Suicide Squad

Disclaimer: All familiar characters belong to DC or Marvel. I own Farrah/Persiana and Lance/Diablos. This story starts out after the end of Crimes of Passion.

Chapter 1: The New Squad

A red-haired teen in red tights and a red vest was walking along the hallways of what appeared to be an underground complex. His name is Roy Harper, the hero known as Speedy. Formerly of the Justice League and Titans East, the archer had been a mole for Checkmate, secretly monitoring the League's activities long before Farrah's arrival. Lance knew of this and kept quiet, but it all came out when Lian, Roy's daughter, was kidnapped by a deranged scientist. Getting kicked out of both teams, Roy has given up the identity of Speedy for a more…intimidating one for his new employer; Arsenal. He had been called in by Amanda Waller for an important meeting. What it could have been about was anyone's guess, but, with a woman known as 'the Wall' was concerned, it was something big.

As Roy walked in, his eyes widened,

He barely dodged a boomerang. As it headed near his head, he saw it get embedded into the wall. A voice shouted,

"Oi! Watch it, Red!"

The voice belonged to a man with curly brown hair, wearing a blue jacket and blue hat, with white boomerangs on it. His name was Digger Harkness, Captain Boomerang.

A woman shook her head,

"Leave the kid alone, Digger."

She was dressed in all black, had black hair, and a black eye mask. Her name is Eve Eden, Nightshade.

Roy looked at Captain Boomerang,

"You're one of Flash's villains! What are you doing here?"

Digger gruffed,

"The same thing you and the Shelia are. We're 'ere cuz o' th' Wall."

Nightshade sat back down and continued reading, pretending the fight never took place. Roy smirked and took a seat next to her,

"Hey, beautiful."

Nightshade turned and reared shadowy claws on her hands,

"One more come-on like that; and I'll banish your manhood into the darkness."

Roy winced and quickly stayed quiet in his seat.

After a few minutes of waiting, a heavy African American woman with short hair walked in, wearing a professional business suit. Her name is Amanda Waller, and she was known as the 'Wall' for two reasons; one, she was about as big as one. The second; no one, not even Batman, could intimidate her.

Waller looked at the three people,

"Let's get to it; you've been drafted."

Digger scoffed,

"Tell us something we don't know, Shelia."

Amanda shot him a glare, and the boomerang master quickly sat straight. Eve smirked,

"I like her already."

Amanda continued,

"As I was saying, you al have been drafted to work for Checkmate's newest, and most dangerous assignments. You are members of the Suicide Squad."

Roy thought this over for a minute,

"Wait, you mean, you're drafting super villains for this squad?"
Waller shrugged,

"Villains, volunteers, former Checkmate Agents; the list can go on."

Speedy shook his head,

"All right, but just who else is joining up in this little party of ours?"

Just then, a blonde woman stepped in. She looked to be an older version of Supergirl, and definitely more…buxom. Amanda looked at her,

"Power Girl."

Power Girl folded her arms,

"I still don't see why I'm here. I just want a rematch with Supergirl, her bitch cat friend, and her bitch Amazon." (1)

The heavy-set woman nodded,

"You were supposed to infiltrate and report on Lex's activities. You did your mission."

The blonde scowled,

"Did it include being cut up by a psycho were-cat?"

A man with a short crew cut and a black leather jacket walked in. He smirked,

"Well, nice to see some lovely ladies around here."

He slid next to Power Girl,

"Hey, gorgeous. Those real?"
The endowed blonde rolled her eyes and threw the man across the table. He landed and rubbed his head,

His hand began glowing and the earth started shaking. His name is Booker Washington, Major Disaster.

Waller shouted,

"Disaster, stop it now!"
Major Disaster's ability was he could create natural disasters using a specially designed armored suit. However, years of use eventually internalized this power, and he could create earthquakes, make volcanoes explode, along with a host of other abilities with his mind. Later, he found out he can increase the likelihood a disaster happens to a person or area by focusing his mind. He was also built like a tank, but one word from Waller, and he whimpered,


Once the earth began to settle, a black haired woman in a green shoulder-less outfit walked in. Her name is Cheshire, formerly a hired assassin. She specializes in poisons and acrobatics. She smirked,

"Hello, Roy."
Arsenal was stunned,

"Jade? What are you doing here?"

Jade shrugged,

"I can't see my old bed partner anymore? Too bad."

She traced a finger on his chest, purring seductively,

"I was hoping for another time in the sack. I've been working out, you know."

Captain Boomerang, who had been staring at the assassin's backside, nodded,

"It shows from this angle, Sheila."

Jade threw a knife right at the boomerang master's head. It missed, barely. She snarled,

"Don't even think about it, Digger. I'm here for my Roy."
She kissed him on the lips, and sat down, lustfully gazing at the former Titan.

Waller folded her arms,

"Now that we're all here; to business. The six of you have been selected for various reasons-."

Digger quipped,

"By drawin' names out o' bloomin' hat."
Waller glared at the Australian, to which he curled into a ball. Amanda continued,

"As I was saying, you six are selected because you all have a slight…gray area…when it comes to morals. We are here to do the things that the League would never dream of doing, mainly kill people that need to be killed."

She slid several folders onto the table,

"Your first mission is the retrieval of plans for an armor known as War Machine."
Roy nodded,

"I remember this thing. I fought it when I had to rescue Lian." (2)

Amanda Waller looked at her team,

"Let's go to work."

Next Chapter:

The Suicide Squad gets more than it bargains for when they come face to face with Ultron! Stay tuned for more, fellow readers!

(1) Happened in Justice League Persiana

(2) Happened in Crimes of Passion