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It was over. It was done. I would keep my happily ever after with Bella. We would share endless lifetimes together. In 300 years, we would see this incident as a tiny speck in our existence.

Bella was here, at home, with me. And this is where we would remain.



I had just walked through the door of the house at Isle Esme with Bella in my arms and a few suitcases in the other. During the boat ride I knew she had become tired, but her face lit up as the lights around the beautiful beach house came into view. Her smile was wide and happy. Watching her take in the sight before us, left me feeling like it was the first time I saw it too.

I placed her down onto the floor and knew by this time she was wide awake. Bella turned around on her heels and took in the view around her.

The house was magnificent. As I watched her poke her head around a few corners in the room we stood in, I giggled like a school boy.

"I'll give you a tour."

I grabbed her hand and walked us into the kitchen.

"Fully stocked for your pleasure." As those words left my mouth, I realized it came out as a double meaning.


Bella blushed.

We moved down a hallway with bedrooms on each side. We stopped at each door so Bella could peek inside.

"Do you approve?" I asked.

"Um.. yeah." She responded, still ecstatic.

"Bathroom." I said as I opened another door in the hallway, and gestured my hand inside.

"And this" I said, leaving her side and walking in front of her, opening dutch-style doors, "is the master suite."

I stepped aside to let her walk through. She gingerly inched forward. She was treading as though she was on something breakable. Her steps seemed so carefully thought out.

"Is this…"

"Where we will stay." I finished.


It wasn't a bad 'oh'. It was a breathless 'I can't believe I will spend my wedding night in a place I never dreamed 'oh'."

The master suite really was a sight to see. Esme had outdone herself when she decorated this house. And this bedroom was the cherry on top.

The room was decorated in different shades of gold. The walls were a mild yellow, but the color would come to life with the backdrop of the blue water you could see past the beach through the floor to ceiling windows. At the end of the glass line, there were French doors that led outside.

The king-sized bed had matted gold bedding with brown velvet throw pillows. Fresh island flower bouquets topped the nightstands on either side of the bed. Two wood ornate chairs with tan cushions sat in the corner in front of an ottoman that held a tray with a bottle of champagne, two glasses, and strawberries. I imagined Bella's eyes rolling at the rose petals I wanted to sprinkle on the bed, so I stopped at the bottle and fruit. I called ahead and made sure the cleaning crew had my requests.

They did a phenomenal job.

I moved to the doors and opened them and let the nighttime into our room.

Bella's head jerked toward the warm ocean breeze that the doors were no longer captive to.

"I'm sure you need a human moment." I said smirking.

"Is that your way of telling me I smell bad after a half day of traveling?"

"No love, you could never smell bad to me." I said hoarsely, enjoying the aroma of her blood that brought me comfort now, instead of anguish.

"A human moment would be very kind of you Mr. Cullen." She responded, not knowing her walk towards me was all too seductive.

"Anything for you, Mrs. Cullen." I met her half way, leaning down to kiss her.

We embraced and let our hands roam on each other freely. It was almost as if we had a free pass now. We were married. That still didn't deter the monster inside of me that threatened to come out when Bella and I were intimate. The more we were together the easier it got to tame him, although tonight, I knew all bets were off and I would do anything to make sure he was on a tight leash, where I liked him.

My arm found her lower back and in one swift movement I pulled her up, her face, level to mine, and held her there while we moved in harmony with each other. Her hands came around my neck and my other arm circled around her back to join my other arm. I tasted the sweet nectar that was Bella. I allowed myself to enjoy it, to savor it. Never in my whole time on this Earth, could I think of feeling more euphoric than this.

But there was a time and place for this. And although that time was now. It wasn't right now. I placed her down on the floor.

She stepped back from me with a deep inhale.

"I'll go got your bags."

In a flash I was back with both of our bags. I placed them at the foot of the bed. I picked up Bella's main suitcase, that I knew Alice had packed and placed it on the bed. I zipped it open and flew the lid back so she could take advantage of anything stowed away in the parcel.

"Um, thanks," she said.

Bella approached the neatly packed suitcase and peeked into it.

"I'll leave you to it." I didn't mean to leave her hanging but she looked like she needed a moment to gather her bearings. "Once you're done, I'll be waiting for you out here." I pointed outside the doors, in the water. "Take your time, love."

I walked outside the door and thought about how important this night was. It was not only the night I would take Bella, finally, as mine, but it would be the night I would show her how I always desired her. And despite everything that happened, nothing ever diminished that.

I still remained nervous. I was nervous that I would hurt her. I was nervous that I wasn't sure I knew what I was doing, despite all of Emmet's coaching.

She was my whole world, my reason for being.

We did talk more about what happened that fateful day in the forest. And the weeks after that, leading up to our wedding, it was my promise to show her that it didn't change anything and she wasn't any less desirable for me.

Tonight I would show her. She would know.

