This story came about quite randomly but I have been thinking of doing a Winnie the Horse Gentler fic for years.

So here it is. It's like the introduction here…

Chapter 1: Prologue

Three years can change everything…Characteristics, the way you look, your view of friends, your friends….and feelings for Catman.

Winnie Willis again here. Three years have past and gone by. I am now sixteen. I am still short by 5.3 but my appearance has changed a little, I still have my crazy curly hair and freckles, my voice changed from really raspy to a little raspy, but a lot people now say I am beautiful. That is a mystery to me. I think even Catman and M think so. They sometimes glance at me for long periods of time.

Yes I know you must be wondering about what I meant about feelings for Catman. Well I will tell you then we shall get on to the story.

As you know Catman and I have been friends ever since I came to Ashland, Ohio. Well, let me see how to put…I have noticed things about Catman that I have not noticed before. The ways his blue eyes twinkle, the way his blonde hair blows on a windy day, even the way he looks at me. What I am trying to say is I am falling in love with Calvin 'Catman' Coolidge and he has no idea what so ever.

Let us talk about the others. I think we should start with Summer.

Summer has become quit loose in these three years and all the guys are after her at least most of them. She's still the stuck-up mess she always was maybe a little worse. Lord help me if I ever turn out like her!

Hawk well me and her have kind of stop being friends. She turned out being a little more like Summer every day and just stopped talking to me. It's kind of sad.

Barker is still the same great dog man as ever. Still friendly and has not changed a bit.

M is a little different. He talks more than he used to. He now says more than one word at a time. I think I have figured out why he never hardly speaks. He has an accent. It sounds a little French too. He still wears his black clothes and still has a black pony tail. He can get away with his black everything and still not look gothic or emo. He almost reminds me of a musician.

And back to Catman again. He still looks the same. He is taller though, probably around 6.2. He also talks more than he used to. He uses a little less hippie talk than he used to but he still dresses and looks like one.

Lizzie has become a real beauty but people still think we are twins even though she is 5.8 and me 5.3.

Dad never married Madiline. Me and Lizzie never found out why really but we were kind of sad when he said they weren't getting married.

Alright I think that is enough explaining now and we should get to the story.