Ok, this is an idea i've had for a while now. Bear with me, the first chapter is kinda slow and not very torchwood-y...

but rest assured, it will be torchwoodified as we go a long :)

And yes, it is mary-sue ish and lame, but that's what makes it fun :L Im sure everyone wishes something like this happened to them...

This book belongs to Caitlyn Llewellyn; I am currently 16 years old (and 7 months).
I wonder, what is it that compels people to start all journals like that? It's kinda monotonous, but I guess it is brief and to the point...
Still – what's the point of introducing yourself in a diary if it is private. No one but you will read it and I surely hope the person writing it knows the information already... well they must know it to write it in the first place... I wish I could stop over thinking things. It makes my head hurt :(

That's the reason my mam decided to give me this silly little diary. With my A-levels and all that coming up she thinks I'm over worked and stressed... which is true but I feel like I have been since I was about 8 so there's no surprise. I think she thought I'd like this book because it had a puppy on the front... he's kinda adorable in a gangly way. Roger. He looks like a Roger. Well Rodge, I guess this is for you...And my mam, so I can 'de-stress' and 'vent,' her words.

10th June 2010

Well here goes... queue teenage melodrama:

That now makes the fifth consecutive day that I've walked into the common room, said "hello!" to my so-called-friends, and they've just completely blanked me. I mean, I was genuinely being friendly and I haven't done anything to offend them... but all I can merit is the partial head bob and then they go off to their merry conversations like I never existed.

I was ill for one day... and it's like that's the chance they've been waiting for to completely exclude me. That was the day they chose to make all their 'in jokes' and then that was all they could talk about for days on end. Obviously I could take no part in discussions based on events I had no part in to begin with. So I did what I always do, stuck my head in a text book. Who needs friends when you have physics...right?

Of course in doing so I just got myself into a vicious circle... as I avoided the first set of in jokes I missed out on the creation of the new ones... It seems all friendships consist of nowadays are really trivial gossip and giggling over... well over what I can't tell you – I wasn't there. I miss the good old days where you were friends with the kid who had the pokecards you wanted. I had a rare shiny mew.

Oh, just overheard Hannah is having a party for her 17th birthday. A meal at Nandos, and then back to her's while her parents are away. It's on Saturday... Just realised I'll be missing some good TV but for once I really don't care; this could be my way back into the group. There's no better place for in jokes than when everyone is off their face on WKDs... then taking into consideration I try to stay relatively sober at these such events, I'll remember them all the next day. And Sam is going. Score.

Turns out I'm not invited. 'Yeah, Caity, you know I would love you there... it's just my Mam said no more than 25 people and well... yeah you understand.' I invited her to go to Oakwood Park for my 16th when I was only allowed 5 guests... and I don't make it into her top 25 people? Cow.

That's it - I am now officially replacing my friends with this journal. I've had more face time with it in this half hour of writing than with all my friends put together over the last week. I'll write down all the things I have no-one to tell. Oh, I like that. Sounds deep – like a tortured artistic soul or something. Ha, me artistic – not a chance. I'll settle with tortured soul. Blimey, I'm not normally this over-the-top. I think this journal is having a bad influence on me already.

Just had an idea when I should have been revising ReDox reactions... Maybe someone will find this diary well into the future and read it. That would be awesome. And even better it could be appreciated like Vincent Van Gogh's paintings were after he died... That reminds me – that was one awesome episode of doctor who... Of course, future person reading this journal, you might have no idea what Doctor Who is. Or even Torchwood – heaven forbid! So I'll have to keep those references to a minimum... a hard task I fear as they are my favourite TV shows.

Well I must wrap up this little entry. I am thoroughly bored and I never have last lessons on Thursdays. I was going to try and catch with people at lunch but I may as well doddle home now (on my own, sobs)

I don't have my last exam for a week so I'm going to take a chill day. I remeber seeing a carton of Cookie Dough ice cream in the freezer and I haven't watched Torchwood in ages (a week...ages!)

Fair well Roger.

10th June 2010 (later that day)

Well my plan went to pot. No more than 10 feet outside my own house I tripped and hurt my ankle. I've always had a dodgy ankle so I just planned to hobble down the pathway and find some ice and a bandage inside.

But something stopped me. It caught my eye just for a moment. Certain I tripped over my own two feet, I was surprised to find a box in the middle of the pavement. How hadn't I noticed it before? It was a shiny-purple wood, with the texture of oak but not varnished. I have no idea what wood it really was, I may not be a botanist but I'm sure oak doesn't come in lilac.

Wanting to get out of the cold and the rain that was beginning to spit at me (it is Wales after all...) I just picked it up and took it inside. Which isn't like me, I know I should have left it on the side for whoever lost it... it's awfully pretty, someone probably misses it. But I couldn't help it – I felt obliged to take it.

So I left it on my bed, wrapped up my sore ankle (ow!) and just looked at the box a while.

My conclusions:
1) The box defiantly is wood, but no wood I've ever seen
2) There's a carved inscription on the rim of the lid. I can't read it though and have no idea of the language... not welsh or English, that's for sure. And it's nothing else I vaguely recognise. Defiantly no letters I've ever seen. Maybe it's just a pattern... or alien! Like in Futurama or Doctor Who.
3) If I rattle it, it makes a shaky noise; there is something inside
4) It won't open

Well that was a fun investigation that lasted all of 10 minutes. I tried to pry it open but no luck. I'll have to ask my Mam when she gets home from work. She's an expert at opening the gherkin jar... so maybe this?

So now I'm sat on the couch, ankle in an uncomfortably awkward raised position. And we're out of ice cream. At least I still have Torchwood. Meat is a good episode to watch I think... I could watch some Kick Ass Ianto.

