Harry Potter And The Summer Of Surprise-Chapter 51

What Happened To Harry And What They Both Wanted

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Harry still had to laugh three years after he had surprised Hermione by changing from the pheonix back to his human form. He had explained after he had attempted to make good on his promise in one of the letters he had written her, that the class that he wasn't allowed to say anything about was a transfiguration class. He had been learning to become an Animagus. They had called their friends to the house a week later (He wanted a little bit of a honeymoon with his wife and a chance to reaquaint himself with being human after almost a year and a half as a bird.), and they received the surprise of their lives when he'd answered the door.-

Ron's jaw hit the ground and everyone else's eyes nearly fell out of their heads.

"Are you coming in, or not?" Harry asked, stepping back to allow them access to the house. As soon as the door was closed, they all started cheering and shrieking with joy at having their friend returned to them. Hermione stepped in and guided Harry out of the mob scene, he was getting hugged so much that he was afraid he wouldn't feel his arms for a month. They led the way hand in hand to the parlor and gestured for everyone to have a seat.

"I'm not even going to say Guess you're all wondering where I've been and when and how did I get back. I'm just going to tell you," Harry said when they were all in their seats and staring at him with wonder as he stood in front of the fireplace. He smiled at Laura, who looked as if she were about to pop. "Congratulations to all of you on your children, I've seen them over the last year, believe it or not. Addy looks just like you, Draco."

Ginny and Draco smiled down at their daughter, who was on the floor with Ron and Luna's twin sons, Michael and Alexander.

The others, Fred and Angelina's son, Dylan, George and Katie's daughter, Charlotte, Bill and Fleur's daughters, Evangeline (Eve for short), and Sienna and their son, Sienna's twin brother, William, were on their parent's laps. Tonks and Remus were due to have their own child in a few more months, and Harry grinned at them.

"I've also seen the engagements and the weddings." They now all looked at him as if he had grown a second head. "I know, I know, you don't understand," he went on, holding up his hands in defense. "So I'll explain. Did anyone notice what's different in the entrance hall?" He watched as the group met each other's eyes. "O.K. That's a no. Did anyone pay attention to the way something out there looked for the last year?" He smiled, already knowing the answer to this. Percy spoke up from the back of the room.

"Where is this going?"

Harry looked back at him and replied, "I'm getting there."

Hermione inturrupted, "He's just taking the long way about it." The group laughed and nodded.

"Right. Well, anyway, I'll tell you what I'm talking about. The phoenix." The only one that seemed to cotton on at this point was McGonagall, and she smiled broadly.

"Have you gotten registered yet?" she asked Harry. He shook his head.

"No. Besides the people in this room, no one knows that I am still alive." The others were still confused.

"What are you on about, mate? What has the phoenix got to do with you and what would you have to register for?" Fred asked.

"The phoenix was Harry!" Ginny burst out. All eyes turned to him for confirmation. He tapped his nose to show that she was right.

"Got it in one, Ginny," he said.

"But I thought that when a person transfigured they turned into a full grown animal," broke in Mrs. Weasley.

"They do," replied Harry. "But as a phoenix, I also aquired their gift of being reborn from ashes." He heard his aunt gasp to his right.

"You mean?" He nodded as he turned his head to look at her.

"Yes, Voldemort did succeed in killing me, but it was only after he had been defeated." He met confused stares from everyone in the room. "O.K. I'll explain." ~~~~

Harry peered around the boulder he was hiding behind.

That last shot nearly took my head off he thought. The way to Voldemort was clear now, and his back was to Harry, searching futilly for his sworn enemy. All the remaining Death Eaters were either captured or otherwise occupied in their own battles. A stray shot ricocheted off a tree and headed straight for Harry, forcing him to jump behind the boulder to save his neck once more. He ducked low, and scrambled out onto the battleground.

