Hey guys! Hope you enjoy this one shot between Claire and Renesmee!

Claire walked along the dark streets sobbing. Her clothes were torn and her hair was a mess. Her body ached all over. She wanted to die. To end this pain. But it wasn't fair to do that to Quil. It wasn't fair to do that the other wolves, the Cullens, who were like her second family, and especially Renesmee, Her best friend. She loved Renesmee like a sister. No one could ever take her place. No, she wouldn't do that Renesmee.

She took out her cell phone and dialed her best friends number.

"Please pick up" she whispered.

"Hello?" Said a bored voice.


"That's sadly what they call me"

Renesmee had a sour attitude. She's been like that for a long time. She was also sarcastic, Sometimes moody, Funny, and a lot of fun to be around. Claire loved her and wouldn't want Renesmee any other way.

"Nessie? Can you pick me up please?" Claire said, tears threatening to spill over again.

"Why? What's wrong? Isn't that guy Mark suppose to bring you home?"

"He…he….." Claire started to cry hard. She was not only crying, but screaming also. "WHY DID THIS HAPPEN TO ME?" She screamed.

"CLAIRE? Honey, what's wrong? Where are you? I'll come get you."

"I'm at 65 plain street"

"I'm on my way. Then you can tell me what that piece of crap did to you"

Seconds later Renesmee came speeding down the street. Claire got up from the bench she was sitting on and walked towards the car. Renesmee got out and pulled in Claire for a hug. Claire began to cry again and Renesmee rubbed her back in slow circles, trying to calm her down.

"Come on Claire. Let's get in the car. The you can explain to me what the hell is going on"

They got in the car and Claire explained what had happened. Her and her new boyfriend mark were having a nice dinner when she accidentally spilled her soda on his lap. Mark got so mad he punched Claire in the face and wouldn't stop. He tore at her clothes, ruining her new red dress her mother bought her just for tonight.

"I'll kill him" Renesmee snarled.

"Oh please don't Renesmee…please. I just want to get out of here. I want to go home"

"I want you to stay over my house tonigh"

"But I'll be just as safe at my house"

"Trust me Claire. Your parents aren't home and that guy mark can come back any time. I want you to stay at my house tonight"

Claire was going to argue but the look on Renesmee's face made her change her mind. She sighed rested her head on Renesmee's shoulder, listening to rap blare from the radio.

''Thank you for coming" She whispered.

"Of course. I'll always be there for you. I'll always protect you"

"You sound like Quil" Claire giggled.

Renesmee rolled her eyes and smiled. Soon Claire fell asleep on Renesmee's shoulder and She didn't try to wake her up. When they got to Renesmee's house Renesmee picked Claire up and brought her into the house. She took her upstairs and put her on the twin bed next to Renesmee's. She put her hand on Clair's for head and sighed. "Poor Claire" she whispered. She gave her friend a quick kiss on the check and got into her own bed. "I'll always protect you Claire" she softly said. Then she turned off the light and went to sleep.