A Billionaires Daughter

Chapter 1: All grown up

It's the year 1938 in New York City. The little girl that you have learned to know and love is now getting ready to turn the big sixteen. Annie is now a grown teenager. She still has the same lovable qualities that we all still remember. Along with her sheep dog Sandy. With becoming a teen there are new responsibilities and changes that Annie must face. Annie has come quite a long way since she left Miss. Hannigan's orphanage many years ago. Now she takes on new adventures as a young woman. She will discover, love, heart break and what it is even like to lose something or someone very close to her at such a young age. Meanwhile Grace has a very special surprise to share with the house hold, but first she has to tell Oliver and Annie.

"Mrs. Pugh have you seen Sandy?" A tall, thin legged, short straight red hair girl asked. She had a lovely face with long eyelashes with dark brown eyes. The tall girl wore a royal blue tennis skirt with a white polo with a royal blue trimming around the collar.

"No I haven't dear." Answered a rather round lady who looked to be in her mid 50's. This lady was Mrs. Pugh who had always been like a grandmother to Annie.

"Get down." A man's voice came. It sounded as if he was being attack by something.

Annie knew that voice very well. Annie ran out the back doors to find Sandy jumping up on her daddy Warbucks. "Sandy get off of Daddy Warbucks." Annie commanded as she got down on her knee and called for her lovable dog. The dog came with his tail between his legs. "Now be a good dog won't you." Annie said to her dog as she pointed her index finger at him.

"You sure have that dog of yours under control." Oliver said as he walked up to his daughter.

"As I should I've had him for five years now?" Annie said with a laugh as she gave her father a hug. "How was work today?" she asked as they walked into the big three story home, that Annie had grew to love since the day she arrived over five years ago.

"Hard, aggravating like it normally is." Oliver said with a laugh as they walked through the double glass doors.

The home really hadn't changed a lot, more servants came and went. Annie's room changed colors more then she could count. She had a new favorite color every week. After a while she finally decided on a very light purple with white furniture. Along with the light purple walls she had many things hung around her room. All over her room there where pictures of Norma Shearer, Greta Garbo, Joan Crawford, Carol Lombard, Jimmy Stewart, Spence Tracy, Humphrey Bogart, Cary Grant and of course Clark Gable. He was the love of her lifeā€¦of course he didn't know it yet, but one day she would write to him and tell him herself.

"Mother wanted to see you in the kitchen." Annie said as they walked down a hall and made a left.

"Why?" Oliver asked with confusion written on his face.

"I don't know. I think she wants to see what we want for dinner." Annie said looking up at her daddy with a smile.

"New cook huh?" Oliver asked already knowing the answer.

"Yep you gust it." Annie said with a laugh. She knew and everyone else knew that when they got a new cook this was one of the first things that always happened.

They walked a little ways farther and through a small white door to find Grace and the new cook. "Good your home." Grace said as she walked over and gave Oliver a kiss. "I was just telling the cook some of the things we like to eat as a family for breakfasts, lunches, dinners and dessert." Turning once again to face the cook once again. Grace hadn't changed all that much, except for age. She was 37. She still had her dark brown silky hair, her thin little body and her lovely hazel eyes. "I think I've gotten everything. Let's see I've got homemade pancakes, wall falls, with bacon, eggs, juice, milk, coffee, biscuits and gravy, Eggs Benedict, lunch: I put meatloaf, beans and corn bread, sandwiches, dinner: chicken and noodles or dumplings, ham and potatoes and a few other things. Am I forgetting anything?" Grace asked facing her family.

"Apple pie," Annie and Oliver both said together while looking at Grace.

"Oh yes how could I forget such a thing." She said as she wrote apple pie down for the chief. Today had been a very hard and trying day. "Annie, did you get your homework done?"

"Yes I did." Annie said nodding her head yes. She had her homework done for an hour now. That was why she had her tennis skirt on. After she got done with her homework she went and played tennis with one of the trainers.

