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Chapter 19:

The first two things I noticed as I woke up was the great pain searing my back and something or someone stroking my hair.

I barely had the energy to turn my head to see the person. I knew it to be Catman's touch but I wanted to let him know I was awake.

I tried to speak but realized my voice was crackily and almost gone. I succumbed to reaching my hand out for him.

"Winnie," Catman breathed as I touched his arm. "Lizzie and M went on ahead to search for your dad. They'll be back." He soothed me.

"It hurts," I winced as I tried my best to sit up. I ended up falling back with a cry of pain.

Catman grasped me gently and helped me sit up. "I'm taking you back to your pad, Winnie. You're not in shape to be searching in the wilderness."

"No, I can't go home until Dad is found." I protested, but I knew he was right. I shouldn't be arguing.

"You've lost too much blood. It's dangerous. You need to be in a hospital. l You need more blood." Catman gave me a worried look.

"I have type O. They probably don't have my blood type." I tried to win but I was failing.

"No matter. Mine is type O. They can use some of mine." Catman felt my forehead and recoiled in shock.

My brows furrowed as I felt it. I had a bad fever. I hadn't realized until now.

Catman sucked in a breath. "I have to take you back, Winnie. You're not going to make it out here."

I slumped into him in defeat.

It was then Lizzie and M came back on Nickers. They slid off quickly when they saw I was awake and came over.

"I have to get Winnie back. She's got a fever and she's too weak." Catman explained to them.

"We stopped a plane not far ahead. I think it is dad and his friend. Call the rangers. We can't leave." Lizzie told us.

Hope filled me. "We have to get to them!" I tried to stand up forgetting my predicament and my legs gave out under me. If it hadn't been for Catman I would have fell right on my face.

M walked away with a radio to try to contact the rangers.

"Careful, my love." Catman held onto me securely.

"They're on their way," M announced as he walked back to us.

Lizzie sighed in relief.

Catman held me gently trying to comfort me in my pain. Seemed that everything he tried just wasn't working. The pain medicine was used up too so I basically had to deal with the pain. I could barely even move and it feel like my back was being ripped apart and was on fire.

Catman didn't move an inch and softly hummed in my ear.

Lizzie and M sat across from us looking worried and anxious. They kept standing up and listening for the emergency helicopter.

Catman made soothing patterns on my arms in an effort to calm me.

I felt so helpless and I hated it. I could hardly move from pain and being so weak. It even took effort to speak. I was fighting consciousness, I couldn't sleep in times like this. I wouldn't let myself. I refuse.

It was then the sound of a chopper was heard.

Lizzie and M sprung into action and began moving their arms around.

Catman still didn't move where he sat holding me. I knew he was scared for me. I knew I was near half dead.

The helicopter spotted us and began to land.

I couldn't take it anymore as much as I fought as Catman lifted me up in his arms. Black clouded my vision and I went out cold.

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