This is my very first Invader Zim Fanfic, hope you enjoy.

It was a warm sunny day on the planet Earth, and sometime in mid April. The Irken elite known as Zim was currently in Middle Skool, sitting in the very first seat of the fourth row waiting anxiously for the school day to end.

How long had he been on this crummy planet? Three? Four years?

That sounded about right. At this point The Tallest had stopped communicating with Zim completely. They knew he was utterly hopeless from the start but they never knew he was THIS hopeless. They never understood why they wasted their time with him anyway.

Suprisingly, this didn't seem to bother the alien. Zim was confident he WOULD invade and take over the Earth…sometime.

Yes of course, he just needed more planning was all.

Zim let out a sigh of frustration as he continued to look at the clock, he still had another two hours before he could leave the pathetic human learning center.

He was currently in "seventh period" as the humans referred to it.

The Seventh grade health teacher had been talking with another teacher in the back room for ten minutes before finally reamerging into the classroom.

"Alright students" the chubby teacher announced scratching at a huge boil on his neck.

"Today we will be watching a video on sexual attraction of the male and female."

Several kids in the classroom burst out laughing which annoyed the teacher.

"Stop it! There will be no laughing during the movie, this is serious!" The teacher yelled out before coughing into his hand, causing droplets of his phlegm to fly all over the floor.

Several kids in the classroom cringed in disgust.

The teacher then went into the other room once more before wheeling out a large television in front of the classroom and slipping a videotape in. Zim was confused. What was this "sexual attraction" and why did the humans find it so amusing?

Several minutes into the video and Zim almost puked in disgust. His face was even greener than it usually was and he was hanging over his desk, desperately trying to hold in his vomit. This was horrible! He knew the humans were disgusting but never this disgusting...

Meanwhile, Zim's human nemesis Dib, was looking at Zim from his desk and grinning evily, knowing the Irken was being tortured by the images on the screen.

The video then switched to a scene that showed a guy and girl making out in the boy's bedroom.

In the video, the boy's father came into the room and was asking him to take out the garabge but the boy completely ignored him and continued kissing his girlfriend.

Just then, Zim's body shot up and a wicked grin came over his face.

"When that human boy's birth giver asked him to do this 'taking out of garbage' he seemed to be oblivious to it, almost as if he was in some sort of trance…"

"Hmmmm, that gives me an idea." Zim thought devilishly.

Zim then got up out of his desk and walked out of the classroom causing Dib to scream out in frustration.

"Hey you're just going to let him walk out of the classroom like that?" Dib exclaimed, holding his hands up into the air causing several of the other kids to flash him weird looks.

"Are you trying to contradict me boy? Security!" The obese teacher shrieked out.

Within a matter of seconds, several security guards burst into the room and grabbed onto Dib as they restrained him with handcuffs.

"What do you want us to do with him?" One of the guards asked.

"Take him to the secluded happy room." The teacher replied. "The room that's like the one Norman Bates was in at the end of psycho?" The guard asked.

"Yes." The teacher replied simply. "I didn't do anything!" Dib screamed in defense as he was carried off. Once he was, the movie continued.

Back at Zim's base…

Zim entered his base, slamming the door as he did and throwing his human disguise to the ground as he walked past his robot sidekick Gir, who was busy watching the "scary monkey" show like usual.

"You're home from school early today master!" The robot shouted, letting out an obnoxious giggle.

"Sure am." Zim replied flatly as he headed into the kitchen and entered the blue toilet that took him down to his underground headquarters.

Gir continued watching the scary monkey before letting out a sigh.

"This show's been going downhill since season three." Gir said sadly before grabbing the remote and changing the channel.

In Zim's underground base….

Once Zim entered his underground lair, he walked up to his gigantic Irken computer that he did all of his research on.

"Computer!" Zim shouted out.

"Yes assho- I mean Zim?" The computer asked, completely annoyed with Zim's commanding demeanor.

Zim just grimaced at the remark for a second before continuing.

"Computer, I want you to do some research on the human subject known as sexual attraction." Zim said placing his hands on his hips.

"You're kidding right?" The computer asked in a shocked voice.

"Do I look like the type of Irken who would kid?" Zim yelled at the machine.

"Well…" The computer started but Zim interrupted him.

"Silence! Just do as I saaaaay!" Zim said stretching out the word "say" which he did a lot of the time when he was giving commands or making a statement.

The large computer sighed before obeying. "As you wish Zim." The computer said running a search on "human sexual attraction". "Very good." Zim said with a pleased grin as he rubbed his gloved hands together, putting the first part of his plan together. Once Zim's computer gave him the results, Zim smiled evilly once again.

"Time for phase one." Zim said, continuing to rub his hands together.

The next morning…

Zim had been up all night constructing his new invention which he planned on experimenting with on the humans.

The alien emerged from the blue toilet and stepped out into the kitchen as he held out his new invention in his hand victoriously.

"Atlast my new device, is COMPLETE!" Zim shouted out triumphantly.

