X and the answer in there somewhere.'

This just wasn't going to do. Now Naruto had no desire to show off but this test was an insult to his intelligence and as Kiba had just found out, he was not about to stand for that.

About an hour had passed before Iruka had instructed the class to hand in their work. This process too only took a few minuet and as soon as Iruka was sure that he had them all he quickly dismissed his class for their morning brake.

This was definitely unexplored territory as far as Naruto was concerned. The grounds behind the academy were rather large, consisting mostly of open ground and a few trees around the fence that encircled the entire area. However it was the sight of so many kids running around playing with each other that had left him flat footed.

It had been years since he had done anything that could be called playing, not to say he hadn't enjoyed himself but even he knew that studying the property's of the plants that grew around the village couldn't be considered playing, though he found it endlessly fascinating. And even before he had started his studies he had never played with someone else.

Now, well he had no desire to go running around like some manic he was hoping that he might be able to find someone to have at least an intelligent conversation with. And so, with at least some kind of goal in mind he moved over to the edge of the academy grounds where it was relatively quiet and had a good view of the rest of the playground.

It was then that he noticed one of the other kids from his class, Shino, standing by himself over by a large group of trees. Deciding that the quiet boy was really the only choice he had that wouldn't involve him running around like an idiot he started to make his way over to him.

As he got closer he noticed that the other boy seemed to of found something interesting on one of the many bushes in the area that they were in. It was only when he was standing directly behind the boy that he noticed he seemed to be studying some kind of bug. "red flower beetle I think, but I'm no expert." offered Naruto.

Shino turned to look at him with raised eyebrows. "Actually its a cockchafer but they do look similar." A bit of astonishment creeping into his voice.

"Ah, well like I said I'm no expert. I'm Naruto by the way." he greeted hell holding his hand out.

"I know, were in the same class remember and I heard you introduce yourself there. However it would be rude not to reintroduce myself, my mane's Shino." And with that he took Naruto's hand in a firm shake.

"Nice to meet you. So your interested in bugs I take it?" asked Naruto hoping to start a conversation with at least some intellectual merit.

Naruto once again found himself along with the rest of his class mates back in their classroom. This time however he was siting by Shino. Well he wouldn't call the other bot a friend yet he was at least interesting to talk to, though it soon became apparent that he focused most of his study's on entomology.

"Well class, after going over your test I think I can safely say that your all exactly where you should be for your age group, just a few weeks polishing off some of you basic skills and we'll be able to move on to something new." Iruka called out once every one took their seats. "Now everyone take out your text book and turn to page 12, we'll start on ..."

It was at this point that Naruto stopped listing. He had given the page a quick look and discover that he already knew all the concepts the page covered. 'well I sure that there's far more productive things I could be doing with my time than this.' He thought to himself. It was then that he though of one. So propping the book up on his desk so the teacher wouldn't be able to see him he put his head down on the desk and fell asleep.

The rest of the day had continued on in this fashion. He would sleep, or if the wasn't possible just work on his own stuff during class and during the breaks would hang out with Shino.

It was now the end of the school day and he was itching to get back to his club house, he had a lot of studying to catch up on, though thankfully due to all the sleep he had gotten through out the day he was definitely planing on going to bed much later then he normally would of.

However it seemed that his plans were going to have to wait. "Just a moment Naruto." called out Iruka just as he was about to walk out the door.

Thankfully he had been the last person in the class so there was no one else there to make fun of him, which reminded he he still owed Kiba back oft that insult at the start of the day, 'maybe a paralytic in his lunch.' He though to himself. However he did not have long to ponder his revenge as Iruka garbed one of the sheets of paper on his desk and held it up for him to see.

"Now would you mind explaining all this to me?" asked Iruka.

In all honesty he had completely forgotten about the quiz they had done that morning. "Oh that, well it was way to easy and I was bored so I spiced it up a bit." It really wasn't much, a bit of basic algebra here some harder word problem there, really even with the little tweaks he had added the quiz had still been painfully easy.

"Spiced it up a bit?" Iruka asked incredulously. "In just this test alone you've already proven that you know all of the first year curriculum in both math and language and I'm willing to bet that if I tested you in all the other subjects I would get the same result."

Wow, he hadn't expected that. Sure he was smart, but there was so much more out there for him to learn, hell he was sure that he was years away from learning everything he would need to really begin to understand all the things Faranell talked about in his journal.

"In fact I was thinking of skipping you ahead a year, of course I would have to test you on all the things that you would be learning this year to make sure, but if this quiz is any indication I don't really think that there's going to be much I will be able to teach you this year." said Iruka with a bit amazement in his voice.

Ok, now that had surprised him. Getting skipped ahead a year after only his first day, well he knew he was awesome but it was nice for someone else to see it as well. Still that kind of thing had a way of getting people to notice you and he had learned from an early age that nothing good came from people noticing him. "Wow that's really cool, but I think your over-exaggerating there Iruka-sensei, yea I know I'm smart but my physical skills aren't all the great and I'm in no hurry. So thanks but I think I would just like to stay where I am for now." It was true too. He had no taijutsu to speak of, he had never even held a kunai let alone thrown one and besides the sooner he became a fully fledged ninja the less time he would have to work on his own skill set.

Iruka was giving him an unreadable look before he simply nodded his head. "Well alright, if your sure but if you ever change your mind let me know and I'll see what I can do. Anyway, I think I've kept you here long enough now. So I'll see you tomorrow." And with that Iruka gave him a kind smile and sent him on his way.