10th June 2010 (even later day)

Ok, technically speaking it's getting more close to early 11th July right now, it's 11.51

Why am I writing instead of Sleeping? Well let me explain. My Mam came home at five and booted me away from the DVD player. I only managed to watch Meat and half of Adam. At least I didn't have to watch Ianto be a murderer... that always terrifies me. But then again, I missed the forehead kiss! And I love the forehead kiss!

Anyway, after sitting through neighbours, before I finally decided to move, I limped upstairs and decided to do a bit of Chemistry revision after all. I last looked at the clock at 18.52 and must have fell asleep shortly after that...Because next thing I knew I was drooling over my text book and it had jumped about 5 hours. (Sleep is the only explanation, if you've seen pictures of people in textbooks you'll know firsthand they're not exactly drool worthy!)

Well, what woke me up? I'm kinda a heavy sleeper. So it wasn't my mum coming up the stairs after she'd watched whatever film she chose that evening. Nor was it the cold wind howling through the window I left open. I'd gotton so used to my hamster on his wheel it no longer disturbed my sleep at all. No, the only explanation I have is that it was that box. Remember i mentioned it was shiny? Well luminescent might have been the correct term as it was positively glowing! Really, really bright! Blindingly so. But it's still refusing to open. And my mum's now asleep so I can't ask her to open it. I'm not even sure if she'd be able to, it's kinda stuck tight. And I want to know what's inside.

So I'm writing this by the light of the box, pondering how to open it...

Crap! Pondering is now over. As I closed the journal I flipped the box of the edge of the desk. (it hit my bad ankle too, ouch!) Oh, and it broke. So on the plus side, I can now look inside. But on the bad side, I broke someone's pretty box. (and my ankle hurts worse than ever. It's kinda swollen, so it will be flip flops tomorrow!)

Why the hell am I carrying on writing when I could be looking inside the box? Wait... why did I write that sentence instead of looking? I think I have some sort of compulsion...

11th June 2010, At the breakfast table

Well that was odd. So I left this diary with my box in pieces, contents revealed. I was kinda gutted to be honest. There was just a small metal pendant and a note.

The pendant was rather pretty actually. A purple colour that complimented the box, it didn't look like expensive jewellery; more costume than anything. There was a purple studded design on the front and on the back there was writing, not dissimilar to that on the rim of the box.

Now the note, that's what was interesting. Surprisingly it was in Welsh! And more surprisingly I understood it... who said a C in GCSE was crap? Woo.

Anyway, back on to the note. It looked like it was written by some kid. It told me "well done for finding the box... make three wishes." At least that's how I translated it so it might not be word perfect. Or course, despite logically not believing in magic wishes, I tested it. I wished my ankle didn't hurt anymore (seemed logical and easy to test if it worked).

I can safely say it did not, so I went back to sleep. I felt tired. And upon smashing it, the box stopped glowing.

11th June 2010, Registratio

Thank god it's Friday

Well, I found a nice white t-shirt to wear this morning, but it looked kinda plain. So I thought I would jazz it up with the necklace I found. And it looked really pretty! Normally I suck at choosing accessories.

To improve my mood further, as I was at the spot where I tripped over yesterday, I realised my ankle stopped hurting. It was stiff when I woke up and getting ready but I guess I walked it off?

I have double maths today *yawn* And I sit next to Hannah so that will be kinda awkward.

11th June 2010, At Lunch

One hour till freedom.

I didn't really speak much to Han today. Not for lack of trying I must add. She's not interested in my conversations though. And I can't help but be annoyed by myself for being amazed by her new hairdo. I don't think she did much to it (I didn't feel like trying) It wasnt dyed or cut differently, but she always styles it so nicely. My brown bob always looks as boring as it sounds. The only times I can put it up nicely is when I'm not going anywhere! I wish I could look how I want, when I want! That would make my life great.

On the plus side, I got a few new compliments for my necklace. It's really sparkly too.

11th June 2010, At Home

Walking home today, I thought my hair was a state. It was all windswept and ew. But for once it didn't go frizzy in the rain; it actually didn't look half bad. Kinda wavy and chic... like it goes when I dry it, but after 20 minutes usually turns into a frizz ball. And I got a text from Sam. He was inviting me over to his tomorrow evening. I miss him. We went to primary school together and don't see much of each other now a days. A-levels and all that take up too much time. We'll probably eat pizza and watch doctor who. Good times. Funny how much nice hair and doctor who can cheer me up after a boring day at school! In fact, sometimes I wish the whole world was like Doctor Who... No, not just doctor who –the whole Whoniverse! If torchwood was real and I knew about it my life would be complete... ha. But it would have to be when Ianto was alive still!

12th June 2010, breakfast time

Weirdness just happened. I have no recollection of going to bed last night. In fact the last thing I recall is writing in here. But I just woke up in bed so I must have gone at some point. I'll ask my mum what happened last night, maybe I hit my head or something?
Time for me to have some Wheetos and to watch the end of Adam. Maybe I should stick to cornflakes... chocolate's not too good and I wanted to lose a couple pounds...

12th June 2010, later breakfast time

I thought I'd get changed before breakfast – and my jeans fit better than they have in weeks! I guess me missing tea last night and the night before helped! Ha. And my hair still looks fab. I look quite alright today... no spots, and slimmer...

Yeah, that's when it went downhill. All my torchwood DVDs have gone missing Maybe I left them downstairs when I watched them on Thursday and mam put them away... I'll go check.

12th June 2010, missed breakfast – frantic panic time

On closer inspection, I have 'misplaced' the following:
1) Torchwood Volumes 1-3
2) All my new-who DVDs
3) Ianto and Jack action figures
4) My team torchwood poster on my wall... how I did not notice that was gone is beyond me...

Something messed up is going on.