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Chapter 1: Lovers

THIS whole story is in IKUTO'S POV!

Being imprinted feels...different. It doesn't feel like you're being kissed you having your blood sucked. No, it feels like you're with the one that you were meant to be with. So, I guess you can say that me and Amu belong together. Will I criticize you? No. Will Amu? Well, maybe. But still, imprinting feels like you're at the top of the world. It feels like

You acually belong here.

I looked at Amu. She had her eyes closed, and, damn, did she look cute. She was now m lover forever. I would never let her go. Even if my life depended on either my life being lost or hers, I would take my life.

Amu desrves much better. Ever since we met that day, I have been in love with her. I tried to attact her attention alot, bu back then, it never seemed to work. Until now, I have never been able to stop thinking about her.

I'm just damn glad that I get to be with the girl of my dreams.

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