Fox out of Time

Chapter 01

By: MikeJV37

Author's Note: I don't own Naruto or anything from it, only this idea and storyline.

-Oct 10, 9:09 AM, Business District, Naruto Age 5-

I usually avoided everyone on my birthday, for some reason the beatings were always much worse if they caught me today. I forgot to bring some food though and had to go get some... well, steal actually. I could usually outrun them or just get away, today though, and I don't know how, I got distracted and missed my usual turn off and went down the wrong alley... a deadend, and for me that could become true. I looked towards the open end of the alley and saw the fruitstand owner, a tall thin guy with short dark hair, a woman with long brown hair and huge boobs I'd bumped into, she crashed on the tall guy's fruit stand, and a younger woman with black hair to her shoulders and big boobs, she was with her teenage daughter who looked just like her, big boobs and all, I'd borrowed the bag of cookies the girl just got from her mom and they were all really mad at me. I'd wolfed down everything but the cookies, those were in my pants pocket where I'd just now stuffed'em. The good thing was that the mob was much smaller than usual. I knew how to fight... well kinda, I'd learned from spying, and personal experience, that it isn't just how hard you hit or kick someone, it was where you did it. For guys that was easy, I'd lost track of how many angry moms during a mob beating punched, kicked and grabbed me between my legs screaming about making sure I never had kids or got near their daughters. Luckily I heal really fast. I've seen couples doing the naked dance, as I called it, and some late night research at the library told me what they were doing. Sure it was kinda weird at first, but they liked it, and if it hurts guys it should hurt girls, based on the books I saw, I wasn't the best reader, but I got the idea, I did know you could hurt boobs, that I'd found out myself crashing into a woman a couple months ago, my hard head smashed it against her chest, she was too hurt to chase me, she just cried and held her boob. It was pretty funny really, it was kinda like when I guy gets hit in the nuts. The guy I know I could beat, I could get close and kick him in the crotch easily, but the 2 women and the girl could be a problem, mainly because 1 of the few things I'd learned was that guys don't hurt girls... I knew ninja could beat up and even kill enemy kunoichi, but I wasn't even a student yet... so that was out. As they passed the only thing in the alley, an open dumpster, the guy stopped and pulled a pipe, 2 boards and what looked like a plunger handle with the sucker thing broken off. He had the pipe, the women had the boards, and the girl had the handle. Now I knew I was doomed if they surround me, a shot from behind and I might never wake up... NOW I was scared. I backed up all the way to the end of the alley, about 40' but there was enough sunlight because the buildings were only 2 stories but far enough back that you couldn't see anything from the street, even at noon, they moved in, weapons ready to bash my head in, they got about 10' away, my heart was pounding in my chest, I got a splitting headache for a second and threw my arms out in the 'stop' positions, palms forward, felt a surge of power run through me and yelled stop as I shut my eyes. I stood there a full minute before I noticed all sound had stopped and they weren't beating me

Deep in Naruto's mind, Kyuubi smiled sadistically. 'This was unexpected, but should be fun.' Kyuubi thought.

Naruto opened his eyes and almost fell to the ground in shock, they were frozen mid-step, he looked closely and saw that they weren't even breathing. "What the..." He said confused, then walked carefully up to the guy and touched his arm, he didn't react. "This is really weird... but if they are frozen I can do anything I want and they can't stop me." I said then began laughing.

-A Moment Later, Thier Point of View-

They were suddenly all nude, knees and faces on the ground, hands tied behind their backs and feet together with their clothes... and the weapon each was carrying was now shoved up their butt and Naruto was gone. They began screaming their heads off in agony and humiliation.

A couple miles away, at that same moment, Naruto was in his apartment laughing his ass off.

-Aug 25, 3:12 PM, Academy Main Hall, End School Year 1, Naruto Age 6-

(A/N: this next part was written my Lord of the Land of Fire)

Naruto and the rest of the class were looking at the class rankings. "How are you number one? It doesn't make sense! You're a clumsy idiot!" Sasuke growled, he was the number two student.

The number one student merely grinned at him. He LOVED the attention he was getting from people for his great performance. It was sooooo much better than getting in trouble playing pranks. "Maybe I'm just a genious teme."

"Hey!" Sakura yelled furiously. "Don't you dare call Sasuke-kun that!" As she usually did she tried to punch Naruto, and as usually happened Naruto dodged and tripped her so she landed on her face. And yet AGAIN her shorts for some reason slipped down revealing her teddy bear underwear.

"I see you went with bears today." Ino said with a smirk. "I liked the puppies better."

As the whole class began to laugh at her she hurriedly pulled her shorts back up. "Why does this keep happening to me?" She wailed. "I'm going to start wearing pants and a belt!"

Naruto grinned at her. "Somehow I don't think that will help much."

