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We, the Loyal
By Silver Sailor Ganymede

Dolores Umbridge does not like the way that other people see her now. Those mudblood loving fools are making her seem like a traitor, a woman whose ambitious nature made her betray and eventually destroy everything around her.

Dolores won't agree with that. She can't agree with that. She is nothing if not loyal.

Everything Dolores has ever done was done for love of her world, not a want to destroy it. She is loyal. This new regime of mudwallowers and half-breeds is going to destroy her beloved world, sell them out to the muggles, obliterate thousands of years' worth of culture and knowledge just to placate the filthy mudblood minority. She would rather Azkaban.

The Dark Lord had the right idea. He wanted to protect their world from those filthy muggles, just like she did. Even as her colleagues tell her she has to repent for what she did, claim she was under the Imerpius, claim she was forced to say what she said and do what she did, she won't do it. She won't. She is nothing if not loyal.

Dolores Umbridge was a Hufflepuff. Everything she did was motivated by loyalty to and love of her world. She was never a Slytherin, never impossibly ambitious and conniving. She got where she did through good, honest, hard work, just like any good, honest Hufflepuff would. There are no good, honest Hufflepuffs now: they have all been brainwashed by the people want to ruin their world. Their children have been corrupted despite her best efforts to ensure otherwise.

Dolores is loyal. She has been loyal to them since the day she was born, and now they want to punish her for that loyalty. They will punish her not matter what she says, so throughout the trial she keeps her silence. She will never break that silence, never let them force her to repent for doing the right thing.

Even when they send her to Azkaban, Dolores can't feel anything other than satisfaction. She is loyal, she will always be loyal, and no matter how hard the new order tries to oppress them, there will always be others out there who are loyal to their world. Always.