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The Fifth Enforcer

1, shock and rescue

"Alright, we all ready?" Kalin asked his team. They were all wearing tattered, sleeveless, brown jackets, they all had black leather bands around there arms.

"You bet." Crow replied.

"Let's take them down." Yusei said.

"These lot should be fun." Jack said. The four of them walked into the abandoned bowling alley, which was the hideout of a rival duel gang. The instant they entered, several members of the gang came up to them fists raised. They were wearing jackets that looked like white riding jackets, but the sleeves had been torn off, they all had a 'H' surrounded by fire tattooed on their left arms, just below the shoulder. "Get out, you fucking enforcers!" One of them shouted.

"What do you think guys?" Kalin asked.

"No." The rest of his team replied. The rival gang members charged at them. The Enforcers easily took them all down.

"Alright here's how it's gonna work." Kalin said. The enforcers threw cables with cuffs on the end. They locked on the rival gang members dueldisks. "The losers dueldisk is destroyed." Kalin stated. The Enforcers easily beat each rival gang member. "Spread out, search every corner." Kalin ordered. The enforcers searched the building, defeating every rival gang member in sight. Yusei came to a door locked by a rusted pad lock. He tugged at it a few times to find it was quite secure. He looked around, and noticed that one of the unconscious rival gang members had a bunch of keys hanging out of his pocket. Yusei took the keys, and tried to find the right key to unlock the pad lock. He soon found it and the pad lock opened. As Yusei opened the door, he expected to find the rival gang's stash. Rare cards or other things. But what he found was much more shocking.

It was a girl, covered in cuts and bruises. She was tied to some steel pipes on the side wall. The tiny room was dark. Her meadow green eyes were dark, her wavy, light brown hair was tangled, and she was pale white and skinny. She had clearly been here a while. She looked about the same age as Yusei, give or take a few months. "Yusei what are you doing?" Kalin said. Yusei didn't reply, the sight of the girl was shocking. He knelt down in front of her and stroked her pale white cheeks. The girl snapped her head away, only to cause herself pain from the bruising on her back and neck. "It's Ok, I'm not going to hurt you." Yusei said quietly.

"Yusei, we need to move, we don't know what these bastards have..." Kalin trailed off when he reached Yusei and saw the girl. "Jesus. I knew these guys were bad, I didn't think they were this bad." Kalin said. Yusei undid the ropes that held her wrists to the pipes. The girl fell forward, and Yusei caught her before she hit the ground. He turned her over and laid her in his arms. Kalin gently ran the back of his over her face. The girls eyes opened a fraction, instantly filled with terror. "Chill out, it's ok." Kalin said, that didn't calm her down. Kalin stroked her face again, the terror started the leave her eyes and they fluttered shut. "Drop her, she belongs to us!" Someone shouted. Yusei and Kalin swung round and saw two more rival gang members. "I knew you lot were fucking bastards, but this is a whole new level." Kalin said coldly.

"What do you care? She's just a brat that we picked up, but we don't intend to let you have her, she's ours." The gang member stated. Kalin gave them a death glare. "Yusei, take her to the hideout. I'll deal with these two." Kalin said.

"Ok, see you there." Yusei replied. He scooped the girl up and headed for the exit. But it was blocked by another rival gang member.

"Where'd you think you're going?" He snarled. Yusei glared at him. He put the girl down carefully, threw his cable that locked on to his and the gang members dueldisk. "If you had any sense you would have just stepped aside." Yusei said. He won the duel with ease. But the gang member didn't feel like giving up, he tried to punch Yusei, but failed as Yusei kicked him in the head, knocking him clean out. Yusei picked up the girl again and left the building. The enforcer's hideout was an old four floored office block, which overlooked coast. On a very clear day, you could see New Domino City.

Yusei carried the girl up to fourth floor and into a room, which the enforcers had set up as his room. It was quite light as the sun was coming in from the smashed window. Yusei laid the girl on the camp bed, before going out briefly. He came back in carrying a small first aid kit, a clean rag, and some water. The girls eyes fluttered open again. "Hey." Yusei said softly. "It's alright." He looked at her wrists, which had several cuts, bruises and friction burns on them. No doubt from the ropes. Yusei put the rag in the water. "This is gonna stink a bit." He said. Not sure if the girl could hear him. He gently dabbed her wrists with the wet rag, which cause her a wince a little. Yusei bandaged them before sitting in the edge of the camp bed, the girl looked up at him. "Haven't caught your name yet." Yusei said, as he started to clean her face. "Roxanne." she murmured.