(End of his part)

-Aug 29, 10:48 PM, Uchiha Compound-

Naruto walked past the frozen Uchiha and turned into Fugaku's home office. Walking behind the desk he started going through the drawers. "There has to be something interesting in here I can use against Sasuke-teme to knock him off his high horse... what's this, a false bottom?" Naruto said, opened it and took out a thick manilla folder, when he opened and started skimming through it he froze, almost dropping it, his face turned cold. "Traitorous son of a bitches!" Naruto yelled, slipped the folder into one of his jacket's large inner pockets, put everything else back where it was then left and immediately sprinted across town toward the tower, restarting time half a block away.

-11:04 PM, Outside The Hokage Tower-

Naruto stopped outside the front door when a female ANBU with long purple appeared.

"Its closed, come back in the morning... you should be in bed anyway." She said.

"This won't wait until morning, I have to see the old man right now, this is very important." Naruto said strongly, trying to be polite.

She looked at him closely, she knew it was Naruto and could tell this was very important, he hadn't pulled any pranks in almost a year. "If I wake him and this isn't urgent, you understand how much trouble you'll be in Naruto." She said strongly but calmly.

Naruto wasn't really surprised she knew who he was, he knew it was common knowledge among the ANBU and Jonin he was close to the old man. "Hai, now please go wake him up."

"If this is a prank I swear to Kami you'll regret this. Go to the waiting room." She said sternly as she touched the handle of the katana on her back then vanished into the shadows..

"That was subtle." Naruto said dryly, then opened the door and went in.

-11:15 PM, Hokage's Office-

Sarutobi yawned. "This better be important Naruto, even I have my limits with you." Sarutobi said seriously.

Naruto nodded, then reached into his jacket and pulled out the folder. "I'd rather not say how I got this, but I think you better read it." Naruto said seriously and tossed in onto the desk in front of him.

Sarutobi glanced at it and his eyebrows went up when he recognized the handwriting. He gave Naruto a quick 'we're going to discuss this' glare and opened it.

Naruto sighed quietly when he saw the glare he got. He didn't want to, but if it would protect Konoha he'd share his secret with the old man.

-5 Minutes Later-

Naruto glanced around, in the last 2 minutes the room had filled with Konoha's Elite shinobi, only some of them he recognized.

"So what's so important an ANBU had to appear in my apartment while I... had a guest. He's in the hospital by the way." She said.

"I wish you wouldn't do that Anko... I need you, Kakashi and Gai to lead the others and a dozen of my personal ANBU to the Uchiha Compound to arrest Fugaku, the Uchiha Elders and a list of others I'll provide in a moment." Sarutobi said seriously.

Everyone gasped.

"What's the charge?" Kakashi asked.

"Treason... anyone that resists is to be executed immediately. Take the rest to Ibiki for interrogation." Sarutobi said coldly.

They glanced around at each other then nodded.

Naruto watched Sarutobi hand each a slip of paper, then they divided up and vanished. "You want to know how I got that, right? No disrespect old man, but you're going to be pretty busy real soon, if you can wait a week I promise I'll tell you everything. Besides, I realy don't think it'd be a good idea for anyone to know it was me."

Sarutobi closed his eyes and sighed, he opened them a few moments later. "Agreed, go home and don't let anyone see you, but I expect a full report in a week. Thank you... dismissed." Sarutobi said, Naruto nodded, smiled and an instant later wasn't there. His jaw dropped. He sat there a few moments, stunned. "Incredible."

-Sept 5, 7:00 AM-

Naruto sat down in the chair and looked across the desk at Sarutobi calmly. "I can stop time." Naruto said casually.

Sarutobi's eyes opened a little wider. "Excuse me?"

"You wanted to know what I can do, that's it. I got the file directly from Fugaku Uchiha's desk, I'd stopped time and gone in to find something I could embarrass Sasuke with in front of everyone, then I found that file. Would you like a demonstration?" Naruto said casually.

Sarutobi let it sink in a few moments, he couldn't believe Naruto actually has the ability to stop time so easily, without even a hand sign. "Hai."

"Call your secretary in here... um, she'll probably scream, is there anything you can do about that? I'd hate to have a bunch of ANBU rush in here." Naruto said.

Sarutobi looked at Naruto, he knew Naruto wouldn't hurt her, so he didn't see the harm. "I can put a sound seal on the room, it's a simple jutsu but isn't generally taught to everyone but ANBU and Jonin. It blocks all sound, no one outside the room will be able to hear anything we say."

"Cool, I'd love to learn it, could be useful. Go ahead and call her in." Naruto said.

Sarutobi buzzed her and a few moments later she came in, 5'7", light brown hair hung just past her shoulers, she was 23 and had an ample chest only half concealed beneath her dark blue blouse, her black skirt went to her knees. She was sexy but still professional.

She glanced at Naruto, though a civilian she'd passed dozens of psychological and background checks and within her job had the same clearance as a Jonin, maybe more, as Sarutobi's personal secretary she has a VERY coveted job within Konoha that she took very seriously. She smiled at Naruto, sure she'd seen him hundreds of times, and talked to him while he waited to see Sarutobi, but she was also one of the few civilians that knew who and what Naruto was, and unlike most didn't hate Naruto or think he was the demon sealed inside him, she thought he was a cute kid, bit of a prankster and troublemaker occationaly, but overall a good kid. She also knew all the top Jonin in Konoha and even saw several of them socially, she didn't date them though. "What do you need Hokage-sama?" She asked politely.