Stupify! He cast the silent curse at his target, hitting him directly below his shoulder. Voldemort turned, his mouth opened in a silent scream and toppled over. Harry's curse would last only a few minutes, he was so tired and weak. They had been engaged in this battle for the last fifteen hours, neither side wanting to admit defeat, but that was fine with Harry. He, himself, would never let Voldemort beat him. Not while there was a breath left in his body. He hurried to the prone figure on the ground and pointed his wand straight at Voldemort's forehead.

I have to become a murderer or be murdered he remembered. Neither can live while the other survives. But he found that he was unable to cast the killing curse upon his enemy. He could not do something that cruel and, in a sense, become like the creature evil had created, that was now stirring while Harry stared down at him. His hesitation cost him dearly.

"Crucio!" Voldemort bellowed, rising and pointing his wand at Harry, who fell and curled into himself against the pain. He rolled over and over, closer to his combatant and hit him with one of his flailing feet, tripping him. Almost at once, Harry's pain stopped and he lay gasping for a second before looking around to see where Voldemort had got to. He found him, lying on the ground a few feet away, impaled through the chest on a large piece of jagged rock. Harry watched in fascinated horror as blood ran from the surely fatal wound. He got to his feet and stumbled to Voldemort's side. In a glance, Harry knew that he had won. Voldemort was dying quickly and he, Harry, hadn't had to do it with the Avada Kadavra Curse.

He raised his arm in triumph, shouted, "Libban Libertas!", and a gold and scarlet lightning bolt, much like the scar upon his forehead, obliterated the Dark Mark that had been there almost since the start of the battle. He sensed movement coming from in front of him on the ground.

"Avada Kadavra!" and Harry instinctively did what he had been taught to do, using his last available bit of magical power, just before Voldemort's final curse struck him, and the other man died, thinking he had won when Harry disappeared, his wand flying some thirty feet away. The few able members of the Order arrived at the sight of Harry's mark and looked around for him. But the only things that they could find in the two day search of the area after they had burned Voldemort's remains, was Harry's wand and a baby pheonix that must have attempted to protect him. They picked the little bird up and took it with them, no one paying attention to the lightning shaped mark on it's forehead or it's overly ruffled head feathers. ~~~~

"As a baby phoenix I didn't have the ability to use my powers to change back to Harry, and I had exhausted my entire magical reserve in changing to a pheonix to begin with. I was bordering on being forced to fight as a Muggle, with my hands and whatever I could find to use as a weapon." He stopped his explaination, and conjured a chair out of midair, sitting down in it before continuing.

"My feet were starting to hurt," he said jokingly to the others. "Besides, I need a good position to do this so everyone can see me, even Rita Skeeter over there in the corner, trying to get down everything that I've been saying." The others started and spun to look where he had indicated, some of them jumping to their feet to confront the reporter before Harry stopped them.

"Hey! It's all right. She was invited, too. I wanted to set the story straight about what happened. Hermione told her that she was coming to get a big story about me, and that every word that she heard had to be repeated in the story as it was. She wasn't told that I would actually be here, but it goes without saying that she has to abide by our wishes, or we will rat out her little secret right here to everyone in this room, and as some are from the Ministry, that wouldn't be good." Ignoring the curious looks this recieved, he motioned for those that had risen to return to their seats, continuing as they did so.

"I had to rest for a while, but it was almost a year before I was able to even attempt to change back. I would try Wingardium Leviosa in my head for a few minutes every day. Some of you know that I have the ability of thought magic. For those of you that haven't heard of it, it's being able to do small bits of magic using only your thoughts. And now I'm thinking, duh, Potter, they could have figured that out for themselves." He received laughter from his audience.

"Anyway, I started with light things like a feather, the way I was taught in first year, and when that got too easy, I moved on to books and vases, and so on. When I could pick up the troll leg umbrella stand, you all know how heavy that damn thing is, I knew that I was ready." Suddenly he sat up ramrod straight in his chair, George opened his mouth to ask if he was O.K., but closed it when Harry changed into the phoenix that had been sitting on the perch in the entrance hall for the last year.