I stripped off my clothes and entered the warm water. It felt good against my skin, similar to Bella. Although, I was sure her skin against mine would ultimately be my undoing. I grew anxious anticipating her arrival in the water, next to me.

Now, I couldn't wait for it. I felt like running into that bathroom and pulling her out myself.

Relax Edward.

In the meantime I'll just think of her. I'll think of how her body will feel against my skin.

So soft.

So right.

So mine.

As I stood in the water, I heard her emerge from the bathroom. She appeared inside the doors, wrapped in a towel, naked underneath. My plan was not to make love to her in the water, I just thought a swim might relax us both.

My dead heart was close to finding a pace, while I watched her walk through the doors towards me.

Bella dropped the towel on the beach, exposing her beautiful naked body.

Nothing but immense joy surged through me, landing last on my face.

My extensive vocabulary I've built over the last 100 years fell short on me. I wouldn't be able to find the words to tell her how amazing she was.

She cascaded through the water and entered my arms.

"Come here, you." I said, while she filled them.

"Sorry if I took too long." She said nervously.

"Not at all, we have all the time in the world.

We moved a little further out until the water was chest high for Bella.

My hands cradled her face, while I moved in closer to her to kiss her. My right arm went up to her forehead over her head and ran down her hair. Meanwhile my other arm moved around to her lower back meeting my other hand there. I picked her up and crushed her to me.

Our tongues continued to dance with one another in a soft, smooth, sensual pattern. Things were still relatively slow at this point. Slow, controlled movements were my plan.

Bella, almost drunk-like, pulled away from me.

"Are we going to… ah… out here?"

"No, love." I chuckled. "I just thought the water might relax as a bit."

"I feel pretty relaxed, already."

She was running both of her hands through my hair.

"Well, then, let's go in."

I picked her up bridal style. As we headed towards the house the water level moved down on our bodies, leaving nothing but Bella and I's skin on each other. It was almost a new kind of foreplay.

I carried her through the doors and placed her down. She seemed a bit dazzled by the time we spent in the water so my arms steadied her for a moment before leaving her side.

"Let's dry you off."

I moved at vampire speed into the bathroom to retrieve a towel.

My super swift movement stopped in front of her as I carefully wrapped it around her back, pulling her towards me. I slowly wiped the drops of water away on her skin from her shoulders to her feet. I took my time, neglecting the important parts of her that I would soon be greeted with for the first time. One hand trailed the path of the towel, massaging her skin.

She stood frozen in front of me while I moved across her body. Her eyes were closed and I could tell she was concentrating on the feel of my fingers. I had my Bella thoroughly mesmerized by my touch.

I did it more.

"Is this your idea of foreplay?" She asked me breathlessly, still shutting out her sight to the world

"Why? Is it working?"


"Oh baby," I said, quickly putting my face in front of hers. "You haven't seen anything yet."

She opened her eyes, while a smile grew across her face as the red spread over her cheeks. I have to admit, that was the reaction I was aiming for.

"Let's move over here." I moved to the bed with her in my arms.

I laid her down gently. She looked up at me with bright eyes and rosy cheeks.

"Are you ready, sweetheart?"

"Yes." She said a bit winded.

"Bella, you are beautiful."

My goal was to keep that color on her face for as long as possible. Soon I wouldn't be able to summon it, and I wanted to see it for as long as I could.

"Edward, I love you."

"As I love you."

She appeared before me, in the most glorious way. I crawled up the bed on top of her.

"If I hurt you in anyway, or if you are uncomfortable-"

"I will. I promise. I'll let you know." Her hands arose and framed my face, "I know how important that is for you."

Good. She knew. We were on the same page. We were both going to do this together and Bella was in tune with my fears.

We couldn't have been in a better place, literally and figuratively.

I bent down to take her mouth into mine.

Suddenly everything seemed to feel too extreme. I thought about this moment, our existence, our union, the emotional roller coaster both of us were passengers on, her beating heart that I would have to say goodbye to soon.

The control I struggled to gain in the beginning started to slip away. I felt the ties severing, almost as if someone was unlocking the ball and chain that were shackled to my feet.

My mouth started to really taste hers, while my hands explored her body still. They moved up and down, over and under, above and beneath, they were everywhere at once. Things started to get away from me, my mind started to reel over and over again, thoughts of Bella, taking her to play baseball with my family, saving her from James, leaving her in the forest, my empty, hopeless days without her in my life, her rescuing me in Italy, coming back to her, returning to her after hunting, protecting her from Victoria, our wedding, the first time I smelled her blood, the emotion was too intense, the venom started to rise in me. In a flash I flew off of her, afraid of the worst.

I was behaving worse than the men that hurt her. I pulled her into my sight and made her intoxicated by me, dazzling her, teasing her, betraying her. The realization made me take a sharp breath.

Bella laid there with her arms propped up, her hands flat against the air, trying to figure out why she wasn't touching my body anymore.

Her upper body shot up and looked at me against the wall.

I was panting heavily.


"Bella, I…"

"Come here, please."

