5. Payback time

The enforcers took their positions. Crow was the bate, (much to his announce) Roxanne was already in the building, while Jack, Kalin and Yusei were ready in there hiding places. They knew how the Hell Riders and the Jets would play this, and the Enforcers had worked out how to get them. It was a Jet that spotted Crow first, and instantly sounded the alarm. Crow was on the floor of the main hall in less than 2 minuets, with nearly every hell rider and jet surrounding him. "Like you and the rest of you asshole enforcers don't have some sort of scheme up your sleeve." Falen hissed.

"Why would you think that?" Crow asked teasingly. He could see Roxanne on the railing above them, she had a chain in her hand, and the other end extended out of a high window, along with another chain. "Look you short bastard, you're gonna tell us what you got planned or you ain't gonna get out of this building alive!" Falen shouted. Everything was ready, Roxanne gave Crow a nod to check that he was ready. He gave her a look that said yes, and Roxanne started the fall and she held very tightly to the chain. "So are you gonna…" But before Falen could finish his sentence. A fist came slamming down onto the back of his head. Roxanne grabbed Crows wrist, and they went back up, as the railing that Roxanne had been standing on came down, taking out at least another dozen Hell riders and Jets. The main door to the room, suddenly blasted open, and Kalin, Yusei and Jack walked in. A lot of the Hell riders and Jets were still out cold, so the enforcers made light work of the ones that remained. Crow and Roxanne came back down, "And that Lady and gentlemen his how you do that." Crow said.

"We're not out yet Crow, we've still gotta check the rest of the building." Kalin said. There were more than they thought, but all the hell riders and Jets were taken out with style. Except 1. The leader of the Jets. He was on the roof when the enforcers came up. "If I were you mate I'd give up. You don't stand a chance against all five of us." Kalin stated.

"Who said I was on my own." The Leader of the Jets stated. More Jets came out of their hiding places. There were at least 15 of them. "If you beat all of these guys then I'll duel yo..." The leader of the Jets didn't finish his sentence.

"I play speed warrior!" Yusei shouted.

"Trap card activate, and you're out!" Jack stated.

"Sorry bastard but duels done." Roxanne stated. Much to the leader's horror, all of his gang were already beaten. And in less than five minutes all of the jets were beaten. Kalin threw his cable at the leader and beat him in just a few turns and his duel disk was destroyed.

Outside the enforcers high fived each other. "Hopefully now they'll stop, bugging us." Crow said. They went back to the hideout, and had a good pig out. "To be honest I thought that was a bit lame." Jack said.

"Oh boy, this gonna be a five minute rant Jack or the full half hour." Crow said.

"I don't have half hour rants." Jack stated. The others just sniggered. Jack huffed. "But they were lame, it was easy to take them out." He said.

They were all getting food from Jonny's, when Crow whispered to Roxanne, "So how's it going with Yusei?"

"Fine, but keep it to yourself." Roxanne replied.

"Will it me a fist in the face if I don't?" Crow asked.

"Fist in the face, probably a knee in the groin, a fist in the gut, and probably another fist in the face just for good measure." Roxanne replied. Crows face look horrified. "And yes I have a hard fist, if you want to know how hard, ask Falen." Roxanne replied.

"So who's next?" Jack asked.

"You're ready to go already?" Crow said.

"What those hell riders and jets were crap." Jack replied.

"How about that magicians gang?" Kalin said.