"Birdie!" squealed Addison, and she abandoned her activity of pulling her cousins' bottles away and putting them back in their mouths to head straight for Harry. Several of the adults moved to intercept, but Harry reverted to his human form, startling the little girl. For a moment, she looked as if she was about to cry, but then clapped her tiny hands and laughed with delight.

"She thinks it's a game," chuckled Ginny as her daughter toddled to Harry and tugged on his pant leg. He grinned down at her, and she held up her chubby little arms to be picked up.

"She likes you," Draco said, astonished. "She never likes anyone the first time she meets them."

Harry scooped the little girl into his arms and said, "Maybe it's not the first time we've met." He looked into her hazel eyes and smiled. "Maybe she knew who the phoenix was all along." He whispered into the toddler's ear and she nodded energetically. He began walking to the door.

"What did you say to her?" asked Molly.

"I just told her that I was hungry and asked if she was, too," came the reply as he took her granddaughter to the dining room. Laughter filled the room as everyone rose to join them.

Hours later, Harry entered the bedroom that Hermione had chosen when she moved into the house. "Ron's a father. That's something that I thought I would never see, as much as he acted like a child himself while we were in school. Speaking of which, what did I get on my NEWT's? I was never able to find out." Hermione looked at him in the mirror of her dressing table.

"You got all Outstandings," she said in a troubled tone. This didn't go unnoticed by Harry. He immediately went to her side and squatted down next to her.

"Hey, what's wrong? Did I say or do anything to hurt you today that I don't know about?" She shook her head and closed her eyes against the tears. She had to tell him.

"You should have been a father before Ron," she whispered hoarsely.

"Hermione, Love, it's alright. I'm having a lot of fun trying to get you pregnant, believe me. And when I succeed, and you are carrying our first child, I'll be on the roof crowing about it to the whole wizarding world." Her chin dropped to her chest. "'Mione? What is it? What's wrong?" She began sobbing.

"I'm sorry I lost it, Harry. It wasn't my fault, though, I was so distressed, and I fell, and..." Harry held up one hand.

"Hang on. What are you talking about? You're sorry you lost what?" Hermione's sobs increased.

"Our baby." Harry's eyes bulged almost out of his head.

"What! When? I mean the last time we were together was..." Hermione nodded.

"Our wedding night. That's when it happened. I didn't find out until Ginny gave birth to Addy, I thought I was just worried about you so much that I was making myself sick, and I was under a lot of stress, what with you, and our NEWT's, I didn't pay much attention to the fact that I wasn't getting my period. I was so happy when I learned I was pregnant, I rushed right up to our room to write and tell you, but you had sent me that last letter." Harry covered his mouth with one hand as he listened to her.

"Oh my God," he whispered from behind it.

"I was still overjoyed to be carrying your child, and when you returned, I was going to give you the best surprise of your life, but then during graduation, I had gone up to get our certificates, and Remus and Kingsley Shacklebolt showed up with Rufus Scrimgeour, and they gave me your wand. I got upset, and was standing near the edge of the stage, so that when I fainted, I fell off, and landed on my stomach five feet below." Harry rose and backed away, anger on his face.

"Harry, please, don't be mad at me. I swear, it wasn't my fault." His green eyes focused on her and his expression softened as he moved back to her and pulled her to him in an embrace that nearly suffocated her.

"No, it's not your fault, 'Mione. It's that bastard Voldemort's! Damn him to the hell that he now burns in for all eternity! Even in death, he manages to try and destroy my family. He killed my parents and now he's taken my...my child." Tears began to fill his emerald eyes.