Naruto watched Sarutobi seal the room, and heard an odd whooshing sound when he did. "Yunara-chan do you trust me?"

"Of course Naruto-san." Yunara said.

"I'm sorry about this, I hope you'll forgive me." Naruto said.

Yunara's eyebrows raised slightly, his statement worried her slightly. "What are you..." She said then froze when she suddenly felt air on her skin. She looked down and was only wearing her blue lace bra and panties, she blushed brightly and covered her straining breasts and crotch with her hands. "Wh,what happened... how...". Yunara said embarrassed and confused as to what just happened.

Sarutobi was mentally straining to not faint. "Naruto!" He commanded a few moments later, he'd already gotten a clear veiw of Yunara's body, her underwear hid very little from his eyes. A second later she was fully dressed again as if nothing had happened. "Please have a seat, I'll explain what happened."

Seeing she was dressed again, she nervously walked over to the other seat and almost flopped into it.

"Next time, tell me." Sarutobi commanded and saw Naruto nod. 'Thank you for not stripping her completely, I couldn't of handled that.' He thought "I apologize for the... inconvenience Yunara-san, but you were used as a demonstration of a very unusual ability Naruto has."

Yunara's head whipped to the side, eyes open wide in shock. "You did that to me Naruto... did you, um..." She said, unable to finish.

"Hai, I did that, and no I didn't touch you... I can stop time, I'm sorry I embarrassed you." Naruto said sincerely.

Yunara took a few deep breaths to calm herself. "I must admit that was a unique experience... I should slap you right out of that chair...but if a little embarassment is all I suffered, I can forgive you...and I want to thank you for not putting me in any... revealing poses as I think you could of. I must ask if this will be kept between us?" Yunara asked, slightly nervous.

"It will be, right Naruto?" Sarutobi said firmly, looking at Naruto who nodded. "You handled this very well, and I believe a bonus this week is in order." Sarutobi said.

"Thank you Hokage-sama...not to seem shallow, but what did you both think?" Yunara asked, slightly nervous and embarrassed..

"You're beautiful, if I was older I'd ask you out." Naruto said, smiling..

"I agree, if I was thirty years younger I would to." Sarutobi said.

Yunara blushed slightly and smiled. "Thank you both, I'd be honored to join you for a meal Hokage-sama, and Naruto... if some girl doesn't land you, look me up after you graduate." Yunara said with a smile. "If that's all, am I dismissed, I have a lot of paperwork this morning."

"Hai... dismissed." Sarutobi said, smirking and unable to surpress it. He unsealed the room then watched her leave.

"Wow, she's cooler than I thought." Naruto said with a smile.

"Naruto, when you stop time... can you take someone with you or do anything other than stop and start time?" Sarutobi asked.

"I don't know, I never tried." Naruto said.

"What about jutsu, can you use jutsu while time is stopped?" Sarutobi said.

"I don't really know any jutsu, I can mold it good enough and I know I have more chakra than the teachers at the academy." Naruto said.

"I normally wouldn't do this, but this ability is very powerful and potenially dangerous, and as you have no family I'm going to pull you from the Academy and assign you a special Sensei for the next six years while you travel, you'll return to be assigned to a team." Sarutobi said seriously.

Naruto's eyes got big as saucers. "Seriously? YES!" Naruto said, then leapt to his feet and pumped his fist in the air as he yelled excitedly.

"As you will be getting special training and be leaving Konoha, I'm going to promote you to Genin now because your special ability will make you more than a match for any threat you could face." Sarutobi said.

"I have a request...because of my ability I'd like someone to join me, a friend from the Academy." Naruto said calmly, on the outside at least.

Sarutobi's eyes raised slightly. "Please tell me who it is, explain your reasons, and then I'll consider it."

"Hai. Her name is..." Naruto said calmly as he explained.

-Academy Courtyard, 3:06 PM-

She staggered back and crashed, back first, into the tree, shocked. "You want me to what?"

"I want you to join me, I know we aren't best friends and this is kinda outta nowhere, but I'll be gone the next six years getting special training, I'll be back at graduation to get put on a team, and by then I'll be super powerful and... well, I kinda wanna have you join me." Naruto said.

She thought about that a few moments, then her expression changed and she stood tall. "So you like me?" She asked smirking..

"I like your additude, and I think we'd make a great team. You can stay here if ya want to, but we're going to be traveling through every elemental Country, seeing all kinds of cool people and places that everyone else probably won't see until they're Jonin, plus we'll be training with one of the greatest shimoni in the world." Naruto said.

"When are you leaving?" She asked.

"On the tenth at sunrise, at the Main Gate, but ya have to decide by the eigth if you're going to, the Hokage can have everything ready for you. You can't tell anyone though, not yet anyway. Think about it okay." Naruto said then turned and walked away.

She watched him walk across the courtyard but didn't move until he dissappeared out the front gate. She started home, walking a little slower than usual, she was interested, but she'd miss all her friends.

End Chapter 1