"I don't know, I thought I could… I thought I was ready-"

"You are ready, Edward, you are."

"Bella, you have no idea how close I was to… I'm no better than-"

"Edward!" Bella percheded herself on her knees, opening her arms to me. "We'll just try again, we'll take it slow."

I looked up at her. I saw nothing but hope in her eyes. She looked upon me with faith, love and happiness.

"You could never hurt me. I know that, you need to believe it too. Please?" She asked again, her arms open to me.

I crossed the room to her slowly with controlled moves. In a sense, I was approaching with caution.

"Let's just feel this night. Not where we've been, not how we got here, but just that we are both here together. We've both made it this far, I have no reason to believe that we can't see this through."

She was right, we really had been through hell and back. This one simple task in front of us should be easy. I protected Bella against everything, I knew deep down inside, I could protect her from myself.

I reached out into her arms and gently took her in my own.

There were no words to use now, only actions, my demon had been released and I won against him.

Slow, controlled movements, slow controlled movements…

I would soon be inside of her. Edward would relish and enjoy it. The monster would not get his say.

"Okay, love, let's try this again." I said smirking, regaining some control over the situation.

"That's the spirit."

I moved down on top of her mouth once again. Slow, controlled movements….

My hands gingerly touched her skin and started to move in deliberate, gradual strokes. Edward delighted in how her skin felt under his fingertips. The monster would not have his say.

Our mouths moved together in sync. I took my time, adoring her taste. I kept in the forefront of my mind that I was a wrecking ball paired with a porcelain doll.

Porcelain doll…

I gently lowered my hand to the part of her I neglected before. The smell of her arousal was evident now, permeating my senses.

Before my hands touched the place she wanted me to be, I looked at her. Her eyes were closed and she had a face that expressed utter ecstasy. I couldn't help but smile.

I did that to her.

With her eyes still closed, I touched her most sensitive spot. Her back arched up against me, begging for more. I couldn't deny.

I inched closer, closer and finally one of my fingers explored unchartered territory.

"Ahhh…" She moaned against me.

I figured that a signal for more.

My finger sought what she desperately wanted.

Bella started to move against my finger. I inserted another to keep the other company. By now I had the monster hauled away in an iron cage.

I just needed to see her like this.

I needed to see what I could do for her, what I could offer. How she would react to my touch. I wanted to give her more, I wanted her to experience more, feel more, feel more of me.

"Bella?" I asked, all of a sudden worried, the second I heard my voice, that this was not the time for talking.

"Hmmm?" She muttered, grinning.

I didn't really have a question, I was just more concerned with her reaction at the time.

"Nothing, love, I'm sorry."

My mouth covered hers again while my fingers continued to work magic on her.

She threw her arms around me and pulled me closer. My other arm swirled around her neck, giving us the most intimate proximity I'd ever been with her. I continued to push her towards what I knew she was seeking the most.

I knew it was time.

"Okay, love."

"Yes, please, Edward." She cooed.

I placed myself at her entrance.


She felt me immediately.

Her legs folded around my body, inviting me, begging me for its entrance.

Slow, controlled movements, slow controlled movements…

Bella flourished with need before me. Her gentle form on the bed reminded me of how Edward felt about her appetite for him, not the monster. He would not have his say.

I pushed into her, encompassing the inner Bella around me. I thought I could imagine it, what she would feel like. Every time I laid next to her in bed while she slept, every time I got too close to her and had to push away, every single time I could feel a dangerous proximity around her, but I was wrong. I couldn't prepare myself for this, I couldn't fathom it. It was exquisite, heavenly, rapturous… it was almost… immortal.

"Oh Edward!" Bella cried.

"Bella" I whispered in reply.

Bella's expression was heavenly. It were these elucidations of Bella that made Edward happy. The monster would not have his say.

I moved slowly in and out, watching her, listening to her heart, making sure she was okay with my every movement. We were in harmony together, moving, groaning.

Slow, controlled movements, I had to remind myself as the monster tried to unlock his iron-clad cage.

I had him under control.

All I had to do was watch Bella's face and understand where my priority lay. As our eyes met, we stared into each others' depths, allowing me to find the strength that kept the monster at bay. We were one, human and vampire, each of us caught up in utter bliss of each other.

I moved a little faster, but not too much, just to give both of us what we were itching for. I moved my hand down to her sensitive folds, giving her the final intoxication that sent her over the edge. In a glorious flash, her voice shouted my name and it was the sweetest sound I'd heard in over one hundred years.

Her fervor took me to the final, glorious stage and I released inside of her.

It was right. We were right. What we did was right. I knew that now.

Edward, who loved what her heart-beating flesh, did around me, cherished her. Not the monster, who would never have his say.

I had made her do that.

And she loved it.

We were both breathing heavy, I still on top of her.

"Are you okay?" I asked while I felt like I was coming back from being under a spell.

"I'm perfect." She said, her hand digging into my hair. "Can we… again?"

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