Hi everybody *waves* um, well I decided to put this story up since I've already written up to chapter 12 a while back. This a story a wrote a while ago about Deidara after he exploded :{ I was really sad so I made him have a sister ^ ^ Her name is Hiromi and she's 15-16. I'm really sorry if this seems like a step back from my first story here cuz this was the first real story I wrote (newbie XD AH!). So I hope you enjoy this one :D Oh, and this one seems to be less in the naruto world a BIT. I just mean like the Akatsuki wouldn't realy ack the way it does :/ well I think so. like Konan acutually talks. idkk... lol I still hope some of you like it though. ^ ^ another will be here tonight :DDD

Mother, father, Deidara is gone...just like you. I'm the only one now. I'm sad now. I've been sad. I barely got to know him. But, I'm tired of doing nothing. I'm going to take his place on the akastuki and bring the ones who brought him there...trouble. Akastuki, here comes trouble.

"How should I get into the akatsuki?" I thought. "Should I find his partener? Yes, that sounds good. What was his name again? Tobi, that's it. Okay, so how did he have his hair? Oh yeah, that ponytail thing. Didn't he wear eyeliner too? Yes he did. He also said 'yeah' a lot too. I'll have to get used to that...yeah." So, I put on a thick line of eyeliner and tied my hair into the ponytail. It turned out to be to thin and leaned to the side a bit too much. My bangs weren't as long as his, but just covered my left eye...my blind left eye. "Now, what to wear, what to wear..." I put on a long, black jacket cloak thing, so it didn't really matter what I wore underneath. I packed a few things and said goodbye to Iwagakure. Then, I took off.

I appeared at the sight of the explosion, tired and almost chakra exhausted. I never teleported such a long distance. I decided to rest on a rock and start looking for Tobi."Okay, where are you Mr. Tobi?" I said aloud as I sat in a lotus postion. I closed my colored eye, moved my hair, and was ready to find Tobi with the eye that could only see black, through objects, and the future. That's right, I'm physic.

"I found him!" I exclaimed to find myself unable to move. I was tied up by a strong rope. There were two people there, looking at me. A yellow haired guy and a pink haired girl. I didn't know what to do, so I started pretending to panic. I was an excellent actress.

"AH! Who are you? Let me go! I didn'tdo anything! Let me go! Let me GO!" I shrieked.

"Naruto! You idiot! I told you it wasn't him! It was someone meditating! We tied up a meditaing person!" The pink haired girl scolded and wacked 'Naruto' on the head. He was out like a light.

"I'm soo sorry! We thought you were someone else! I'm Sakura Haruno. So, um, do you know what happened here miss?" Sakura asked. I had to find Tobi before I had to search for him again.

"I'm sorry, but I really have to get going. Can you please untie me...yeah?" I said meakly.

"Oh! Of coarse! I'm so sorry!" She said. But right as she got out a kunai, some white haired guy comes and stops her along with a bunch of other people.

"Sakura, who's this, and what happened to Naruto?"

"Oh, Kakashi Sensei! Naruto and I thought this might have been one of the akastuki members, but it turns out she was just meditating...so I kinda punched him out..." Sakura said.

"Oh, well let's ask a few questions first. Like what are doing here? 'Meditating' in a place that just got blown up?" Kakashi said and turned to me.

"Well to tell the truth, I was resting. I just teleported all the way from Iwagakure to here," I said.

"That's an amazing amount of chakra!" A little voice said that came from the crowd. Then, this big dog comes up to me and sniffs me, along with this guy. he sniffs me too. "Uh...not weird."

"She doesn't seem to be one of them, or happened to be with Sasuke." Said the dog guy.

"Then what with the slash in your headband miss? First, tell us your name." says Kakashi. "Aw man, how did he see my headband? I was only going to use it when i saw Tobi." I looked around and saw it on the ground. It must have fallen out of my pocket. I sighed and said,

"My name is Hiromi. And the slash is from...well a incident...yeah." I looked away and had a spaced-out expression on. As if I was recalling the 'incident' that so happened to me which caused me to have a straight horizontal slash through the symbol of my headband.

"Lying doesn't work on us kid. Tell us why you're here. Now." he stared at me with this intimidating look on. Like "dare me" or "try it, see what happens." Well, I wanted to see what would happen. I relaxed my face and put on this 'your-not-the-boss-of-me look.'

"What part don't you believe?" I accused. He sighed and continued.

"Alright new questions. Why did you come here?"

"I'm looking for someone..."

"WELL WE ARE TOO!" Shouted a loud voice from behind.

"Naruto!" said the small voice again.

"So Hiromi who ya' looking for?" Naruto said loudly, then looked at Kakashi.

"I'll take care of the questions now Kakashi Sensei." he turned back to me and put his hand on my hair and messed it all up by rubbing it. Then, he moved the hair out of my left eye, thinking it was in the way. That's when I snapped. I jumped back using all my force and whatever charkra I had. I was still tied up so of coarse I fell down again." Great, now they think I'm hiding something." They all tensed up but Naruto."What's the matter?" He asked. I looked away from embarrassment. It was no use to lie now. I was on the verge of passing out and collapsing from chakra exastion. I haevn't taken a food pill in a while.

"Sorry," said out of breath, "I'm...just ashamed of what's under my bangs." They loosened up and Sakura caught me as I fainted from fatigue...

"Well what do we do with her?" asked the dog guy.

"I guess we just wait," said Naruto.

I realaized they tied me up and laid me down again when I passed out. "This is going all wrong… I'm not going to know where Tobi is, and I'm going to never be a part of the Akastuki." I sighed a silent sigh and felt something wet in my face. "What is this? Oh…what? I'm… I'm crying… I can't believe this. Why is this all coming out. Why am I crying! Stupid Leaf ninjas! LEAVE ME ALONE!"

I had look of pain on my face. The day I set out to do something was already delayed from these stupid people. BUt the thing is, is that I haven't cried in over 10 years... how coul dI be crying for a thing like this now?

"Just leave me alone…" I murmured, not knowing that they heard.

"Hey she's up!"

"Untie me…please," I said. I think they saw the tears on my face.

I saw Kakashi nod and Sakura come over. She pulled out a kunai and cut the rope.

"I'm sorry, why are you crying?"

"Because you won't leave me alone! I'm just going about my own business and your restricting me and interrogating a random person! Just go away!" I screamed at the top of my lungs with tears rolling down my eyes. "Stupid tears!"

I threw a smoke bomb, I was sick and tired from these people, but something like wood held me down and forced me to the ground. When the smoke cleared every one was in a circle around me. They all had this face on as if they were saying, 'she's weak.' As if 8 against one was something I couldn't handle.

Please. That's nothing.

I stored up just enough chakra while I was out to use my ground fusion jutsu. I didn't need hand signs. I sank into the ground and appeared outside their little circle, but they didn't let their eyes of me. The second they saw me they were all around me again.

This was getting annoying.