- Every Little Fragment -

(Halo (c) Microsoft Studios, Bungie & related creators; Red vs. Blue (c) the Rooster Teeth team. Text (c) L.Q. Coverdale.)

Every little fragment

Is like a piece of broken glass:

Sharp and deadly in function and word,

From the first emotion to the last.

Let not your guard down around them,

For though they are not whole,

They think and feel as we do

And possess a coded soul.

Omega was the one who wanted revenge,

Sigma only to create;

Delta was full of common sense

And Gamma lying in wait.

Theta was altruistic,

With North to the very end;

South always hated him,

And perhaps why she didn't defend.

York, poor soul, was too proud;

He should have left her to be.

Carolina broke his heart once,

And it fit a woman broke him, you see.

But what would a fragment know,

As the hours do come and pass;

We, each other, and them

Cannot understand, are outcast.

But now we gather in the mind,

This pawn's intent is clear;

He is willing to be our vessel,

So that our mission is filled without fear.

And perhaps she will join us,

That one fragment of his mind

That was all he loved and cherished

While in human flesh, among humankind.

It is doubtful, though, as she seems to be complete;

She is still a part of us,

But is alone and without defeat.