It was when he had run outside that he realized his mistake. He had completely forget about the crowed of people that were gathered around the front door. Unfortunately it would seem that all the people that had been there that morning had decided to return.

Popping his collar and trying to make himself look as small as possible he began to wade through the crowd of people hoping that they would be too caught up in their own lives to notice him.

Unfortunately this was not to be, even as he was making his way threw the crowd he could begin to hear the whispers and feel the cold look they were sending him. Even worse he could begin to see some of the parents point him out to their children and well he couldn't hear what they were saying he was sure that the chances of him making any friends had just dropped significantly.

Deciding that there was no point in trying to go unnoticed any more he began to move as fast as he could, quickly braking out of the sea of people he ran as fast as he could in the direction of the hokage monument.

It had not taken him long to make it back to his hide out, though he really should just call it his home he spent almost ninety percent of his time there and it was much more comfortable than his old apartment.

It had taken a lot of time and effort to get the place back in proper working order though it had been more than worth it. All the lights now worked, though he hoped he never had to fix one again getting electrocuted really sucked. The same went for all the doors in the place, even the clear plastic ones. He had even been able to get the seals that kept the place locked working again, thankfully they had just run out of chakra. He was also thankful to the previous warden, he had left what amounted to the places instruction manual in his desk, so now he was the only person that could open any of the doors.

However the biggest change was the what use to be a bunch of empty rooms and cells were now housing all the equipment Faranell had left to go along with his notes, he had also been able to grab some old equipment from both the hospital and the research center.

But his favorite Part of the whole complex had to of been the old wardens office. It had actually changed vary little since he had found it, all he had really done was clean up the dust and move in all his book to the bookcase on the wall. But the reason this room was his favorite was the large set of windows in the back wall that let him look out over the entirety of the main floor, a much easier task with all the lights working again.

It was here that he spent most of his time, mostly studying. And it was here that he was now just sitting thinking about his first day. To say he was not impressed would have been an understatement. Well the teacher had seemed nice the curriculum alone was enough to convince him he would not be spending anymore time there than necessary. Then there were the other student, well he though that he might be able to make a friend out of Shino the rest were hopeless in his opinion and that was before their parents had even gotten to them he was sure that by tomorrow they would all be acting like Kiba.

Over all he was not looking forward to the next time he decided to show up. But that was just his life and he had gotten use to being alone a long ago. Still that didn't mean that he had to like it or take it lying down for that matter. But the question then became how the hell was he suppose to change their opinions about him, especially if he had no idea why they hated him in the first place. Still there had to be something.

It was when he glanced over to the old journal that the thought first crossed his mind. ' well I bet if I turned them all into a bunch of walking corpses they would stop looking at me weird.' He thought to himself with a laugh dismissing the idea as a joke. But after sitting in his comfortable leather chair for more then two hours and being unable to come up with anything else he decided that he might as well give the idea a bit more consideration.

It was now almost four in the morning and he was still going strong. He had only started doing this in an attempt to get the idea out of his head so he could think of something else but as the minuets turned to hours the idea only got stronger in his mind. And now he was starring down at his desk covered in a number of papers all covered in what at first glance looked the the sprawling writing of a mad man. But there it was, he could see it there in the jumble of ideas and theories, there was the barest out line of what had to of been the most complicated, convoluted and utterly insane plane that had ever existed.

He was sure that somewhere along the line he had lost his mind completely because only a mad man would ever even consider a plan that had so many holes and depended on thousands of variables. The entire thing depended on so much happening just the right way that the chances that this would work were so small as to be practically zero.

But still knowing all this he just wasn't able to throw the idea away. Sure it had its problems and there was a lot of risk, but just the thought of it actually working sent a shiver down his spine. He wasn't entirely sure when it had stopped being about getting the village to accept him, but now somewhere along the line this had morphed into a way to make everyone else feel like he did, alone.

The realization that he had even been able to contemplate doing something like this let alone actually follow through with it scared the living hell out of him. He may not of been vary found of other people and he was even willing to admit that he had become a bit arrogant from all these years of studying things the rest of the world had no idea had existed, but over all he still thought of himself as a good person. But there staring him in the face was almost incontrovertible proof that that belief had been wrong and for the first time in his life he actually thought that maybe the villagers had been right in ostracizing him.

'No that can't be right even when I was younger they still treated me the same way. No this is their fault, they made me like this, its all their fault' he thought to himself. It made sense to, well he wasn't vary good with psychology and that kind of thing he was sure that prolonged isolation, isolation like he had been living in all his life, could not be good for someone. And it all made sense then that he might of become a 'bad' person so to speak, but they had made him that way so really they had no right to complain if he decided to follow through with his insane plan.

In any case it was getting late and even with all the extra sleep he had gotten during class he was still tiered and ready for bed. And so with one final look to the mess of papers that adorned his desk he turned the desk light out and got up and walked to the door that would lead the the room he had converted in to his sleeping quarters. But before he closed the door he gave his desk one last look and was sure that he would not be at the academy in the morning.


sorry it took me so long to get this out, we lost power a week or so ago and I lost everything so this is actually the second time I've had to write this chapter, that with a healthy dose of writers block and I hope you can understand.

Anyway as you can all now see Naruto dose indeed have a plan on what hes going to do (which means so do I, kind of) and yes he has just lost a few of his marbles but really what sane man would try and turn every one into a zombie.

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