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Alice's POV

Today I got married and it when to perfection, today I begin a new life with my Jasper. I was going thru my stuff when I saw a small blue velvet box with a note attach to it, when I open the box I saw a necklace with a star charm attached to it, it was so beautiful I was holding the charm in my hand when I started the note…

Dear Alice:

I really don't know how to begin this letter, but I'm realizing that we have been best friends for almost 9 years. This brings me happiness in my life because having a friend like you is the best thing that ever happens to me. Thank you for been my sister and my best friend I wish you the best and lots of happiness in you new life with Jasper. Today you got marry and I'm happy to say that I know that he will make you happy and I know that he is the man of your dreams.

Thank you for your wonderful friendship, which I treasure with my life. Thank you for been there me like I've been there for you, we made each other stronger by supporting each other. You're the best sister ever and I'm proud to call you my sister even though we are not related. Thanks to you, I got the courage to tell Edward what I feel for him, and trust me I couldn't do it without you.

I'm super extremely honored that God put you in my life because without you trust me I would be a mess right now. I know that we sound like we're a couple or something like that but the truth is that you brought all of my dreams to life with your beautiful friendship.

Sis, I wish you the best and I hope that all your dreams come true because you're an amazing person who deserved the best on this world. Again thank you for been my SISTER BY HEART! You're the best ever…

Love you, your sister

PS: I hope that you like the charm, they're two actually. I have one and you have the other one, if you turn it around you'll see something engrave on the back, mine says Heart. Enjoy!

I had tears falling down my cheeks, turn the charm around and read Sisters by, I put the necklace on when I saw jasper standing on the door with a concern look

"Are you okay, Ali?" ask Jasper

"Yes, I'm okay" I said "I'm just reading a note from Bella"

"Oh… and why are you crying?" said Jasper

"Here" I said as I hand him the note

I watch Jasper read the note and saw a few tears falling from his eyes.

"She's an amazing person, you're so lucky to have a sister like her" said Jasper as he hugs me

"Yes, I'm" I said

Bella was truly my sister and I know that no matter the distance or anything we'll always be sister.

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A/N: The letter that Bella wrote to Alice is actually a real letter that I wrote to my best friend/sister and I gave it to her the day of her wedding along with the charm. The only difference is that her charm is a star and mine is a moon.