"What ya got there master?" Gir asked getting up from off of the couch after removing several chip bag and coke cans off of his chest ( he had been up all night playing God of war II) and walking over to Zim.

Zim was all too anxious to explain it, even if it was to an incredibly stupid Sir unit.

"It's my new invention that I plan to test on the humans. Once I activate it on them they will immediately have the "sexual attraction" for one another! Once I use it on enough of the Earth monkeys, they will all be distracted and I can take over the Earth once and for all!" Zim said holding his arms up into the air as he let out a long maniacal laugh.

"Wait a second I totally blanked what did you just say?" Gir asked rubbing one of his metal hands up against his head in confusion.

"Never mind…" Zim grumbled before walking away from the robot and putting his human disguise back on, getting ready for another day at Middle Skool.

Back at Skool:

Zim entered first period smiling evily, as he held his invention tightly in one of his hands.

Just then Dib, who had spent all of last night in the "secluded happy room" entered the classroom and walked past Zim's desk.

Once he saw what the alien was holding in his hands however he stopped dead in his tracks.

"Oh and exactly what is THAT Zim?" Dib asked narrowing his eyes accusingly at him.

"Like I'd tell the likes off you Dib monkey." Zim said leaning forward and pushing the human out of his way.

Just then the ball rang as the last of the kids entered the classroom and sat down.

The seventh grade Math teacher then walked into the room and up to the chalkboard.

"Alright class all of you take your seats, today we'll be learning about obtuse angles." The teacher said adjusting his glasses and glaring at Dib who still wasn't in his seat.

"Young man is there any reason why you aren't in your seat?" The teacher yelled pointing a ruler at Dib angrily.

"Yes Dib creature, is there?" Zim mimicked with a smug smile. Dib just ignored him and turned his gaze to the teacher. "Yes I have a reason, Zim has some alien device with him again, we could all be in danger!" Dib shouted out.

"Not this again." One of the kids in the back row murmured.

"I'm going to have to ask you to take your seat now! Or else it's the secluded happy room for you again Mr. Dib!" The teacher shouted out menacingly, smacking the ruler in his hands.

"Alright alright." Dib said slumping his shoulders and walking back to his desk, but not before flashing Zim an evil glare.

Zim just glared back.

Dib however, knew he was far from defeated. He would find out what Zim planned to do with that device eventually.

Later that night….

It was about 12:00 midnight and Zim was getting ready to go into his under ground base and enter hyper sleep since he didn't sleep the same why the humans did.

Before he entered it however he placed his invention on one of the kitchen counters.

"Gir, I'm going to hyper sleep, make sure you keep a VERY close eye on this device, alright?" Zim asked focusing his gaze on the robot.

"K." Gir replied cheerfully not even turning his head as he continued flipping through the channels.

A couple hours later at around 2:30, Gir fell asleep on the couch with the television still going.

As he slept, Dib, who was now wearing the same black suit that he had used to break into Zim's house the last time, slowly entered through the front door which was unlocked due to Gir's negligence. Once Dib stepped into the house, his eyes immediately caught sight of Zim's new invention which was lying on the counter.

He tiptoed to the counter carefully not wanting to disturb the sleeping robot, and he took the invention and tiptoed out of the house before shutting the door quietly and heading back to his own house.

Once he got back to his own house, he went up to his room and shut his door.

"Yes, I did it! I finally got my hands on Zim's device, now I can analyze it before school tomorrow." Dib said quietly, obviously very proud of himself as he drifted off into sleep with the alien gadget at his side.

The next morning…

Even though Dib had planned on getting up early before he had gone to sleep, due to him being out late, he slept later than he thought.

Meanwhile Dib's sister Gaz was sitting at the table across from Professor Membrane, eating her breakfast quietly.

"Gaz, your brother is taking an awfully long time getting up for school, go and wake him up." Professor Membrane said taking a swig from his coffee mug.

Gaz sighed in annoyance. "Dad do I have to? I really don't care if Dib is late for school." She said putting down her toast and crossing her arms.

"Now." Professor Membrane said sternly, pointing a finger to the staircase. The purple haired teen just sighed once more before heading up the stairs to her brother's room. Once she got to his door, she knocked loudly.

"Dib get up!" Gaz said sternly knocking once more. No response.

The girl lost her patience and she barged into her brother's room planning to throw him to the ground until her eyes fell on something.

It was Zim's device, which was still next to Dib's side.

Gaz picked it up and examined it in her hands. "What is this?" She asked curiously.

It was a black thick circular object which had three red flashing lights around it and on the top of the invention, was a silver shiny button.

"Hmmm looks like one of Zim's inventions." Gaz said as she took it back to her room, completely forgetting about waking her brother up.

Once she was in her black gothic room, she shut her door and sat down on her black bed comforter.

"I wonder what it does?" The teenaged girl asked, squinting her already squinty eyes curiously.

Eventually her curiosity got the better of her however, and she clicked the silver button at the top of it as a pink bright light shot into her face.

She then completely blacked out…

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