"Nice name. I'm Yusei." Yusei replied. He noticed she had blood on her torn shirt. Pretty sure it was hers, Yusei was about to move her shirt to look at the damage, when Roxanne flinched again. "Don't." She said barely above a whisper.

"Don't worry, I'm only going to have a look." Yusei said. Before Roxanne could say anything, Yusei moved her shirt up to her under bust. On the left side of her stomach was aged wound, in the shape of an 'H' which probably stood for Hell-riders, the name of the gang the enforcers had taken out today. "Bastards." Yusei whispered, He tied another bandage around her waist and stomach. It wasn't deep enough to need stitches, but it would probably leave a scar. He looked back at Roxanne's face and saw a tear roll down her cheek. Yusei moved up to her and wiped the tear away, before caressing her face, guiding her to look him in the eyes. "Don't let that get you down, there never gonna so much as touch you again." Yusei stated firmly but gently. Roxanne turned her face away. Yusei pulled her back to his gaze. "I mean it. Me and rest of the guys aren't gonna let them hurt you anymore." Yusei stated. Roxanne gave him a half smile.

Crows distinctive voice could be heard from outside. "Those fucking bastards, just as well we got them good."

"Speak of the devils." Yusei said. "I'll be right back." He told Roxanne and he left the room. He went to the top of the stairs and saw the rest of his team. "Hey Yus, is Kalin being serious here, about this girl?" Jack asked.

"Unfortunately, yeah." Yusei replied.

"She alright?" Kalin asked.

"Quite bruised, but she'll live." Yusei replied.

"So where does she live?" Kalin asked.

"Don't know, haven't talked to her much yet." Yusei replied.

Roxanne gazed up at the cracked ceiling. 'What do I do now. I don't have a home to go back to. Those bastards destroyed it when they took me.' Her eyes started to feel heavy, and she simply didn't have the strength to keep them open. She was asleep the instant her eyes closed. "Well I don't know about you lot, but I vote for food now." Crow said.

"Would Jonny's still be open?" Jack wondered. Jonny's was a small back street joint that sold fairly good food, at a fairly low price.

"Should be." Crow replied

"Bring me something back won't you." Yusei said.

"Sure Yus." Kalin replied and they went off again. Yusei went back to Roxanne.

"Hey Roxanne I..." He trailed off when he saw her asleep. 'Wow, she falls asleep quick' Yusei thought. He took a blanket from the side and put it over Roxanne. This was the first time that Yusei noticed that she was quite cute. Even with a battered and bruised face, she still had a sweet face. He went into a room that was missing some of the wall. In the room was a desk, with a map of the satellite on it. There was also a torn and tatty couch at one end. Yusei looked at the map and squiggled out a section with a black marker pen that was the area that the Hell Riders controlled.

In the town centre, several business were still open, including Jonny's. They walked up to the counter. "Hey Jonny." Kalin said. Jonny was about 20, quite tall with dark skin and hair. "Hey you guys, where's Yusei." Jonny replied.

"We ran into snag today." Kalin said.

"Is he ok?" Jonny asked, thinking Yusei had been beaten up or something.

"Yeah, he's fine. It wasn't him that got, got." Kalin replied. "Right what do you guy fancy?" Kalin asked Jack and Crow.

"Just a crump burger." Jack said.

"I'll have the same, extra large fries though." Crow said. Jonny had their orders ready in a few minutes.

As the group walked back their hideout, they cut through a dark alley. That was when the Hell Riders struck. They jumped down from a one floor building and surrounded the enforcers. "You bastards not had enough?" Jack said. The leader of the gang stepped forward.

"No we haven't." He said.

"You didn't even get anything the first time, you scurried off like a school girl earlier." Crow said.

"We've already proven that you lot are idiots, morons, bustards and losers. So why don't you go scurrying home if you know what's good for you." Kalin said coldly.

"I don't think so. Hell Riders, get them!" The leader ordered. The Hell riders attacked, but Kalin, Jack and Crow had experience in this kind of situation and they managed to get away. But their escape was short lived as more Hell Riders were waiting for them around the corner. The rest of them caught up, making the enforcers outnumbered, 12 on 3. "Not so tough now are you little sons of bitches." The leader snarled.