This is a response to a Seddie challenge by angels. 02. music. This prologue was written by him/her, not me. Everything else will be mine, though. This bet is going to be unexpected, you can bet. And I know this is my fifth unfinished story, but I devoloped an idea so great I had to write it! I promise I will give my four other stories the same amount of care.

Sam, Carly, and Freddie all sat in the beanbags in the iCarly studio, obviously bored.

"I'm going to go get some iced tea. You guys want anything?" Carly asked as she was about to board the elevator.

"Nah." Sam and Freddie said simultaneously.

"Okay." she said as the elevator door closed, leaving the two behind in the studio alone. The two stayed there in silence until Freddie gave a small worried chuckled.

"Whatcha chuckling at, dork?" Sam said as she turned towards Freddie and his laptop.

"Some comment one of our viewers wrote." Freddie said as he turned the laptop to face Sam.

Sam and Freddie always seem so caught up in arguments and bets sometimes…I wonder how they would deal with a challenge. I think it's a good idea to have a challenge for the next iCarly, for these two, Carly could judge and monitor and maybe you could like tape some bits of it and post it on the iCarly website. Hope you like this idea! –Andrea

Sam pulled back from the computer, a large grin forming on her head. "So…a challenge." Sam turned to Freddie who was also grinning widely, deviousness evident on his eyes.

5 minutes later…

Carly walked in the studio carrying a cup of iced tea and sipping contently when she noticed the quiet atmosphere. She looked around and saw the two sitting on the beanbag chairs shaking hands, both with evil, devious, planning glints on their eyes.

She gulped. "Uhm guys…is this what I think it is...?" Carly asked nervously.

"You haven't seen anything yet, Carly." Sam said as she dropped her hand, the glint still very visible in her eyes.

"Absolutely nothing yet." Freddie said with the same glint in his eyes as he gave them a wave and walked out of the studio.