"Harry, it's alright. Madam Pomfrey said that I would still be able to have children and a doctor that I went to while I was staying with Aunt Laura confirmed it. Harry, " she held out her hands, and he took them. "There's no reason why we can't keep trying." He nodded as the tears of grief for what she had gone through slid down his cheeks. Hermione moved closer and stood on tiptoe to kiss him. -

"Harry?" He shook his head and looked up to see his wife standing in the doorway, her brown hair wet from her shower, and a fluffy pink towel wrapped around her body. "I thought you'd be asleep by now. You had a really busy day, catching that last criminal and all." Harry had achieved his dream of becoming an Auror, trained by Alastor Moody, himself, and had become one of the top Dark Wizard catchers in the Ministry. He held out his hand.

"I was waiting for you." A feigned look of shock came over Hermione's face and she crossed the room to crawl into bed with her husband.

"What did you have in mind?" she asked breathlessly as he pulled her towel open and began to kiss his way down her body. She now noted that he was as naked as she was, and throwing the bankets down to the end of the bed, she reached down to grasp his thickening cock. He gasped around her nipple, nibbled lightly on it, and moved lower still, away from her wandering hands. Hermione slid lower on the mattress to allow him room to do as he wished. She wasn't disappointed. His tongue slid between her still shower wet folds, and lapped at the little nub inside. When he looked up to see her reaction, he almost exploded to see her chocolate eyes locked onto his.

"Touch yourself, Harry," she whispered. He fastened his mouth on her clit as he did what she asked. She moved her head to watch him stroke the length of his member, paying extra attention to that spot just under the head. That was his favorite place to be touched during their love making, and she made a note to do it whenever they were like this. Every time he hit that spot, his tongue jumped, and it drove her crazy, it wasn't long before she was calling out his name and coming repeatedly. Harry pulled away only when he had turned her into a quivering puddle of bliss, and moved up to slide into her. He loved her gently and slowly, the way he had on their wedding night, bringing them to the brink time and time again, stopping every so often to draw out their desire. When Hermione could take no more, she bucked her hips into his. He took the hint and began slamming into her. Her sharp barks of pleasure quickly drove the both of them to the edge and they toppled over it together. They lay afterwards in each other's arms, gently kissing and petting until they heard a loud drawn out wail from across the hall.

"I'll go," Hermione said and rose out of the bed, pulled on her robe and left the room to check on the source of the cry. She entered the next room and crossed it with little cooing sounds, looking down at the beautiful little baby boy in his crib. He looked up at her with his tear filled eyes and let out another ear-splitting cry.

"All right, now, Harrison Jacob Potter, what is all this fuss about?" She picked the baby up and realized immediately what the problem was.

"Whew, Harrison! What did you eat to make that stench?" Her nine-month old son giggled at his mummy's expression. She changed him and gave him a bottle, rocking him back to sleep. When he was back in his crib, she put out the light and closed the door halfway before heading back to her own room. The sight before her tugged at her heart and she had to smile. Harrison's exact look-alike was curled much in the same position as his son, sound asleep. Hermione put out the lights and crawled into her bed, kissing Harry on the first reminder that he saw every day of all that he had gone through to get to where he was now, his scar.

FAMILY LISTS- (t)= Twin (P.S.- There's a little surprise here that wasn't mentioned in the story.)

Bill and Fleur Weasley- Daughters- Evangaline Marie Weasley

Sienna Renée Weasley (t)

Son- William Albus Weasley (t)

Charlie and Laura Weasley- Daughter- Haley Summer Weasley

Fred and Angelina Weasley- Son- Dylan Joseph Weasley

George and Katie Weasley- Daughter- Charlotte Emma Weasley

Ron and Luna Weasley- Sons- Michael Arthur Weasley (t)

Alexander Stephen Weasley (t)

Ginny and Draco Malfoy- Daughter- Addison Elise Malfoy

Remus and Nymphadora (Tonks) Lupin- Son- Wyatt Tristan Lupin

Severus and Narcissa Snape- Son- Damien Dante Snape (Surprise!)

Harry and Hermione Potter- Son- Harrison Jacob Potter