"Why not, I mean looked at its adorable face, can't we get one please?" Elena whined but Damon was not too keen on getting a puppy.

"Ugh no. they smell, they need to be fed, they piss everywhere, and other crap I don't want to do" Damon said with a disgusted look on his face.

Elena put on the best puppy face and walked up to Damon as she placed her hand on his chest and looked into his eyes with a pout, "Pretty pretty please"

Damon was starting to lose the argument as he felt a shock throughout his body from her touch. He started to shake his head as he weighed the options. He wanted to make Elena happy but she was just pushing it. A puppy seriously, why couldn't she go for a lizard or something bad ass, she wants to go for a puppy, fuck!

"Elena, why can't we get something like a lizard or a spider? I mean I have a reputation to uphold and how would I look walking out the store with a puppy? "Elena backed away from Damon with her head down sad. Damon felt bad that he told her no, he thought she was going to start crying in the store when she started heading for the door. She was about to exit the door when he finally gave in a said "Fine. Damn it you can get the mutt!" Elena ran and jumped on Damon and kissed him all over his face "Thank you, thank you thank you!"

Damon was enjoying the attention, hmm maybe I should have yes in the beginning. Elena got down and tried her luck "Maybe we should get two so they won't be lonely?" He glared at her like she lost her mind, "Don't push the maybe baby?" Elena laughed and accepted the fact that at least she got one. While Elena was picking out her favorite puppy, Damon noticed Stefan and Bonnie walking outside he couldn't resist the urge to interrupt their evening. He walked out the door and stepped right in front of them

"Good afternoon brother, witch!" as he nodded and smirked at the lovely couple. They both looked away from each other at sighed at the same time "Hello Damon". Stefan looked at his brother then the dog store "Where you just in a pet shop?" Before Damon could answer Elena came out the store with the puppy in her hand, "What should we name it?" She then looked up to see Stefan and Bonnie, "Oh hey guys look what Damon got me?

Bonnie let go of Stefan arm and rushed to Elena side to pet the puppy. "Oh my god Elena it is adorable. It had the cutest blue eyes in the world" Elena rubbed under the puppy's chin and looked at Damon and smirked, "Just like his daddy"

Damon almost gagged on instant as he heard Elena's comment. Elena, Bonnie and Stefan couldn't help but to laugh at the facial expression on Damon's face. Stefan then turned to Damon and asked, "I thought you hated puppies?" He turned to Stefan and stated "I do but Elena can be very persuasive" and wiggled his eyebrows. Stefan glared at Damon when Bonnie interrupted "Stefan can we get one too?" she pleaded.

Damon couldn't resist the urge to laugh out loud and he did Bonnie and Stefan both glared at him. Stefan having a puppy, ha, that's a fruitful thought ha aha. I give it a week before he drains it dry. Stefan turned to Bonnie and replied, "Sure". Bonnie was about to jump for joy.

Elena walked over to Damon and put her arm around its waist why the puppy was in her hand cuddled into his chest. He looked down and couldn't help but to think that the puppy was kind of cute in a non fluffy girly way. "You ready to go?" she nodded and said bye to Stefan and Bonnie as they headed inside the store Damon smirked and added, "Happy hunting Stefan, remember puppies are man best friend not food!" Elena let out a little giggle and Stefan and Bonnie both glared at Damon with a disgusted look on their faces. He laughed and he and Elena walked away carrying away their puppy.

The End

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