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Happy Valentine's Day everyone. :)

I know today is supposed to be a happy joyful day but for the 19th year in a row I am valentine-less on this day.

Anyways, I thought I'd give you something for the special occasion.

I didn't really have anything planned for today so this idea just came to me this morning as I was getting ready for the day. It's sorta loosely based around the song, 18th Floor Balcony by Blue October (I love that band, and my iPod played this song while I was getting ready).

Genre: I meant to write something happy and sweet but it turned out kinda sad and tragic at the same time.

Characters: I don't really have specific characters for this one because of the way I wrote it. So it's up to you to decide whether it's between Matt and Mello, or L and Light, and with who being which person.

Enjoy! :D

I awaken to the sound of quiet breaths and the feeling of a warm body surrounding me. I sigh in content, closing my eyes again and letting a small smile grace my lips; everything is as it should be.

If only this wasn't our last day...

I don't dwell on the thought, because for now, I don't need to worry about anything.

I lightly rest my head against yours, letting my breath gently rustle the soft locks. I fall back asleep and don't register that you have awoken and have gotten out of bed until I feel a chill from lost heat. I open my eyes to the sight of you standing at the window, blinds open and letting the morning sun cast its rays over your beautiful naked body. You turn slightly, hearing the rustle of the sheets as I stretch, and you extend your hand, inviting me to join you.

I stand, entwining our fingers and settling myself around you, wrapping my arms around your waist and resting my chin on your shoulder. We stand in silence, just watching the world pass by below us as the sun rises in the distance.

It's still too early to be up so I pull you back to the bed and we curl up together, limbs tangled in each others. You lean up to give me a soft, sweet kiss, then you trail more kisses down my neck until you get to my heart. You press your ear there, letting its steady beats calm you and reassure you that this isn't a dream. It's hard not to succumb to the heaviness of our eyelids but we force ourselves to stay awake.

In an effort to make every last minute worth it, we begin to talk. Every and any topic that comes to mind. We talk about our pasts; our families, the things we did as kids, the places we visited. We lay our hearts out for the other to see.

But as much as I try to ignore it, the same thought keeps popping up in my mind.

Today is our last day together.

I let my hand softly grab your chin to pull your lips up to mine. After a few seconds I pull away to put my hand on my chest over my heart, then lift it to rest over your heart. I know my eyes are brimming with emotions; love, happiness, longing, sadness, fear. I can see each of them reflected the same in your eyes.

I also see pain there, and tension fills the air. I grab onto you, pulling you tight against me, never wanting to let go. I let out the words that have never truly been said out loud; a fairytale for people that aren't caught up in a world of lies, deceit, and... death.

"I love you."

Your lips find mine again, and you whisper the same words back as we part for breath. You pull back to look into my eyes again and I see how scared you are; how desperate you are for the inevitable outcome not to happen.

But it will.

We'd always known that this would happen at some point, we just wished it wouldn't happen so soon.

We pass the day by in each others company, not doing any work, just living life as it should have been. And in the evening, we both lay in bed, staring at each other; taking in every detail again and again until we can see each other perfectly behind closed eyelids.

Then we try to sleep, try to pull each other into our dreams, where we will never lose each other.

It takes a while but we eventually do fall asleep, and I find you in my dreams, waiting for me.

When my eyes open the next morning I see you staring right back at me and I feel the dread grow in my stomach. I clutch you to me, tucking your head beneath my chin and squeezing my eyes shut, willing myself to go back to sleep.

Unfortunately, sleep does not come, and we are forced to face the day.

The day we will be separated... forever.

We grudgingly get up and get ready for the day, pretending that everything is alright. We can't go out and show the world that we know the end is near. We both have parts to play, and we would not lose character.

However, as I reach for the doorknob, you stop me, slamming my back against the door and pressing our lips together in desperation, letting our carefully made masks fall away for the moment.

It's a kiss filled with love and passion, one that immediately imprints on my soul.

This is it.

I grip your hair in my hands, holding your face to mine, extending the moment for as long as possible.

But we must break apart for air, and when we do we dawn our masks again and take a step away from the blissful dream and into the painful reality.

My hand lingers on the doorknob, not willing to close the door behind us, for that will signify the end. I glance back at the room one last time and let out a long breath, letting the door click shut.

I look back at you, staring right into your eyes, into the depths of your heart and soul, as you do the same.

Then, as if rehearsed numerous times, at the exact same time we say,


So, what did you think? Who did you envision where?