Hermione smiled at her handiwork, bid goodbye and thanks to Ginny and Harry, and left.

It didn't take Ron long to discover her little joke. He angrily stormed out of the house and apparated right into her apartment, then marched up to Hermione's room looking livid. "Hermione, open this door!" he shouted pounding on her door with object force.

The door slowly opened and there stood Hermione in her nightgown with an innocent expression on her face. She was clean of any evidence and played her part well as she looked shocked at Ron's midnight visit.

"Ron? What brings you here this late? I was trying to get some rest." Her voice dripped of over-done innocence.

"Oh don't give me that Hermione! Don't pretend to be all innocent! I know what you did to Destiny!"

Well she chose her own Destiny when she decided to date Ron. Hermione decided to keep up the innocence act as long as possible: "Destiny? I did nothing to her! What's wrong? Is she alright?"

"Oh yeah she's just spiffy!" Ron's voice dripped with sarcasm, "I just found her locked in a closet wearing a nun outfit that was charmed to stay on her and her voice charmed to always say 'I'm a slut' when she opened her mouth and covered in fire whisky!"

Hermione had to bite her tongue so she wouldn't laugh. So the little witch had spilled fire whisky on herself? Well that was just an added bonus really….

"And you assume that I did this?" Her voice was defiant and for a second Ron thought they were back at Hogwarts.

"Well gee I don't know? Who knows crazy spells and can perform them so well that they can't be reversed? Who would be out to sabotage Destiny? Who doesn't approve of Destiny's job as a model? Who is the brightest witch of her age and would know freaky French spells that make people say untrue things?" Ron was clearly outraged.

Hermione's eyes narrowed. "You can't prove anything." And Ron really couldn't: Hermione had cleaned the evidence up quite nicely.

Ron pushed his way into Hermione's room and began looking around. Hermione just watched him bored because she knew he wouldn't find anything.

"Ron! I want to go to bed! Can't you leave?"

Ron turned around and walked towards Hermione until she was up against a wall and he was in close proximity. "All I want to know," he whispered "Is why did you do it?"

She gulped unable to be so close to him. If she moved forward a few inches, his lips would be on hers. She made her eyes not settle on his lips, but looked straight into his beautiful blue eyes. She had to lie she knew she had to. "Because of how you treated Viktor."

"Nah, that's not it and you know it." Ron could tell she was lying. Hermione's eyes always told the truth.

Hermione looked away. "Ron I can't take this right now!" She broke away from his grasp and made for the door. But Ron's legs were longer and he grabbed her arm.

"Ronald let go of me this instant!" Hermione tried to break free from his grasp.

"Why do you keep running? What are you so afraid of?" He took a step closer to her and whispered "you have no reason to be afraid."

And then he kissed her. And she didn't stop him. They embraced each other and let years of built up pain and aguish flow out of them. Hermione was in heaven. She felt whole, right, like this was her destiny. Destiny. Oh no.

Hermione quickly broke apart from Ron. "Ron! We can't do this!"

Ron looked dumfounded "What? Why? I wanna be with you Hermione!"

"Destiny." She said her lips unmoving.

She waited for his answer preferably something along the lines of 'Who cares about that overdone blonde bimbo? You're who I love! I want you forever!' But Ron just stared at her uncertain of what to do. And Hermione knew she could never compete with Destiny. Beautiful Destiny. Blonde, big-chested, chef, model, blue-eyed, perfect Destiny. And before Hermione lost any more of her dignity she looked at Ron.

"I understand." She said sadly and sprinted out of the room.