Titans Miami

Disclaimer: All familiar characters belong to DC. I own any OCs. This takes place after Crimes of Passion.

Chapter 1: A Typical Day in Miami

A husband was checking on his wife and his son before going to bed. It was a peaceful evening in Miami, Florida. The sun had already set, and the air was somewhat mild. Not humid, but there was a definite presence of moisture. The house was not lavish, but it was big, and it was well-maintained. This family was well off financially and had not an enemy in the world.

That changes tonight…

It was about midnight when the wife awoke. She said to her husband,

"I heard something."

Her husband shook his head sleepily,

"Just the wind."


This time, the husband and wife were wide-awake at the voice. They both looked up and saw a man in a dark overcoat and hat. Although there was nothing descriptive about him, there was an overwhelming sense of fear coming from the intruder.

The wife said,

"What do you want? Take the money and jewels, just don't hurt us."

The intruder shook his head, murmuring to himself.
He took his hat off, revealing a white mask and frazzled hair. He removed a knife from his sheathe and the husband and wife screamed.

The Next Morning…

A blonde teen with brown eyes, glasses, and dressed in a suit with a blue tie was surveying the crime scene. He looked at the mangled bodies,

"He struck again, Risk."

A muscular teen with blue eyes and blonde hair groaned,

"This guy's getting worse."

Headway nodded,

"We have to find out his next move. Risk, you and I will process the scene and-."
He just got a telepathic alert,

"The girls found more of the rogues."

Risk looked up,

"Should we help them, Seymour?"
Seymour answered,

"No, but they will get help from two other heroes."

Meanwhile, at a hotel in Miami…

A red-eyed young man and a white-furred young woman were lying in bed naked. They had just finished making love. The red-eyed young man is named Lance Marlo, the hero known as Diablos. The woman with him is his girlfriend, Farrah Willows, the heroine known as Persiana. The two were taking some time to recuperate after the horrifying ordeal with a symbiote-esque monster that took over Farrah. The feline heroine could still remember the pain she caused.

Farrah woke up at that moment and her eyes glowed green in the dark. She stretched like a cat and looked at her boyfriend. She smiled and thought about the pervious night's…activities. The lioness was having her first serious relationship she had in a while. Persiana carefully slinked across her boyfriend's sleeping body and gently placed her head next to his. She purred and gently placed an arm over her body. She inched closer, and carefully brushed up against him, her tail coiling around one of his legs.

Lance awoke at that moment and noticed his feline girlfriend staring at him. He was a bit surprised and tried to get up, but Farrah prowled on top of him,

"Calm down, lover. I'm not going to bite. Well, not yet, anyway."

She purred and tilted her head slightly,

"How are you feeling this morning?"

The red-eyed hero smiled,

"Happy. Happy I'm in love with you."

Farrah growled seductively,

"You are so delicious sometimes, it's scary."
Lance still had a lot of his old scars back, but he winced in pain as he held his back. The demonic-inspired hero felt new ones that had just begun to heal. He shook his head,

"You're very…enthusiastic."
Farrah nodded, smiling,

"Aggressive is more like it. Then again, that's not my only feature."

Darting out of the sheets, she perched on the edge of the bed, meowing for attention. Lance sat next to her and stroked her mane, to which the lioness crawled across his lap and lazily stretched out. She could feel Lance running his fingers down the length of her spine, and the former Avenger smiled,

"I'm also very flexible."
Lance picked her up, which surprised her. She managed to look at him and he said,

"We've been cooped up here for a while. How about something to eat?"
Persiana was going to protest, but her stomach growled. She narrowed her eyes, mockingly threatening,

"I will get you for this."
Lance then smirked evilly and playfully threw his girlfriend on the bed. She shouted in laughter,

"Lance, when I get out of this, I'm gonna kill you!"
She felt one arm go behind her back as he laid down on top, whispering,

"I'd like to see you get out of this hold."
A sickening crack was heard and Diablos saw his girlfriend wiggle her free arm out, contorting it in a way that seemed impossible. She slipped out and got to the other end. She looked like she was ready to pounce when something caught her eye. Farrah said,

"Lance, look."

The hero sensed this was not a joke, so he turned. He noticed smoke in the distance, coming from one of the buildings. He said,

"There's trouble."

Farrah began,

"I know we're supposed to be on vacation, but…"

She saw him in full costume, complete with the sword. Farrah sighed,

"I'll get my costume."

Next Chapter:
As Persiana and Diablos rush to the scene, they encounter a new group of teen heroes; Titans Miami. Stay tuned for more, fellow readers!