Suicide Squad

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Chapter 10: Not One of Us Part 2

Roy was in his apartment with his daughter. Lian had her mother's eyes and hair, but she also had her father's looks. She was on the floor, playing. The red-headed archer was watching her play, but was also pondering about Jade. She was dead, and Roy did not know how to tell Lian what happened.

Lian looked up,

"Daddy, are you watching?"

Roy looked up to see his three-year old daughter roll on the floor and into a headstand. It seems she inherited some of her mother's acrobatic skills. Roy hoped she did not inherit Jade's self-centeredness or need to use people, or even her penchant for poisons.

Just then, his Squad communicator rang. He answered,


Power Girl said,

"Roy, we need you back at Squad base. We're under attack. Cheshire's-."

The other end was cut off. Arsenal sat in stunned silence. Was Jade really alive?

Meanwhile, at Squad baseā€¦

Nightshade had put up a shadow barrier around herself as Mirror Master launched an attack against the shadow user. However, with no light reflecting within the barrier, Mirror Master could not see his target.

Vision phased behind Mirror Master, solidified, and fired his beams at the Scottish villain. Mirror Master was hit and he went flying, but he fell into a mirror. The mercenary snarled,

"Oh, ye think ye're so tough, laddie? Try one o' these!"
He fired beams from the mirror at the android. Vision phased through the attacks.

Captain Cold and Major Disaster were squaring off. The disaster making villain shook his head,

"You aren't welcome here."

He began focusing his powers and was creating an earthquake. Cold shook his head,

"Not today!"

He was about to fire his cold gun when he dropped it. Major Disaster grinned evilly,

"Funny thing about my powers; I not only can create destruction, I can also cause disaster to people's luck too."

Cold picked up his gun and fired it. Instead, it backfired, freezing his arm in numbing cold. Of course, he hardly felt it,

"Fine, I'll just have to club you with this!"

He charged at Booker, hoping to inflict some sort of damage.

The Top and Cheshire were both taking on Power Girl. The blonde heroine shook her head,

"You disgust me. You faked your own death and for what?"

Jade shrugged,

"I just never could follow orders, you know. Too much of a hassle."
The Top began spinning at high speeds again. The last time he did, Power Girl was hit hard and her ear piece fell out. The Top cackled maniacally,

"Look into my eyes. Let the world spin with vertigo and mayhem!"

Power Girl slammed a massive fist into the ground, causing the spinning Rogue to coil his long arms around his legs and trip him, causing him to fall flat on his face. Cheshire shook her head,


She threw a gas grenade. The grenade exploded, enveloping the blonde powerhouse in a sickly green gas. Jade grinned,

"Kryptonite gas. Especially effective on you, bitch."

Suddenly, Cheshire was caught in a net. She hissed,

"What is this?"

Arsenal, with his trusty bow and arrows, shook his head,

"I still can't believe you're still alive. You want to destroy the Suicide Squad, Jade. Why?"

Jade hissed,

"Why not? I've had it with being a government pawn! I've had it taking orders from someone I never liked! I've had it all! I want out, and this is it!"

A gun cocked behind her head. Waller said,

"You want out? All you had to do was ask."

She fired, hitting Jade at close range, in the back of the head. The assassin was down and dead for certain this time.

Dr. Alchemy called in,

"Captain Boomerang; are those explosives in place?"

Digger said,

"Yep, get us out now!"

With that, Mirror Master smashed his mirror and, grabbing a few shards, got the Rogues out of there. Top shouted,

"What about me?"

An arrow found his neck.

Waller called in,

"Oracle, are you there?"

Barbara nodded,

"Yes, Waller. What is it?"

"Bombs have been planted in various locations throughout the Base. You need to guide me to the bombs and help me disarm them."

Nightshade ordered,

"Roy, evacuate the personal here. I'm going with Miss Waller to stop the bombs."

The two groups separated to perform their separate tasks.

In the next few minutes, Roy, Booker, Karen, and Vision managed to get the people evacuated out of the Squad base and labs. Karen looked over with her X-ray vision, trying to find Waller and any of the others,

"Waller's still not here. Dammit, what is taking so long?"

Just then, explosions started rocking the base. Vision hardened his density and shielded Roy from the explosion. Booker and Karen huddled close.

When the base was destroyed, the four emerged from the rubble. The Suicide Squad base was decimated. Arsenal looked around,

"Amanda! Amanda!"

Vision ran a scan,

"I do not detect any living life forms in the area."

Power Girl shook his head,

"Other than Top and Cheshire, there aren't any dead bodies around here."

Oracle called in,

"Guys, it's me. No sign of anyone else there but you and the survivors."

She paused for a moment before adding,

"I think it's time we meet up and discuss our next move."

Roy nodded,

"Right. Where are you?"

"Meet me in Metropolis. It's one of the Squad's safe houses. Call me when you get to town."

End of Adventures of Suicide Squad, but not the end of the Squad.