As Emma spoke those words Amy felt a coarse shiver of familiarity and recognition surrounding them. This conversation struck a chord. It was significant to her for some reason.

"At night… I kept hearing voices, actually one voice. And to begin with, I thought it was just weird dreams I was having." Emma still deliberately avoided the mirror as she spoke, "It sounded like it was coming from the mirror,"

Young Amy's face lit up with excitement despite her friend's apparent distress as she quickly cut in, "I hear voices too! In my room, there's a crack in my wall and…"

"Do you want to hear this story or not… whilst I have the guts to tell you it," Emma cut in, rather sharply for her normal soft mannerisms.

Young Amy abruptly shut up not attempting to hide herself being disgruntled in the slightest.

"Okay, so I thought they were dreams, but still when I heard them for many nights in a row, I decided to get up and have a look," Emma's voice melted down into a whisper as she continued, "I went over to the mirror and instead of my reflection there was a girl looking out at me,"

Young Amy's face was concentrated, a mixture of curiosity and mild fear as the eerie silence again surrounded the girls.

"She kind of… looked like you. Same hair, similar face… but it wasn't you. I know it's not you. There's something that makes her completely different,"

Both Amy's appeared flabbergasted at this statement, unsure how to approach it.

Emma moved briskly on, as though she felt she ought to mention that part, but felt awkward about doing so.

"I'm sure she's watching us now," Emma's eyes flickered to the side, as though she was going to check for a moment, "She was okay to begin with, still creeped me out but, she seemed harmless, a bit strange though. Then she started to ask me to come into the mirror. I didn't want too. There was something not right about it. Something I wasn't certain of, it just wasn't right,"

Emma's head jerked in the direction of the mirror, but she quickly returned to facing Amy.

"She started to…threaten me. Saying she was going to take my little brother into the mirror, if I don't come in, and that I'd never see him again. She wanted friends to play with so I had to come in. But I always saw something glinting in her hand. I swear she has a knife or something,"

Emma looked exhausted after her long narrative. She just stared at Amy, worried at her response.

"Prove it… show me her and I'll believe you,"

Emma gulped, "I don't know if I can,"

Young Amy got up, walked over to the mirror, stood openly in front of it. Only Amy was reflected back to her, and not the strange creepy Amy lookalike that Emma referred to.

Emma slowly got up too and hesitantly inched towards the mirror.

She peered in as well. There was her own reflection, and Amy standing expectantly next to her.

"It's not her, She's not there," Emma sounded relieved, but there was a bit of disappointment surrounding her voice also, that she could not prove anything to her friend.

"Well then, I think you're just making up scary stories to scare me," Young Amy giggled picking up the action man and turning around to aim and toss it into the basket.

As she turned, her reflection remained stuck in place, stared at Emma and sneered.