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Dib's paranormal investigation was not going as well as he planned.

And why wasn't it you ask?

Well by this point Dib was discovering that the house didn't seem to be haunted at all, but the other people he was with would jump and scream over just the slightest noise which could have been anything, not necessarily a ghost.

For example,there was a twig on the living room floor of the house which was probably brought in by one of the other boy's shoes.

He stepped on it and it cracked.

"OH my God! Did you guys hear that? The ghost is trying to kill me!" The boy then jumped through the glass window and landed onto the forest ground outside, quivering and bleeding with massive shards of glass in him.

Dib finally came to his senses and decided to leave. "Listen guys, this has really been fun and all, but I need to get home now." Dib said rolling his eyes and sighing in annoyance as he left the house and headed back home.

"Wait Dib you can't leave!" One of the other boys shouted out at him but he was stopped by another boy.

"No, let him go, the ghost has obviously took him over!"

All four of the other boys then started screaming crazily again.

Dib just rolled his eyes once more before heading back home.

Back at the Membrane house:

Zim and Gaz were still fast asleep on her bed, both worn out from their little "session" earlier. As the two continued to sleep, Dib made his way up the driveway and into his house.

Once he entered he was greeted by his father.

"Dib, you're back early. So how did the "investigation" go?." Professor Membrane asked, doing quotation fingers as he said the word "investigation."

"I don't want to talk about it." Dib said angrily as he stormed up the stairs. He walked down the hall and decided to see how Gaz was doing, especially since she had been acting so different recently. He knocked on the door once.

"Gaz, are you okay in there?" Dib asked as he knocked a couple more times.

Gaz woke up immediately and realized that Zim was still inside of her.

She panicked.

"Zim, get out of here NOW." She whispered.

Gaz managed as quietly as she could but Dib was so close to her door that he managed to hear her.

"Did you just say Zim?" Dib asked suspiciously. Gaz then pulled away from the Irken which caused his penis to slide out of her slowly.

"No you must be hearing things." Gaz said as she began to redress herself as did Zim.

Zim was dressed in a matter of seconds while Gaz had only managed to get her bra on.

Dib was completely suspicious at this point, she usually didn't take this long to open her door.

"What if Zim really is in there with her?"

"Nah, no way, why would he be in her room in the first place?" Dib thought to himself, beginning to relax.

"Damnit Zim where are my underwear?" Gaz yelled, much louder then she had intended to.

Dib's eyes became wide in terror and he ran down the stairs as fast as he could and entered the kitchen where his father was working on another one of his experiments.

"Dad, have you spoken to Gaz at all today?" Dib asked in a completely shrill and panicked voice.

Professor Membrane pondered for a second before responding. "Ah yes, the last time I talked to her she said she was having sex with her alien boyfriend." Membrane stated as if it were the most ordinary thing on the planet.

Dib fell to his knees.

"…With her alien boyfri- NOOOOOOOOO!" Dib screamed at the top of his lungs as he threw his hands up into the air.

At The Almighty Tallests' base on Irk:

"Red did you hear something?" Purple inquired.

"Yeah I did, I'm scared." Red said, cowering into a corner as did purple.

Dib couldn't believe it, this was the most horrifying thing that had ever happened to him.

Even worse than the time Gaz had caught him masturbating in his bedroom, and that had been excruciating!

Dib's despair suddenly turned into anger at the thought of his sworn enemy sleeping with his sister and he bolted up the stairs and to his sister's door, planning on kicking Zim's green ass all the way back to Irk. He grabbed at the doorknob and realizing it was now unlocked, opened the door slowly and shut his eyes at first, not wanting to see either of them naked. After a few seconds though he opened them gradually and saw his fully dressed sister standing in front of her bed with Zim halfway out of her destroyed window. Hearing the door open, Zim turned around and as his eyes fell on Dib, he gave off an evil smug grin.

"Oh, hello Dib stink, I enjoyed having the sex with your sister!" Zim exclaimed as he let out a long wicked laugh.

Normally Gaz would have been mad at such a statement but she figured Dib had already found out what they had done, or else he wouldn't have barged into her room like that.

Zim then turned his gaze over to Gaz.

"And I'll see you tomorrow, Gaz." Zim said grinning evilly and blowing Gaz a kiss, deliberately trying to make Dib even madder than he already was.

Dib ran at the Irken and tried to strangle him but he was stopped by Gaz, who punched him in the stomach which caused him to let out an OOf sound.

Zim waved goodbye to Gaz once more before flying out of her window with his pack and letting out another cackle.

Once he was gone, Dib turned his glare to Gaz.

"Gaz how could you have sex with that bastard? He's my arch nemesis!" Gaz merely rolled her eyes before responding. "First of all, that invention of his made me extremely horny which probably contributed to it a lot." Gaz explained.

Dib sighed in relief. "Oh that's good, so you didn't enjoy it or anything then right?"

"I never said that." Gaz said as she crossed her arms over her chest. "Oh godamnit Gaz! What part of, he's my arch nemesis do you not understand?" Dib said sounding much more whiny than he intended.

"It doesn't matter if he is or not anymore because you're going to leave me AND him alone about it." Gaz snarled.

"What? Why!" Dib protested.

"Because." Gaz growled as she slammed Dib up against her bedroom wall. "Me and him are in a relationship together now, and if you mess this up for me I swear on Dad's grave that I will make the rest of your life a living hell." Gaz said shoving her fist under Dib's chin as flames began to burn in her amethyst eyes.

"Alright, alright." Dib said holding his hands out to shield himself from the pissed of purple haired girl.

"Good." Gaz said simply as she pulled away from her sibling.

"Um Gaz, one more thing."

"What?" Gaz asked in a very annoyed tone. "Do you- do you really love Zim?" Dib winced as he asked the question, afraid she was going to hit him.

Surprisingly she did not.

"As much as it disturbs both you and me, yes I do." Gaz said letting out an exasperated sigh.

"Now get out of my room." Gaz said as she practically shoved her brother out of her room and slammed the door on his face.

"Well, all I can do now is hope that dating my sister might distract him from taking over the world for awhile. Or atleast I hope."

Dib thought to himself as he walked back to his room for the night.

Back at Zim's base:

Zim was back in his base, sitting on the couch in the living room right next to Gir and relaxing, something he did not do often. "Well well well Master, where have you been all this time, and why are you acting so… happy?" Gir asked as confused as ever.

Zim just let out a relaxed sigh.

"Gir, lets just say that the future for me looks very good." Zim said as he smiled and began to think to himself.

When he finally took over this miserable planet, perhaps Gaz could rule at his side…

The end.

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