"Could you do mother a favor? Will you set the table? One of the maids is sick." Grace said as she walked around the kitchen.

"Sure." Annie answered as she went over to the third cabinet and took out the china and silver. Annie walked into the big wooden door to her right. Just beyond that door was the big eight person table with a lovely fire place that sat it off. This room wasn't used a whole lot, except only on Birthdays, thanksgivings, Easters, Christmases and New Years. Annie looked back at her mother and daddy.

While she saw her mother and daddy talking Annie wondered what all of this was about. She brushed it aside and sat the table with a smile upon her face. "I'm done, I got the table set." Annie answered as she hopped back into the room.

"Alright Annie, dinner will be ready shortly." Grace answered as she showed the cook where everything was.

"Alright, I'm going to go ride my horse." Annie answered as she walked out of the room. While she walked down the long lovely hall she could hear her name being called. "Annie."

Annie turned around to see Daddy Warbucks coming up behind her. "Yes Daddy, what is it?" Annie asked.

"I need to talk to you about something. Mind if I come with you for a ride?" Mr. Warkbucks asked as they began walking.

"No, not at all Daddy Warbucks," Annie answered as they walked swiftly to the stable. While they made their way to the big open yard Annie and Daddy Warbucks began to talk.

"Annie, have you noticed your mother acting a little odd lately?" Oliver asked his lovely teenage daughter.

"A little, why do you ask?" Annie wondered as they rode over towards a nearby river.

"I was just wondering, and making sure that I wasn't the only one that noticed." Oliver answered as he cleared his throat.

They looked out at the pretty valley when Annie spoke. "Race you back to the house!" She began galloping away towards home.

Oliver began racing after her. The horses began to go faster and faster still. A minute later Oliver was back at the stable, to find Annie waiting for him as she brushed her horse. "I beat you." Annie said with a laugh as she put her horse up for the evening.

"You got a head start that is why you beat me." Oliver answered as he did the same with his horse. They walked back inside the house and into the kitchen to find there was no Grace.

"Excuse me have you seen Grace?" Oliver asked the cook as he made his famous dish.

"She said she would be right back. She wasn't feeling too well of a sudden." The cook answered as he put a pinch of salt in his dish.

Oliver thanked the cook and went to go find Grace. He made his way through the big house and down halls to finally making it to his and Graces bedroom. Oliver sat down on the big king size bed waiting for Grace to come out.

Meanwhile Grace hadn't been feeling too well for the past few weeks. She had been getting sick every day. Her stomach always hurt and she began to feel very dizzy every so often. After going to the doctor and making many trips to the bathroom, Grace had finally found out what was wrong. She was very happy, but also scared. What would Oliver think? Would he like the idea? What would Annie think? Would she be able to adjust to the idea? The two of them would find out at the dinner. Grace looked in the mirror one last time and then made her way out into the big bedroom. She came upon Oliver who just happened to be sitting right there.

"Oh, you scared me." Grace answered as she made her way over to the bed.

"I'm sorry dear." Oliver answered as he took her hands in his. He kissed her forehead. "Is everything alright? You've seemrd rather scared and jumpy these past few days?"

"Oh Yes I'm fine." Grace said with a smile. But in truth she wasn't fine. She was scared to death on how him and there little girl would react to what she was going to tell them.

"Shall we go down to dinner I'm sure Annie is wondering where we are at." Oliver asked as him and his wife got up and headed to dinner.

"Why are we eating in here? We eat in here only on special occasions." Annie asked as she began eating her favorite dessert, strawberry short cake.

"Well I have something to tell you and your father." Grace answered as her heart began to race fast. She took a deep breath. "Something's are going to be changing around here. You see." Grace started she was so nervous that she didn't know if she could continue or not.

"Please continue dear." Oliver answered as he looked at his lovely wife of five years. Something seemed different he could see it in her eyes and hear it in her voice.

Grace took another deep breath and continued. "I'm going to have a baby."